10 Drone Video tips to Film with Drone Like a Pro!

September 22, 2019

hey what’s up folks, this is Henry it’s a gorgeous day today so I took a walk outside and what do we have today take a guess yes A drone ok let me ask you what do you usually do with a drone and have you ever been amazed by some spectacular videos shoot by a drone Today, I’m going to show you 10 camera tricks to shoot amazing cinematic videos with this beast trick one scanning scanning it’s a quite usual move for drawing videos with camera facing forward you can fly the drone vertically to shoot a skyscraper or tower but just keep an eye on the altitude limit of your trunk or you can fly the drone horizontally forward and backward to shoot wide skyline and coastline trick to advertise it’s a move that you aim the camera straight down and fly up I so you get very nice lifting shots around the areas it’s good to reveal the landscape of the city another creative use is to show the formation like if a group of people forms a logo ship lift up shot is the best day trek 3 low-altitude if the drone flies low pressure to the ground the video looks very exciting dynamic but it’s better to apply on open ground which is clean trick full huh if their buildings in your flight round try to maintain a medium altitude and make the drone climb up when it’s about to fly over all of a sudden you’ll get a spectacular view trick five obstacles this is an interesting shot that you begin with the camera facing an obstacle like a wall the tree and moved row until it captures a sudden view of the actual object you intend to show this way you create a turning point that makes people more engaged in your video tricks like rocks flying the drone across a narrow space like beneath the bridge between two peaks they take some skills but you’ll get a really awesome shot trick 7 tracking shop tracking shot implies the speed of a moving up this is why the Yuuzhan shooting moving cars or ships some drones can automatically track a target you set and shoot videos just check this feature is available in the drone you’re about to purchase tricking again shop it’s usually used on driving causes the drone flies towards a car against this direction which creates an intense shop and implies the high-speed however the difficulty is to keep the drone as close as possible to the car and avoid crashing into it trick not the crane shot when the drone flies up I and slowly moves backwards with the camera facing front you get a gradually waterview with fade out effect this is usually uses the ending shot of a video an upgraded version is spinning the drone while flying up this is usually used on climax of videos creating a fantastic visual effect trick 10 point of interest some drones can actually circle around a point of interest you set like a building or a tower this way you can show the relationship between object and the surroundings with this move alright so these are 10 camera tricks of a drone that hopefully help you make superb aerial videos just keep in mind and try it out oh one more thing, regarding the last tip point of interest not all drones have that feature so before you make the purchase just double-check if the point of interest mode is included

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