Как Капитан Америка должен был вернуть камни (рус. суб.)
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Как Капитан Америка должен был вернуть камни (рус. суб.)

August 30, 2019

remember you have to return the stones to the exact moment we got them clip all the branches don’t worry three two one returning in three two I forgot the scepter what Loki’s scepter for the mine stone did you just want me to throw the stone on the ground no dude him the scepter here you go okay let’s do this thanks agent one and here you go that was fast thank you you know it I bet they’re all gonna be this easy from now on really I need a tesseract you guys I [Music] [Music] can’t touch the Power Stone you guys oh that’s because it’s supposed to go in this ball thingy the ball thingy you have the ball thingy well thanks for letting me know about that now is there anything else I need to know or take with me on this mission from High days nope oh wait yes you’ve got to inject force girlfriend what three two one stop get away from me I’m really sorry I just need to put this in you Oh a Thor Loki what tricks are you up to now you guys I really think we should discuss this before everyone left you’ve only got one more man it’s fine you got this Steven Rogers son of Sarah red skull son uh uh language captain what really you’re here too what did you think you were the only one with a magical time-travel wristband thingy that is adorable that is so you plus ten you’re about the phox Disney merger we’re all gonna be one big happy family soon like brothers oh that’s it I’m done here’s your stupid that stone I’m going back to my girlfriend that’s right you really should go to her go to her you sexy man go to her and never look back [Music] so unless your plane or a bomb or sighs or a brainwash buddy or spider-man or Tony’s version of yourself or just play Thanos [Music]

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  1. Круто но на оригинальном ролике тоже есть русские субтитры

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