10 Military Aircraft That Were Mistaken for UFO
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10 Military Aircraft That Were Mistaken for UFO

August 25, 2019

Number Ten. The V1-73 If I was outside and
saw this aircraft I’m pretty sure I would have thought it was a UFO. The V1-73, or the flying pancake, was an experimental World War II test aircraft,
built by the United States as part of a Navy fighter aircraft program. It had an
almost circular all-wing design. The project was initiated in 1939 and tested
by the chief flight test pilot on November 23rd, 1942. Evaluation of the V1-73 carried out throughout 1942 and 1943. A total of 190 flights were taken, prompting numerous UFO
reports from worried Connecticut residents. The final test flight took
place in 1947. Overall the project contributed greatly to understanding of
aerodynamics and the possibility of near vertical takeoffs. Number Nine The F-117A Nighthawk This is
probably one of the most iconic, thought to be unidentified flying objects, of the
eighties. I mean just look at her. Who wouldn’t think the strange-looking
triangular aircraft was anything other than that? This long-range stealth
fighter, which could stay aloft indefinitely thanks to amid air
refueling, remain classified through much of the 1980s, during test flights just
outside of the legendary area 51 Groom Lake facility. Along with the B-2 Spirit
the bat-like F-117A was a perfect candidate for triangular UFO sightings. Number Eight The Horten HO 229 Flying Wing We can’t have this video without one of the first single-wing aircraft ever.
This aircraft I’m sure confused even the most skilled
pilots of its time. Unfortunately there aren’t many images available. During the
height of World War II, German Forces wanted to design and build a fighter
bomber capable of carrying over 2,000 pounds of explosives to target 600 miles
away from their bases, at a speed of over 600 miles per hour.
The HO 229 was the only plane that came close to the specifications set by the
German military. Powered by two jumo double zero four C engines and with a
flying wing configuration it was effectively the first stealth aircraft
to be invented. The plane never made it into full combat before the Allies
forced Germany to surrender after the fall of Berlin. The designs however were
smuggled back to America as part of Operation Paperclip. Number Seven The X-47B Of course, without
the Ho 229 the United States wouldn’t have created anything like this aircraft.
This plane that looks distinctly like a UFO is an unmanned combat aerial vehicle,
or a UCAV, designed for the US Navy’s aircraft
carriers. It is a jet-powered aircraft capable of
semi-autonomous ops in aerial refueling. The body is based on a blended wing
design and is completely without a vertical control tail. It will be
developed into battle-ready aircraft for the U-Class or the Unmanned Carrier
Launched Airborne Surveillance and Strike System. It is expected to be fully
combat operational by 2022. As a full-size aircraft it is almost
certainly going to spark a frenzy of UFO sightings, once it starts to appear in
the skies around the world. Number Six The SR-71 Blackbird This aircraft is
featured on many lists, but I will say I believe, this is list most appropriate of
them all. The tailless spy plane has an even more unusual cross-section than the
U-2. This area 51 alone was briefly reactivated in the 1990s, and rumors of a
follow-up, the now legendary Aurora project, have supplied both UFO believers
and skeptics with a possible source of unexplained sightings. Number Five The Bird of Prey This black
project. was named after the Klingon bird-of-prey from the popular Star Trek
film, and the TV series. It’s one of a few aircraft that was actually meant to look
like a UFO. It should come as no surprise that it was developed by Boeing’s
Fantomworks, located, of course, area 51. It was never
intended as a finished aircraft but rather as a test for stealth related
technologies, much of which would later be used on the X45 Combat UAV. It
represented a significant advance in aircraft camouflage technology and was
eventually transferred to the National Museum of the United States Air Force at
Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, in Ohio. Number Four The X-45 A The Boeing X-45 A
was an unmanned aerial combat vehicle manufactured by Boeing. It was created as
a concept demonstrator for the next generation of wholly autonomous military
aircraft, as with Boeing’s bird-of-prey on which it was based.
It was developed at the Fantomworks area within area 51. The X-45 A made its first
flight in May 2002, and continued until 2006, when the project was suspended by
development for the United States Navy. In 2008 Boeing lost the completion and
the Navy continued the project with the Northrop Grumman and X 47. A variation of
the X 45 project remains partially active as a non-commissioned development
known as the Phantom Ray. Number Three The U2 The U2 is not
just a band, but an ultra high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft, created by
Lockheed Martin, and operated by the United States Air Force. Nicknamed the
Dragon Lady, the U2 was one of the first classified planes flown from the Air
Force’s secret test facility at area 51. Onlookers would have undoubtedly been
alarmed by the U2’s long wings and silver coloring prone to reflection. The
U2 was capable of day and night all-weather intelligence-gathering,
as well as four electronic sensor research, satellite calibration, and
communication. Very early prototypes were used during the Cold War and flown over
the Soviet Union, Vietnam, China, and Cuba. Today the U2 is still in service. One of
the only aircraft besides the B-52 which can boast a record of service of over 50
years. Number Two The RQ 3 Dark Star The RQ 3
Dark Star by Lockheed Martin and Boeing seems to have been short-lived. With its
program canceling in just three years. after a crash, some speculation has
indicated that the plug was only publicly pulled on the RQ 3. With a
similar spy plane spotted in Iraq in 2003. Designed to be a high-altitude
endurance unmanned aerial vehicle the Darkstar could take off, arrive at its
target, operate fully to gather and transmit information, and return without
the need of a pilot, all while remaining undetected. Today the RQ 3 which stands
for Reconnaissance Unmanned Third of its series can be seen at the National
Museum of the United States Air Force, at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in
Dayton, Ohio. The great gallery of the Museum of Flight in Seattle and the
Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. Number One The B-2 Spirit If you have
never seen our number one, the B-2 Spirit stealth bomber by Northrop Grumman, you
might have mistaken it to be something extraterrestrial. But, it is its unique
design of the B-2 Spirit Bomber that allows it to fly so stealth-like. The B-2
was designed with a technique called continuous curvature, which allows the
curved surfaces to deflect radar. Released in 1989, two years before the
Persian Gulf War, the B-2 Spirit has been used in several combat scenarios.
Including operations Allied forces in Kosovo, Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan,
Operation Iraqi Freedom, and operation Odyssey Dawn in Libya. The B-2s range
falls at 6,000 miles and is capable of flying for six straight hours without
refuel. In fact, the bomber comes stocked with amenities such as a bed, toilet, a
hot plate for food preparation, to allow a crew member to rest up, on a long
mission. The B-2 relies on split brake rotors and differential thrust to
maneuver. Keeping radar cross-sections low, the bomber’s engines, located inside
the wing reduces the engine’s heat signature from tracking systems, by
hiding the fan’s blades. Hey guys. This is Amber and Alex from Minds Eye Design. I
hope you guys enjoyed this video. Tell us in the comments below what you found to
be the most interesting and why. Also, if you haven’t done so yet make sure to hit
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all of our latest tech. Thank you for watching, I’ll see you guys next time.

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  1. cool but u just forgot 1 thing bro: UFOs has no wings! they are flying balls, or flying disk. no wings, no motor. oh and theres ones that looks like a cigarret too, but never wings or motor.

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