🔴 WordPress Progressive Web Apps (PWA) Nedir? Nasıl Yapılır? How to Build WordPress PWA?
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🔴 WordPress Progressive Web Apps (PWA) Nedir? Nasıl Yapılır? How to Build WordPress PWA?

August 31, 2019

Hello friends. Today you are using Progressive Web Apps on WordPress sites How to build WordPress PWA? How do we disable it? We will examine this. Progressive Web Apps (PWA) was announced by Google in 2015. Software that makes your internet sites feel like you are using an application without using a mobile application. To describe it, I can give you the following example. You have a website. Users are logging into your browser with a browser. When you install Progressive Web Apps ie PWA, the user is no longer on your browser via the browser by clicking on the icon of your site on your mobile phone. Browser is logging in via an application. With PWA you get a special you have created the splash screen. Then you are connected to your home page or the page you want to direct. What else is done with PWA? You can give your browser the color you want. You can assign the color of the upper part of the browser in red, green, blue as you like. You can customize. Unlike the browser, the user perceives the feeling of using a web or mobile app. It seems to be using an application entirely. The user can also connect to PWA installed sites offline, ie offline. But it is a good reminder to make an important reminder. Sites that want to install PWA have SSL requirement. PWA provides many benefits to the user. Progressive Web Apps provide ease of use. You do not need to install any applications for PWA. When you have PWA installed on your WordPress site, the site visitor If you want to add your home phone to your phone, the site icon is downloaded to the phone when you click on the alert. This is a very elegant situation. The site logon or icon has been installed on the phone before you need to write. When the user clicks on this icon, the site opens with a special opening screen, and then your home is connected. On the opening screen we see the name of our logos and site. Then the page we are directing opens. PWA increases the conversion rates of users. It provides quick links to my site. He can login to my site as Offline. The visitor can connect to the page we are directing, even if there is no internet connection. We will examine how to do the PWA installation on the WordPress site today. So let’s start:) To install PWA in WordPress we will install the Super PWA plugin on my site. You can download the Super Progressive Web Apps plugin from the WordPress.org plugin page You can install the plugin from the plugin / add new section. What you need to do after you install Super PWA is actually very simple. You can enter your site name in Application Name. I am the founder and I will show you the example of beylikduzuzufo.com sitemap installed with SSL. I selected this because it is a site with SSL installed. You can also enter the site name in the Application Short Name or a different name. Here you choose the icon. He gave you the size. 192×192 pixel png format logo or icon. You can run a visual or an icon in the size of 512×512 pixels in the opening screen. In png. Background Color is the background color of your opening screen. Theme color da browser rengini expresses the upper part. Start page is the page you want to direct. If you do default you will be directed to your home. I did so. I left the Offline page default. The page the user will visit if they do not have internet. You can redirect to a different page if you want. Orientation Horizontal Horizontal Vertical Determines the display of your site. Portrait refers to vertical. He does the other controls himself. Create JS, Service Worker control and SSL control We call it save trim settings now. PWA is now installed on our site. On the right side of the screen I will show my own PWA example. You can examine him. It’s active right now. That is all I say. See you on the next video. If you like the narration, do not forget to like it. You can subscribe to YouTube channel to be notified of new videos. Youtube subscription is free. Have a nice day:)

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  1. thank you Osman, but how is it possible to convert my current woocommerce web site to pwa? I am new in WordPress development.

  2. hola!! buen trabajo, podrias hacer un video de las funciones que tendría la PWA o todos los servicios que podría dar al usuario por favor?

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