August 11, 2019

Anton Douhnovsky translation For suggestions and remarks on translation, please contact us: [email protected], War technologies On 30 days announced warning regime at 10 oblasts of Ukraine. Army in full warfare readiness. NatGuard, to her, partially sub-ordering, and enterprises of MIC works in special regime From release you will know What happened with our vessels near Kerch? Will live near Multicam in FSO Ukraine? Which Russian boat burns in this week? By what might wrestle with kinesia? And what project realize DARPA? Forces for special operations – elite of Ukrainian army and have privileges about equipping and arming. For them even mighty to buy element of equipment from best world brands By this statement Minister of defense Stephan Poltorak order to share additional costs. How this realized – research our journalist Gennadiy Salivon For special operations forces by main agency of evolve and material supply and FSO presenters were chosen more than 30 elements of form and equipment. Apart of fatherlands developments, bought Austrian winter complete Karintia, shoes Lova, Switzerland knifes Victorinox All that enters Battle One and Battle Special set in summer, demi-season and winter variants. Half year ago, ends their sub-research exploitations Among complainings,that arrive from parts – too elastic pants belt, on him badly holds holster, sub-helmets ask to make a bit deeper, and winter gloves a bit softier There and other wishes computed. Before March of the next year will brought changes in technical task and for month long they must be approved Sone elements of sub-research models of equipments our filming group saw under time of training jumps in of FSO parts Stuff rucksack, which giving out. Enough handy, but color Coyote not responsible at area where are we working. But perform his role in all actions. Here section where located helmet of fighter On it staff equipment, pouch on 2 magazines, drop bag. In popular called trasher. Holster enough not bad. Goes under any pistol, that are stand at us on arms. And safety on pistol When choose colors of sub-research equipment, thou in FSO name Multicam and Coyote. On him complain fighters. On operation give advantage to multic, which buy for own cost We have no might to provide government purchases of Multicam camouflage. He is patented. Now in Ukraine developed own camouflage for FSO He would be alike to multicam’s. Such already done few countries. Forexample, Poland and Georgia As in descendant-storm armies, so in sub-sections of Forces for Special Operations tested lighter weight helmets Helmet Tor-D, with her also make jumps, perform all battle tasks, but weight a bit big. Also some time appears problems with namely attachments. They broke Helmet TOR-D not staff’s. Now developing two types of new helmets. Full-size and light for some sub-sections. In their part, FSO From recognizable reasons special assignments give advantage not to full-size armor-vests, but plate-carriers Plate-carrier comfy, but exists what to work over on. Will be not bad to think forward about fast drop away system, because fighter can not wear it off dis-noisily If exists system of fast drop, or furniture, with help of which might wear of dis-noisily, it would be good Specific of Forces for special operations in whole world such, that many tasks they do in night. In this time valuable not only in right term see target, but accurately and fast dis-harm it Sure in it help collimators. But exist other effective devices This target-indicator has few regimes of work, infra-red flash-light, namely target-indicator, but all rays seen only through night vision devices Fans of TV-series about American special-assignments, knows that they work with NVDs on 4 objective lens. Have such also our FSOs. They already succeed in testing them and mark Nearly get device GPNVG-18, for spotting and firing in night. Came on replacing for PVS-14, enough effective, increased view field, better image acuity. Already pass battle roll-over in zone of OUF These not all, that in property of FSO Ukraine. About some devices can not told. Additionally equipping of Forces special operations for, with modern devices, technique and arms remains President Petro Poroshenko declared, that from scouting and satellite clips, from September amount if Russian tanks in line of our border increased in three times APCs, missile systems, helicopters, airplanes also increased. So danger of intrusion growth. With this begin digest of news from gunsmiths sphere of the seen world 25 of November under time of by plan crossing from Odes to Mariupol small armored cutters Berdiansk and Nikopol, and also raid-tug Iani Kapu know aggression from Russian borderers After rams and shots with missiles form Su-30 and Ka-52, Ukrainian marines were captured and arrested. Because of it Trump cancel meeting with Putin To commanders of Harkiv and Odesa apart aerial squadrons of Government at-border service was given two helicopters by one to each Mi-8 By words of chief of MIA, it is crossing variant before that moment, when would be given purchased helicopters Airbus Infantry of rayon providing OUF using new tactic of exploitation of IFV in quality of self-propelled cannon Caliber of «beha», which, with moving back heavy armament, became basic fire power, allow to bring enough serious injury Idea proposed by artillerists. Calculations make with help of tablets and special soft In first for years of independence military parts field’jaeger-post connection of Armored Forces get new special automobiles. On replacement of too old UAZ-3151, UAZ-452, GAZ-66 arrive micro-buses Ford Their equipment developed and produces by fatherland science-production union, that on Kyiv’s oblast In this week on basis of Central science-research institute of arms and warrior’s technique provide awarding 50 winners of All-army contest «Best invention the year» Cups and diplomas at 15 nominations get presenters of 17 military parts and 7 enterprises and institutes of MIC. In common for participation in contests were given 181 declaration 26-29 of November in Pakistan pass ten expo of production with military assignment and devices for providing counter-terrorists operations Ideas-2018 In it their production present 552 companies from 51 governs. Among them the Ukraine, which also discuss common production of high precision missiles and tank Al-Halid-1 Young American inventor Sam Owen from firm Otolis Labs presented device for warriors to wrestle kinesia. Device show himself as box, that attach to hind-head Under time of work she a bit vibrating, giving to brain many controversy information, among which he filters only what needs. So problem voids Israel company Elbit Systems present their new development for searching of target, tracking it and fire influence. Passive system Hettronix don’t use laser and works on range from 5 to 10 kilometers Light her version weights 5 kilograms, heavy – 20. Might of new on demonstrated on border with sector 23 Of November on Mexican Navy shipyard in state Oakhaka release on water main frigate of project Damen Gigma 10514 with price 337 million euro And commandment of Navy Brazil move out from part aircraft-carrier San-Paulu. From 1963 he served in France, and 18 years ago was sold to here. For time of service in Brazil in sea he was for 206 days In Saint-Petersburg on Admiralteiski shipyards inflamed ice-cracker Victor Chernomyrdin, which now builds. On ship burn over cables, equipment and skin That time 4 Turkey warriors died in result of falling helicopter in one of inhabitant areas of Istanbul And AF Czech lost Mi-24, which fall under time of fly up on base near Namesht-nad-Oslavou In German Dunauwerte AF Serbia give one among nine ordered light many-purpose Airbus-Helicopters H-145М On enterprise of corporation Subaru in Utsunomia begin on-ground tests of first prototype helicopter UHX Btw on base of Japan AF Misava end deploying of ten fighters F-35. And more two such models of 5th generation get Israel’s aviators AF Australia provide tech-review of airplanes C-17A with help of Chinese mini-UAV DJI Egypt buy party of 32 Chinese strike drones Wing Lung ID Japan sign contract on purchasing American reconnaissance RQ-4-B Global Hawk That time DARPA demonstrate pre-programmed drones, that able to make task autonomous, even after lost of connection with operator In March in Highest Council gen-director of «UkrOboronPorm» declare, that at KPI will create Main agency of leading researches and developments GARPA She may evolve technologies in defense industry in Ukraine. Known that namely idea and partially name borrowed at American agency DARPA. Namely about techno-giant further will go talk… She put hand to creating ancestor of internet Arpanet, exo-skeleton XOS, robotic system Big Dog, unmanned anti-boat ship ACTUV, many-purpose UV MQ-1 Predator And it is just projects of agency, bout we told in program. In whole them hundreds: successful and not too, realized and in stage of development Agency of leading defense research projects DARPA property of USA Defense Ministry and responsible for developing new technologies for army. Created in February 1958 in response to launching by Soviet Union first artificial moon of Earth But after founding NASA agency lost most of the space projects. From creation and until 1972th, and also in 93-96 years carry name ARPA. To structure of agency now enters 6 basic sub-sections And it is near 240 co-workers, among which 100 – management. If on tie of founding, budget DARPA consist 520 mln dollars, thou now – almost 3 billions One among ways of searching for developers and projects became providing by agency contests with much reward. Forexample, competition of unmanned automobile-robots FDARPA Grand Challenge in March 2004 has prize fond in million dollars Even among 15 teams obligate track in 230 kilometers did not pass any. Smaller from it starts only 8 prototypes, and record-man pass only 11,8 kilometers. With years results improved, even tasks also became more complicated In 2012-15 years provided also contest DARPA Robotix Challenge, directed on development half-automatic on-ground robots. Then for 3,5 million wrests 25 companies from USA, Germany, Italy, China, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong One more competition became DARPA Spectrum for demonstration of radio-protocols, which might use sure channel of connection at presence of other dynamic users and signals, what over-harm working When you have actually complicated problem, which necessary to solve, exists actually many ways to solve it. It is most-most demonstrated under time of similar contests, thanks to various, often not ordinary thinking of participants Describe programs of DARPDA might for very long, thou we will tell about demonstrative among those, what might enforce American army of future. Begin with most simpliest and remind project of 2014 year – helmet of virtual reality ULTRA-Vis, what has connection to local area Device allow to be in course of situation on battle-field and even watch over video from cameras of brothers and technique Bring fighter might to run for an hour 25 km, in frames of program 4MM means «Mile for 4 minutes» University of Arizona created wearing jet-pack. Now Jetpack, what weights 4,4 kg, improving and might be combined with exo-skeleton I, after worn our invention, even compete with golf-car and by round with him. 4MM and I was faster than car. Device actually helps pass a mile for 4 minutes High-precision safe sniper rifle EXACTO, what shoots with intellectual ammo also won’t be too much for army of USA. So decide in DARPA and in October 2008 order in Lockheed Martin and Teledyne Scientific and Imagine project with price over 25 million dollars Arm must be served over by snipers pair and shoot from great range. And to own-selves protect from the enemy bullet, DARP evolve project of battle machines of future Ground X-Vehicle Technology Developers look to decrease size, weight, crew of transporter on 50%, increase speed twice and supply access for machine to 95% of land GXV-T should have less armor, 360 degree of view thanks to virtual window and maximum systems for warnings before danger. And for reconnaissance DADRPA also order creating unmanned assistants from flora and fauna Developers from three universities on order from DARPA created robot, what imitates move of worm and can go through fractures. MechWorm from nickel and titan wires able to live after strong hit over body and even explosion. Also agency finance development of robots calibri and cheetah To Transport DARPA always share a lot of attention, so cargo unmanned AREC might call one among examples. He designed to transport military cargos, as helicopter with speed of airplane To wrest hegemony of many-purpose unmanneds with long service term, agency provided program Gremlins. She provides launching from bomber or transporter great amount of drones with divided between theirselves tasks on range up to one thousand kilometers Expected service term pf «gremlins» near 20 uses, what economically more profitable. But highest treasure in army is human and over her saving in battle agency do not stop thinking We work over program “Biostas”, what may allow to organism of fighter actively counter-force changes in surrounding condition Tale goes about of slowing metabolism processes, means “biological time” in organism of injured fighter until that moment, when him give the medical help. It is significantly rise chances on surviving In February ex-director of DARPA Anthony Teter assigned as member of Watching council at governconcern «UkrOboronProm» Namely him one among those, who add his hand to creating fatherlands agency GARPA, as institution, where talented Ukrainians came with their ideas. So will look forward on significant technological growth of Ukrainian army Next time you will know about armored-cutter Centaur and automate Fort-250. And on today that’s all. This and previous releases search on site of 24th channel and YouTube of Military TV of Ukraine. Safeguard the Ukraine!

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