10 Passenger Drones and Vertical Take-off and Landing Aircraft
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10 Passenger Drones and Vertical Take-off and Landing Aircraft

September 1, 2019

From personal tilt rotor aircraft to air
taxis and flying cars, check out some amazing personal flying technology that
might become the future of vertical takeoff. number 10 The vahana also known
as the alpha one in January of this year Airbus completed their first test flight
on the vahana. The first completely electric vtol vertical takeoff and
landing aircraft. Airbus has said it wants to build a fleet of autonomous
multi rotor E VTOL aircraft, that can be used to fly from rooftop to rooftop in
dense cities where traffic is often at a standstill.The company says it plans to
have a production ready version by 2020 Now don’t plan on flying in one of these
with your friends the company says it will be a single passenger self piloted
aircraft. Well I guess that’s not really all that bad, at least my friends won’t
ask for a ride in my awesome personal drone. No hmm aircraft uh whatever it is
I think it’s a pretty cool way to travel from point A to point B. number nine The Hero flyer we kind of came across this one by accident and thought wow this is
pretty cool. There isn’t much info out there on it but it appears it was
designed for the entertainment and marketing industries. Basically an
anonymous pilot wears the costume of a superhero sports team movie or TV character, or any branded flight suit and performs to the
amazement of viewers at various venues. Such as, charity events, amusement parks,
sporting events, conventions grand openings, corporate events, movie
premieres and even commercials. Number eight The aw609 this next VTOL
basically takes science fiction to the next level. I know everyone has probably
seen something similar to this, but imagine being a CEO for a company and
instead of a personal helicopter you have a personal VTOL. The agustawestland
aw609 formerly the Belle Augusta BA 609, is a twin-engined tiltrotor VTOL
aircraft with a configuration similar to the Bell Boeing v-22. It is capable of
landing vertically like a helicopter while having a range and speed and
excess of conventional rotary aircraft. The aw609 is aimed at the civil aviation
market in particular VIP customers and offshore oil and gas operators. number 7 The passenger drone so our last video we did on passenger drones got a lot of
flack for the phrase passenger drone. Which we’re pretty sure we coined by the
way, anyway we just wanted to say we told you so. Okay, all joking aside this company has basically flat-out named their passenger drone, passenger drone what an original name. Seriously, think about it. It will be like band-aid or Kleenex it’s
really pretty great branding their website says the aircraft is equipped
with high-end technologies like adaptive flight control fiber optic internal
communications field oriented motor control and encrypted communication
channels their drone can take off land and perform all stages of flight
maneuvering completely autonomously guided securely via LTE 4G network or
onboard controlled they also say you can take over the controls at any time via
the touch flight control or their fly-by-wire joystick number six the 0g although the zero-g is
still in a prototype phase we still think it could be a game-changer the
rendered images of their finished drone look pretty amazing
the prototype design made its first manned untethered free flight test on
November 4th 2017 after about 10 man tests were conducted in altitude hold
mode this free flight came after six months of unmanned tethered flight
testing with some 50 flights made at a height of about six feet all around the
same time when other companies hadn’t even gotten their drones off the ground
no pun intended number five the fly cart we have done videos on go-karts in the
past hell we have even done videos on the walk carts which is a water go-cart
but we have never done a video on a flying go-kart the fly cart is
considered a mini personal air vehicle and was designed as a flying go-kart the
goal of the program was to produce a low-cost easy to assemble and fly
recreational aircraft that could fit in a one car garage and provide hours of
fun I don’t know about you but when I was little I used to always dream about
flying to school weird to think about that kids in the near future might
actually be able to do this well given they are automated and the
kids themselves aren’t actually flying them number four this scorpion 3 so
before anyone says you guys have already shown this one in another video the
answer is yes we have but this is an update for this awesome
drone bike hmm I wonder if we can coin that phrase next so what’s the update
you asked well apparently hover surf will be
selling these awesome machines here in the US and you don’t even need a license
to fly them it’s the closest thing to a flying car that has actually made it
into production we think this actually might be better now
if they could only make a hoverboard like seriously guys what what is taking
so long to make a hoverboard number three the lilium jet our next personal
flying machine comes from William they have combined the idea of a personal
drone with fetal capabilities and oh boy is this being amazing founded by
entrepreneurs in 2015 lilium is looking to combine the efficiency of an electric
car with the vertical takeoff capabilities of a helicopter and the
handling speed and convenience of a personal jet they feel by combining
these technologies they could present a solution for urban areas that continue
to grow more and more crowded using fans embedded in the wings the five passenger
aircraft can hover land or take off from a set position similar to a quadcopter
drone oh and did we mention it’s all electric the aircraft’s body houses
twelve flaps each of which house three electric engines at takeoff all of the
flaps are vertical and creating lift once airborne the flaps are moved to a
horizontal position and the fans fold back into the wing so the jet can
accelerate they claim it can even reach speeds up to almost 200 miles per hour number two the Bell V 2 ad valor much
like the design of the aw609 our number two is a tiltrotor aircraft these
incredible machines are the future of aircraft and made strictly for our Armed
Forces compared to legacy helicopters like the
uh-60 blackhawk the new V 280 will fly at twice the speed and twice the range
and will have a medical evacuation coverage area five times greater than
current helicopters the Army had been planning through its joint multi-role
demonstrator program for two very different vertical lift prototypes to
begin flight demonstrations last fall as part of a critical path to informing and
shaping the design of a future vertical lift helicopter fleet expected to hit
the skies in the 2030s what do you guys think
do you think these beetles could replace helicopters one day or is the ever so
old design of a traditional helicopter here to stay number one even 184 the e
Hong has really done so much in the last two years from Dubai investing in these
for the first ever air taxis to being the first passenger drone to complete a
real man test flight of course with anything new people have their
reservations a lot of people are afraid of this method of transportation and
think that they will fall out of the sky believe us when we tell you you are not
alone but a hong hwon 84 is the safest on the market right now
most other designs require a runway to take off and land and a pilot’s license
to operate but that is changing development and electric power batteries
and autonomous flight systems have led to more people accepting the idea of
flying cars or personal drones the ultimate goal is a pilotless passenger
drone that can either be parked outside your house like an ordinary car or even
summoned with a smartphone app like uber or lyft with lyft obviously being the
more appropriate choice since you’re literally flying through traffic hey
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