10 AWESOME PERSONAL AIRCRAFT | Gyrocopter (Top Picks)
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10 AWESOME PERSONAL AIRCRAFT | Gyrocopter (Top Picks)

August 21, 2019

– [Narrator] Even if it
looks like it shouldn’t fly someone is still gonna give it a whirl. This is Reacher and here are
10 of our favorite Gyrocopters. – [Voiceover] Number 10. – [Narrator] This first entry on our list the 07-Scorpion comes from
Spanish company ELA Aviación. The carbon fiber body and
stainless steel framework sits underneath an aluminum rotor measuring 28 feet, or
8.5 meters in diameter. Power is provided by a Rotax 914 UL engine capable of producing up to 115 horsepower for a standard cruising
speed of 75 to 90 miles or 120 to 145 km/h. It has a dry weight of 585
pounds or 275 kilograms with an estimated flight
range of 250 miles or just over 400 kilometers
from the 20 gallon or 75 liter fuel tank. The tandem two-seater has
a semi enclosed cockpit with heated seats and a
multi-function digital readout which helps monitor and
control the Diagnostics. There’s also 100 liter storage
area underneath if needed. The base price on this
one will run you around 78000 dollars. – [Voiceover] Number nine. – [Voiceover] This side-by-side two-seater is the latest from the sport
copter line of autogyros. The sleek design measures
15 and a half feet or 4.7 meters from nose to rudder with a rotor diameter of
31 feet or 9.4 meters. The cockpit has a width
of just over four feet or 1.2 meters providing a space
that feels bigger than it is due to the large windows
in the front and sides. The enclosed design comes standard with air and heat allowing
use in all seasons while providing protection
from the elements. Dual controls, large
digital instrument panels and a cargo area behind the
seats round out the mix. The engine, which is also enclosed, provides 230 horsepower for
a top speed of 120 miles or 193 km/h with an
estimated range of 300 miles or just over 480 kilometers. And for you braver souls out there, this one has a flight
ceiling of 18000 feet or 5.5 kilometers. The SC2 is available
as a do-it-yourself kit with pricing starting around $85000. – [Voiceover] Number eight. – [Voiceover] This one from
Austrian based Trixy Aviation It’s called The Spirit and it doesn’t look like
any others I’ve seen so far. It has a low profile open cockpit design, reminiscent of the high-end
race cars of in the 1950s. The carbon fiber composite body is fixed to a steel framework
measuring 15 and a half feet or 4.7 meters in length. The side by side two-seater
has the option of dual controls or a single instrument panel that can be installed on either side. There’s also a total of
five storage compartments integrated into the body providing 5.3 cubic feet of space. It has a maximum takeoff
weight of 1235 pounds or 560 kilograms, with a
flight ceiling of 10000 or just over three kilometers. Pricing on this one currently
runs around 47000 dollars. – [Voiceover] Number seven. – [Voiceover] Manufactured
by French company DTA, the gyro is another of
the four-season gyroplanes on the market. The large gold wing doors can be removed during nicer weather while the canopy still
provides protection if needed. Even with the doors on
the pilot and passenger still treated to almost
uninterrupted panoramic views, thanks to the largely plexiglass cabin. The cockpit has a two
seat tandem configuration with adjustable seats
and luggage compartments. The steel framework and
carbon composite body weigh in at 622 pounds or 282 kilograms. The aluminum rotor has a diameter
of 28 feet or 8.6 meters. It comes with two engine choices offering a top speed of
112 miles or 180 km/h. Pricing on this one currently
runs around 82000 dollars. while you’re taking a break from trying to mount a
propeller on your car be sure and hit that subscribe button and click that bell
icon to stay up to date on all of our latest videos. – [Voiceover] Number six. – [Voiceover] This one from
German manufacturer AutoGyro has floats like a seaplane allowing it to take off and land on water. That alone has shut up and take my money written all over it. Other than the difference
in the landing gear the MTO notice looks like
your standard gyrocopter. It measures in at just over 17 feet or 5.2 meters in length with
a rotor diameter of 29 feet or 8.8 meters. The open cockpit design has a
tandem seating configuration with seating for two people. The Rotax engine can
produce 115 horsepower for a top speed of 91 miles or 150 km/h with a maximum range of 250
miles or 400 kilometers. If you’re thinking about island hopping or doing flybys at the local
beaches here’s your answer. Pricing on this one will run
you in the 85000 dollar range. – [Voiceover] Number 5. – [Voiceover] This latest
addition from a AAT is a closed canopy
two-seater named Typhoon. The carbon-fiber cabin
is fully soundproofed with carpeted flooring and a
soft finish overlay lining. It has a side-by-side
seating configuration with a sinner mounted console and large windows in the
front, roof and sides as well as nose feet windows. The whole thing measures just
under 17 feet or 5.1 meters with the width of seven
feet or 2.2 meters. Factoring in the length
of the cockpit at 4.5 feet or 1.4 meters gives you a
pretty spacious interior. The rotor options allow for
a diameter up to 29 feet or 8.8 meters. The 135 horsepower engine can produce a top speed of 130 miles or 210 km/h with an
estimated range of 485 miles or 780 kilometers. When you take into
account the flight ceiling of just under 15000 feet or 4.6 kilometers you’ve got access to some
pretty stunning views while in the air. – [Voiceover] Number four. [Voiceover] This one, like our first entry is also from ELA Aviación. It’s called the 10-Eclipse and the company claims it’s
their most advanced, efficient and refined autogyro to date. The Monaco carbon-fiber body
has a closed cabin design with seating for two people and a tandem configuration. The canopy which opens to the side can be removed as needed allowing for all-weather usage. There’s also three luggage compartments offering a total storage
capacity of 65 liters. The Rotax engine produces 100 horsepower allowing for a maximum speed
of 115 miles or 185 km/h with an estimated range of
400 miles or 640 Kilometers. The price of the base model on this one will run you around 87000 dollars. – [Voiceover] Number three. – [Voiceover] German manufacturer AutoGyro managed a second entry
on this list as well. The closed canopy design
has gold wing doors which open up to a cockpit with a side-by-side seating arrangement, luggage compartments behind
the seats, dual controls and a full-size console with
digital and analog readouts. Up top it has a rotor measuring
27.5 feet or 8.4 meters while down below is the
body which measures 15 feet or 4.6 meters. The cowling around the engine
has a shark gill design that adds a sporty look while still remaining functional. The engine itself, a Rotax 912 ULS is capable of a top speed
of just over 100 miles or 165 km/h, with a maximum
range around 380 miles or 610 kilometers. Pricing will run you around 60000 dollars with standard features. – [Voiceover] Number two. – [Voiceover] This one
from Bulgarian manufacturer Niki Rotor Aviation
could almost be mistaken for a small helicopter at first glance due to the unique tail design. The Lightning sports a
tricolor paint scheme on a fully carbon-fiber
fuselage that measures 15.5 feet or 4.7 meters in length with a rotor diameter
of just under 28 feet or 8.5 meters. The whole thing has a
dry weight of 628 pounds or 285 kilograms. The Rotax engine can
produce 100 horsepower to reach speeds of 112
miles or 180 miles per hour and a flight ceiling of 9800 feet or 3 kilometers. The fully enclosed cabin provides almost fully panoramic views between the large windshield and gullwing doors which
can be removed if needed. Pricing on this one starts at
a modest 130 thousand dollars. Be sure and let us know in the comments what you think about being up in the air in one of these things and which one is your favorite. – [Voiceover] Number one. – [Voiceover] Before we get
started on this last one. Yes, we know it’s a concept but it’s up for production and the company is taking orders so we’re gonna talk about it. It has a steel framework
and a carbon composite body measuring 15.5 feet or 4.7 meters. The side by side cockpit has a small control
panel between the seats which expands the almost unobstructed view provided by the glass canopy
and small rear windows behind the seats. The Rotax engine is capable
of producing 130 horsepower for a top speed of 112 miles or 180 km/h. Pricing is unavailable due to the customizable
nature of this one, so keep an eye on it. Who knows, it may be the
one you end up flying. – Hey guys, this is Cassie. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Tell us in the comments below what you found to be the
most interesting and why. Also, if you haven’t done so yet make sure to hit the bell notification next to the subscribe
button to stay up to date with all of our latest videos. Thank you for watching. I’ll see you guys next time.

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  2. Taifun #5 for its power, side by side seating, cabin layout and range of 480 miles gets my vote. The cost is also very reasonable.

  3. The last one ftw!!! That's something I would like to own..I love how the landing gear is almost invisible,some stealthy skis could be be integrated around them also for water landings..,look like it's from Star Wars…What sort of training is required to operate these? Do you have to be a full blown certified pilot?

  4. Thank you so much for putting in the standard measurements for us that are still metric illiterate! really enjoy the videos . You have proven that these types of videos can be fun as well as informative,thats why I keep watching!! THANKS AGAIN

  5. The 10Eclipse is my favorite. I am seriously interested. I am emailing them tonight for more information on where an example might be found near me, and for a specification brosure. Thanks for this excellent quality video!!!!

  6. As long as it is closed in away from the weather I don't mind. But I can't afford one anyway, so it does not matter.

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  8. I'm not a qualified pilot but have flown quite a few different aircraft, including a Sportcopter 1. Of all of them, the autogyro was the easiest and maybe the most fun. I can see myself buying one when I retire.

  9. Great presentation of the available gyros. It is too hard to decide for me ,my favorite. I was not aware that the gyrocopter became this refined. Thanks

  10. These are expensive for me, but cheaper than I expected. A lot of my friends talk about wanting a Ferrari or a Lamborghini but for less money you can get one of these and to me it’s way cooler. I hope I can live long enough to see personal aircraft become more popular. It would be awesome to take my son to school in one

  11. Wow….I am falling in love with Auto-gyros….seem to make more sense than a plane and maybe more forgiving…anyone educate me on this a bit?Thanks!

  12. If they could make that unit with the same landing gear configuration of a ICON 5 plane it would be an instant hit. Land on water and on land. I would take one.

  13. I think the Cavalon has it over the rest in design, with ample room for the side by side configeration, ample instrumentation and luggage In this review they did not cover the Cavalons use of the Rotax 914 or the new 915 engines and the range which is now in the order of 700kms.

  14. Wonderful Presentation. As a S.E.L. and Sailplane pilot (Glasflugel H-301) I am curious about the life expectancy and general maintenance of the rotor head and blades. Anyone have general DATA on this subject?

  15. If you could take off and land everywhere (which is not allowed in Germany, you have to take off at an airfield and land at one, too – note: I hope that flying-taxis will change that, after all a lot of large companies have a lot of political influence (and here they would for once do something good with it!)) I'd forgo my car for one of those 🙂

  16. I would have to chose the least expensive one, even then, can I get a bank to finance w/ a vehicle trade in & possibly a home owner's deed?? ? i.e. they're all too rich for my blood & a used one is out of the question!!?

  17. in my opinon Arrowcopter Gyrocopter should of been number 1 and it didn't even make the list. it is the super car of gyros

  18. Anyone got a gyrocopter they could let go of for real cheap or free. I live west of Taos on the mesa. Lots of wind and great places to fly. My wife n i would be glad to put someone up and feed someone if they would come fly here. Our home burnt down this month. Paid for n no insurance. Im 'the preacher Taos n.m.' on youtube. and a gyro would be great for the ministry here. Thanks for reading my plea for a gyro copter.575 999 1497 thanks

  19. Has anyone ever wondered why licensing for flying one of these? I get the need for licensing for commercial aircraft as you are responsible for more than yourself. That said personal aircraft should require no need for it as the total sky real estate consumed by development is nearly 0. The bystander risk is a negligible factor when compared to something like driving a car. It's not like airspace is legitimately owned by someone, you can't take ownership of something not yours to begin with its sort of a fictional ownership by governing bodies.

    I feel if a person designs, builds and produces a working model they should not need permission to fly the thing, sure they could crash into the ground or a house and this raises the bystander consideration a bit but not enough as the requirements to build one that works makes only a small number of people dedicated enough to build it. Slapping people with fines, jail time and a need to pay to enjoy the same as others is what stops progression in the area of invention. Since when did it change to needing permission to invent something and then prototype it and perfect it. Its not like Tesla had a ton of "Caution High Voltage" signs around his lab, we would have no electricity if he had to ask permission from government or run the risk of being jailed or fined, he likely would have just lost interest in doing it as the reward is no longer worth the risk.

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  23. A few quick questions, will all of these run on automobile premium gasoline? The 2 I am familiar with do so I was wondering if all would. Could you fly these at night or in rainstorms if you had instrumentation pilot rating? Lastly, since the rotor gives all of the lift, do bird strikes ever occur with the rotor and can it withstand a bird strike? Since they are slower than a jet I would think birds would have time to get away from it, but you never know. Great video.

  24. You are beautiful as are all these gyroplanes. Got to get my license and buy one before I get any older. I was in the Air Force and served 2 tours in Vietnam and Thailand during the war and have never gotten flying out of my system. Thank you for a Top Notch video!

  25. By your stats.. the Typhoon seems to be on top of the list. Twin booms have to stronger than a single boom. Rear flight planes are in direct rear of the rear blades. That, I'm guessing would make the entire platform more stable and responsive. I'm no pilot but .. the Typhoon is where I would put my money.

  26. Interesting video. For my own preference I like the closed cockpit models however I was wondering if any of the manufacturers make a Diesel version. I am sure it would give a long range and be less trouble with damp on the electrics.Just a thought

  27. While impressive in there own right, they clearly can't hold a candle to fix wing aircraft. They get minimal performance from large amounts of power.

  28. Great video. For regional trips from Greenville, SC to Charlotte, NC, the ranges are perfect. Seriously considering a purchase early 2020.

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