「Google ドキュメント」で WordPress の下書きを作成できるアドオン「WordPress com for Google Docs」をご紹介
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「Google ドキュメント」で WordPress の下書きを作成できるアドオン「WordPress com for Google Docs」をご紹介

August 17, 2019

Introducing the add-on you can create a WordPress of the draft in the “Google Docs”, “WordPress.com for Google Docs” Hello everyone This time, it will be an add-on “WordPress.com for Google Docs” that can be created to introduce the WordPress of the draft in the “Google Docs” WordPress has released a desktop version of the add-on “WordPress.com for Google Docs” for the “Google Docs” in early March, It can now be saved to direct the entered text in the “Google Docs” as WordPress of draft “WordPress.com for Google Docs” is whether the site that was created in WordPress.com, To WordPress sites that install and operate the server and install the “Jetpack” of the plug-in can be used if you have set the “Jetpack cooperation” In the case of installation type WordPress site it is also required that you turn on the switch in advance of “Jetpack” set in the “JSON API” of “WordPress.com for Google Docs” can be installed from the “add-on” of the Chrome Web Store “Google Docs” When the installation is complete open a new file in the “Google Docs”, Click is displayed in the “add-on” from “WordPress.com for Google Docs” “OPEN” Then, because the right side of the screen a bar of “WordPress.com for Google Docs” is displayed, click the “Authorize” in it Logged in WordPress account from the next screen to be displayed, or sites that have registered to further WordPress.com Or to select a site that works in “Jetpack”, the setting of the cooperation will be completed by performing the administrator login for the site After that you do not need cooperation if once carried out cooperation It will be the “Google Docs” file that you want to create a new in this state to be able to draft together as one article of WordPress Enter the draft, if you click the “Save Draft”, it will be uploaded as a draft in WordPress This upload is automatic also image that you inserted in the draft of the “Google Docs” Also By clicking again to edit the “Google Docs” “Update Draft” after the once uploaded, Edited draft is also reflected in the WordPress Although “WordPress.com for Google Docs” is there a confusing is slightly set, I think that it would welcome add-on is for this to those who had to copy and paste to create a draft of such a blog article “Google Docs” In addition, since it is also possible to carry out the editing at the same time a draft in a plurality of people that we can create a draft in the “Google Docs”, Also useful if you are wishing to such a operation Please by all means try to reference Or more, it was the introduction of the add-on you can create a WordPress of the draft in the “Google Docs”, “WordPress.com for Google Docs”

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