पहली हवाई यात्रा और प्लेन के अन्दर की प्रक्रियाए-First time flight journey tips in Hindi
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पहली हवाई यात्रा और प्लेन के अन्दर की प्रक्रियाए-First time flight journey tips in Hindi

October 15, 2019

Hello friends, welcome to our channel you might have seen so many videos on how to prepare for your first air journey but not much information available about what happens once you boarded the flight until it lands and the setup inside we have made this video keeping all these points in mind this video is based on international air journey in economy class in this video we will see what happens in between boarding and landing let’s see when you are on your seat you have to put your hand luggage somewhere safely you can have one hand luggage and one small bag either laptop or ladies hand bag you have to keep the hand luggage in overhead locker you can open this by pulling the silver lock towards you and lifting up and you put the smaller items near your feet under the front seat when you make yourself comfortable on your seat you see many things around you the first thing you see is the entertainment panel that is attached to the back of the seat in front of you you can control this entertainment panel and you get a remote control for this normally it is attached to the hand rest of your seat the same hand rest has a 3.5 mm headphone jack you can use your own headphones or the one provided by the airline some planes also have USB sockets too you can use this USB socket to connect any of your media device or use it to charge your mobile now there is a tray just below the entertainment panel you can use this tray while eating food or to write or fill forms some planes have a separate section for keeping the glass but it depends on the model of the plane or which class you are travelling in just below the tray there is a pouch you would find magazines, safety related literature and sanitary bag etc. you can use the sanitary bag in case you have motion sickness you also have a seat belt attached to your seat you should keep it on almost all the time specially when the seat belt sign is on if you are flying with a small kid who is sitting on your lap then you will be given a separate seat belt kids from 2 years of age get separate seat you also have a button on your seat you can recline your seat by pressing it you must ask the fellow traveler at the back before reclining the seat this is one of the untold rule of flying the remote you have for operating entertainment panel can be used to have a chat with fellow traveller you can press the number of seat and speak to the fellow traveler for your journey, you get headphone, blanket, pillow, toothbrush, pest and sometime socks from your airline you have to return headphone, blanket and pillow crew member usually collect them before landing your seat also has a security jacket which can be used in emergency situations like landing in water now if you see up you see some controls usually these are to control air vents, assistance call button and personal reading lights you can use these as you want in addition you see no smocking and seat belt sign too the seat belt sign goes on and off intermittently and controlled by the captain if you are on window seat then you would see a cover on the window you can pull it down to close the window the window covers are kept open during the take off and landing with cabin lights off just after the take off welcome drink, breakfast or food is served, you can keep it on the tray attached to the front seat’s back and eat once you have finished the food leave the empty tray and wait for the crew member to collect it you can give any other rubbish that you may have after the food usually the lights are kept off and you are requested to keep the window closed although this is dependent on whether you are flying in day or night if you are on a long haul flight them you will served with food or breakfast again and landing cards are distributed before landing you can fill this landing cards inside the plane or after landing the toilet in the plane is called lavatory the flush in this toilet is not a usual one where as it is a vacuum flush this flush may sound a little loud you also have tissue, soap and sink available in the toilet the toilet in the plane can be opened from outside even if someone is inside and locked it and you are expected to come outside immediately in case of turbulence turbulence means when the plane is little unstable while flying now your journey is almost come to an end you have to keep the seat belt on once landed you can collect your bags and come out from airport we have seen in this video what happens between the on-boarding and landing we hope that you like this video please share and like this video and please subscribe to our channel, thank you!!

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  3. यदि आपको विडियो की आवाज़ सुनाई नहीं दे रही है तो यह विडियो देखें, बेहतर आवाज़ के साथ

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