💕Petite Meller Aeroplane🇧🇷💕 (opinion)
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💕Petite Meller Aeroplane🇧🇷💕 (opinion)

October 17, 2019

Hello guys, I´m Danica and welcome to a new video from my channel in this occasion I´m going to talk about the new Petite´s song Aeroplane today I´m very happy because after long time finally Petite Meller is back, you know I´m very fan of her I love her songs, her look I love everything of her as an artist and well today as I mentioned she realised her new song Aeroplane after the album LIL EMPIRE in 2016, Petite Meller had not released new music until now the song Aeroplane was more than I expected from Petite Meller´s return the song has a incredible rhythm, wonderful melody and the perfect lyrics it was very cool song What I liked most was that she took in consider the Brazil rhythm because if you haven’t known she wrote the lyrics while she was in Brazil which was a fantastic idea as i told in a old video, Petite Meller loves writing her songs based on the countries where she goes however she visited to Mexico and she didn’t write any song xD and well Brazil was not the exception I loved listening Portuguese language in the song, it gives more plus to the song as I love so much the portuguese language this was my favorite part, it was awesome the lyrics were cute although I think it repeat a lot the phrase “The way my body goes” even though this it sounds fabulous I can’t wait for listening the complete album, I hope soon we can get it you can listen the song AEROPLANE in the different platforms you can buy the song too, please guys if you love Petite Meller support her buying her music so I leave in the box below the links where you can buy it also I share with you Petite Meller´s social networks so you can follow her, like her pictures and keep in touch with her and also I share mines for keeping in touch please write in the comments what do you think about this song, you like or not I wanna know your opinion and I’m very excited for this new song, I really get fascinated I waited for this long time and now is here thank you so much for watching the video, it was a short opinion about Aeroplane and let you know that right now you can listening this see you in the next video, thank you

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  1. Amei o seu vídeo ❤✨
    Gosto MUITO da Petite Meller também, essa volta dela me surpreendeu,amei essa nova música,ela tem um ritmo envolvente e lindo.
    Sou seu novo inscrito.
    Sou do Brasil

  2. Yo también estoy super emocionada por el regreso de ellaaa, ame literalmente esta canción, es perfecta en todos los sentidos❤

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