Летные испытания нового дирижабля-розьера РФР-1
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Летные испытания нового дирижабля-розьера РФР-1

September 8, 2019

Russian Aeronautic Society ( Russia )
firm ” Balony Kubisek ” (Czech Republic ) with the support of Kiev
Ballooning Society ( Ukraine) Russian factories and Records conducted near Kiev initial flight tests
new dirigible Rosiere RDF -1 . These tests were planned six months ago ,
and we decided not to carry them , despite the difficult situation in Kiev. Politicians come and go ,
and dirigibles remain. And our friendship aeronautic
is not subject to any political influences. In tests were also conducted
familiarization flights dirigible Au- 37 and examination and discussion of the gondola
Ukrainian first dirigible . Basic test flights
were based on the flight Kyiv Ballooning Society
near the town of Makarov on the 30th kilometer highway Kyiv -Zhytomyr . The first flight on the new dirigible RDF -1
by famous Russian aeronaut multiple world record holder Leonid Tyukhtyaev . New airship refers
to non-rigid aircraft combined type ,
which lift design created as a gas lighter than air ( helium is used )
and heating the air in the airship hull . The airship is designed
to perform aerial work Observation from the air ( aerial ) patrols , as well as for training pilots . In addition, the developers hope that this airship will be installed number of world records in the recently introduced International Aeronautical Federation (FAI) category BM – ” combined airships .” Structurally, the airship is non-rigid three-part cigar wrapper lyambdaobraznym with tail , filled with a constant volume of air 2560 cubic meters. Inside the shell, in the side lobes placed along the hull two gas-filled container aerostatic unloading a volume of 300 cubic meters each , filled with a lifting gas ( helium ) . Bottom shell is fixed double gondola . Gondola mounted powerplant consisting of engine capacity of 58 horsepower and a three-bladed propeller of fixed pitch . Installed on the gondola two blocks rotary burners for heating the air volume of the envelope . Total capacity of the burners is three megawatts . Up to this point in the world not built even a single full-length combined manned airship . And it was such airships predicted a great future our great compatriot – Konstantin Tsiolkovsky . Work on the project airship
were carried out for three years .

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