⚡ Donbass 2014 – Donetsk Aeroplane Graveyard (English subs)

September 16, 2019

Scorpion: Have you been here already? Me: Yes, I’ve been. Many times. Just never with the Scorpion. Me: .. I think it was further that way.. Scorpion: I can stop somewhere here, because I can’t take you further. Me: What is the current status in the airport? Vostok battalion is here now. Scorpion: Battalion Vostok and Motorola’s unit are here now. Me: And what’s the airport’s status, old and new terminals? Scorpion: The old terminal is under our control now. The new one is controlled by the Ukrainian army. Me: And the tower? Scorpion: The tower is also under the control of the Ukrainian army. Me: What is the typical day in the airport like now? What happens? Any shooting? Scorpionr: It is wet. Wet, foggy and there is shooting. Me: Do the rotations of the forces take place? Scorpion: Yes, the Ukrainian army is conducting rotations. Recently they were making a rotation and bringing products. We don’t allow them to bring PK machine guns. Me: Do you think that shooting is a provocation from the Ukrainian side? Scorpion: They are provoking us to open fire on them. We adhere to the truce so far, and don’t fall for provocations. Me: Scorpion, could you tell about yourself? We first met in October near Peski. Can you tell a bit about yourself as a person? As I know, you are 36 years old.. Scorpion: Yes, I’m 36 years old. I am from Donetsk. Me: What was your profession before the war? Scorpion: I was a builder. Was engaged in construction. Me: Are you also a commander? Scorpion: Now? A commander of a company. Yes, a commander of a company. Me: What do you think about being in the airport now? Before you were on another location.. Scorpion: Command gave the order to relocate with the company and take up the defense of the airport. We have relocated, taken up the defense and are currently at the airport. Me: What is the airport’s condition? How can you comment on it? Scorpion: Here, you see what is left of the airport. Only the pieces, and the airport is no more. Everything is destroyed already. Me: Thank you, Scorpion.

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