★ How to Get to Mars. Very Cool! HD
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★ How to Get to Mars. Very Cool! HD

October 17, 2019

We don’t fire a rocket motor all the way to mars. We don’t need to You just place the spacecraft on a trajectory to mars and let it coast for seven months and 300 million miles until it reaches the planet Atmospheric entry in 3.. 2.. 1.. Just passed in one minute that atmospheric entry current altitude 121 miles, current velocity 12,084 miles per hour We are now at an altitude of 73 miles moving at a speed of 12,192 miles per hour expected parachute deploy in five seconds four three, two, one, Mark We’re awaiting confirmation parachute has deployed Parachute was detected Heat shield deployed event Spacecraft reporting the scene field at the – Planet separation event has been detected. Spacecraft reporting lander has separated moving at a speed of 173 miles per hour We are near our terminal velocity Expected retro Rocket ignition on my mark – Mark. At this point in time, we should be on the ground Any signal that we receive from now indicates the vehicle would be alive on the ground and bouncing The Spacecraft has to survive all the bounces for landing to be a success No signal at the moment Standby Signal strength is currently intermittent We don’t see a signal at the moment What do we see? We’ve got the signal! [cheering] The first thing we have to do after we land is open our solar panels to the sun So we’ll have some power. This charges up the batteries After that, we can deploy the camera mast so the rover can see and deploy the antenna, so the rover can talk to us

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  1. A little CLARIFICATION is needed! This is ANIMATION ment to ILLUSTRATE how NASA landed the two robots Spirit and Opportunity on Mars back in 2003/04.

  2. No nos compliquemos tanto la vida en andar investigando algo que solo es para justificar gastos. Investiguemos como cuidar nuestra tierra, como educar a nuestros hijos, la moral de hoy dia esta pesima, solo consumismo, la convivencia familiar se acaba, seamos mas capaces de vernos mas como seres inteligentes, despues conquistemos lo demas ya con la tecnologia que hoy tenemos nos estamos destruyendo silenciosamente.

  3. ☝☝☝☝This video is not 8 years old but 13 years old. Look at the description. This video is from 2006.☝☝☝☝

  4. Интересно? Какой карлсон снимал это, меня это очень интересует. Что за вранье.

  5. A única forma de se chegar a qualquer suposto planeta é viajando na maionese. Tudo CGI, tudo computação gráfica, tudo montagem, e pra que? O gado gosta de viajar na maionese.

  6. Is anyone here in 2226 watching this video on Mars?

    Tem aqui alguém em 2226 que está assistindo esse vídeo em Marte?

  7. Congratulations to these guys who are very smart make a gigantic ship and go crumbling into space and get only

  8. it takes 30 mins just for light to travel from earth to mars which is also the fastest speed information can travel (radio signals), therefore it takes a whole hour to transmit and revive information. The fact that we have been able to accomplish this goal with this obstacle in mind is astonishing, its like flying an airliner blind!

  9. Perjalanan dari bumi sampai mars terekam kamera sangat jelas dr beberapa sisi. Bahkan saat menginjak di Mars seolah ada yang merekam disana seperti lagi shooting film. Hahahahaa konyol 🤣🤣

  10. Yes, and in 1969, they supposedly landed a man on the moon. Disney should have bought the rights not from Lucas, but from NASA

  11. The sun and all the other stars and planets are closer and smaller than what we have been told. 😉  Pseudoscience + cgi + cartoons + movies + tv shows are not reality !!! 
    @ wake up people !!!   Open your eyes = open your mind and use your brain !!!  #  now, with modern technology you can see it with your eyes ( just with a camera or a telescope ). The sun, the moon and all other planets are not millions of miles far away, otherwise you will NOT be able to see them just with a Nikon P 1000 or with a telescope from your home !! Logic !!!  Think about it !!! people wake up !!!  
    there is no curvature !  The water is flat = the earth is flat (and stationary ).
    Debunk the globalist heliocentrism and evolutionism.
    We are not coming from monkeys !!!!
    We are Not living on a spinning ball flying through millions of galaxies !!
    We are Not dust !!! #  we are Not a grain of sand in the universe !

  12. I was tired of laughing as NASA amuses itself with computer graphics at a time when the Russians are immediately progressing and embodying real physical inventions and starting to launch spacecraft, as well as super military equipment. Yes, but it is a fact !! NASA will make a good developer of space video games. Good luck ))

  13. The trips to Mars will really be extraordinary when it takes off and lands on Mars with the same ship, not with a fragment of it.

  14. Tudo mentira, pois todos sabemos que Marte é uma bolacha plana, assim como,a Lua, a Terra e o Sol. Aliás o Sol é uma fornalha a carvão. Brincadeira. Não sei como os terraplanistas mantém suas teses vendo um vídeo assim maravilhoso.

  15. Look at those Kids Happy Smile after Spending Millions on some Toys, just to know if there's Human out side of earth.
    While, at the Street Human is actually Dying of Starvation. How Pathetic two Scenarios are!

  16. I can presume that there is sun on the mars because when it starts to jump at 3:32 we can see the shadow of the bunch of this external curtain.

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