🌟 How to be a Superstar – Tips by Talking Angela (Talking Tom and Friends Bonus Video)
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🌟 How to be a Superstar – Tips by Talking Angela (Talking Tom and Friends Bonus Video)

August 29, 2019

Wanna build a successful music career? Well, Talking Angela is a self-made music
star, and SHE is willing to share super-helpful lessons with YOU! Lesson number one. Don’t Panic About Your Critics
When the toughest critic in town gave Angela a bad review,
CRITIC: Thumbs down. ….she was totally crushed. It looked like she might never sing again! But her friends got her back on her feet and
she struck back with a power ballad for the ages! ANGELA SINGING: With a smile on my face. So remember: Even if you get haters, keep
going! Number two. Don’t Freak Out After a poorly-attended concert Angela lost her temper and was photographed being a total
diva! This actually made her more popular, but when
Angela figured out that people prefer scandals over music, she returned to her real passion… singing. ANGELA SINGING: One, two, three, four … What’s the lesson? A little attitude is okay. But don’t forget to back it up with talent. Number three. There Will Be Bad Concerts. Angela put on one of her strangest shows after
a failed science experiment left her and Tom with their voices swapped. ANGELA/TOM: Why do I sound like Tom. She didn’t want to let her fans down, so
she tried to have Tom secretly sing for her. It… did not go well. ANGELA/TOM: Thank you! We love you! So, yeah. There will be bad concerts. ANGELA/TOM: No, I can explain! Number four. Try Something New! Angela was really nervous at a big music competition, so she created the bad-girl persona of “Angie Fierce” to help calm her nerves. It worked — but it also made Angela start
acting pretty mean. So she had to put her overconfident alter-ego
away and sing from the heart. ANGELA SINGING: The sky is full of stars. What did she learn? It can be fun to pretend… just don’t overdo
it. Number five. Avoid Creeps One time, Angela had a huge opportunity to work with the famous pop sensation Ricky DeLuna
on a big music video. DIRECTOR: Action! But Ricky turned out to be a jerk, and he
almost broke up Tom and Angela! Fortunately, Angela ditched the big star to
be with the people she actually cares about. So – fame is fun, but remember that your friends
are more important. These were the most important lessons Angela
learned in her music career so far! We’re sure she’s got even more knowledge
on the way. Let us know in the comments what you’ve
learned from the show. And stay tuned for new episodes of “Talking
Tom and Friends” coming soon!

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  4. Number 5, ugh why Ricky deluna why, he is like a heart crushing, heart steeling almost break up version of justin beiber. Team tom not team Ricky. Though I really like his music ban him

  5. Narrator: Fame is fun, but friends are more important
    That is if I have any friends😢

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