10 Rocket League Skills You’ll Need to Master if You Wanna Go Pro
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10 Rocket League Skills You’ll Need to Master if You Wanna Go Pro

February 25, 2020

Moi guys, Cole here It’s been six gruelling months since our last Rocket League tutorial video In that time, Britain and the US have jumped the shark everyone on YouTube’s overtaken our subcount and Doomsee’s featured in precisely zero official RLCS Player Spotlight videos Among all that chaos, Rocket League has steadily continued to evolve Last year’s one-in-a-million wondergoal has become the insta-skipped replay of the Prospect Division three-er The elite, meanwhile, can consistently conjure up mechanics we considered inconceivable when the game first came out If you feel like you’ve been left behind, fear not This is our guide to 10 Rocket League Skills You’ll Need to Master Before Going Pro Once you’ve watched, you can download Oneill_clan’s training mod pack which automatically sets the ball up so you can practice these moves in your own time His walkthrough of this is at the top of the description For now though, screw that guy, let’s get on with the tutorial Despite the name, the double jump aerial is so much more than just pressing X twice before boosting It is in fact a fundamental mechanic if you want to play Rocket League to any sort of un-trocious standard If you’re the only player in a match who can’t double jump aerial, you’ll be slowest to every ball You’ll also use the most boost, and statistically have the least impressive genitalia out of anyone on the pitch So how’s the move done? All you’ve got to do, is jump, then hold boost during your second jump This means that you’ll never stop boosting, as your car ascends You’ll launch into the air, at great speed, using only a fraction of the boost it would otherwise take to reach such a majestic height Amazingly, this even makes reverse aerials slightly less redundant “Someone give me credit” At lower levels, this’ll have you beating your opponents to almost every ball – even if they jump first Enjoy feeling like Michael Jordan while it lasts, though because you’ll soon rank up into lobbies where everyone’s doing it Quick warning: you may initially find yourself backflipping like a gnarly snowboarder, DUDE To fix this, take extra care to completely let go of the analogue stick before jumping the second time Knowing how and when to take a first touch can swing a game’s momentum in your favour If your defence is being peppered and the ball drops your way you must sometimes resist that temptation to just thwack it back in the opposition’s general direction In 1s and 2s, you’ll notice this happening all the time That’s because each car is blessed with an entire nebula of personal space around the pitch It happens much more rarely in 3s though, because it’s so much more rushed Saying that, it does happen Mostly, when your opponents are awaiting your next hit, like they’re a bunch of desperate junkies on a porch A first touch also prevents those moments where the ball will bounce off the wall and straight back into your danger zone Just taking a touch here and dribbling into the corner can give your teammates the time they need to rotate back to defence grab themselves some boost watch the extended Lord of the Rings trilogy and reset their positioning Even if you do end up just getting tackled when you’re on the wall If, on the other hand, you are one of the offensive pepperers a controlled first touch can give you an angle to shoot that wouldn’t have otherwise existed I like to take a first touch that sticks the ball to the side of my car turn towards the ball so it rolls slightly up my car, then quickly dodge towards it and do a delayed flip This catches the ball and flicks it over the onrushing defence in one fell swoop To risk a first touch, you need to have situational awareness Choosing the wrong moment can lead to your opponents swarming you like attractive girls swarm me in a nightclub So just clear those lines if there’s any uncertainty This one is self-explanatory Actually, just in case you don’t speak fluent Half-Flipese, I’ll explain it too The half flip’s great for defending counter-attacks, e.g. when you’re the third man and you’ve over-committed With the half-flip, you can dodge back to your own goal, gain speed as usual and simultaneously rotate your car 180 degrees If the ball’s directly behind you, half flipping lets you hit it with power as you turn your car The mechanics are simple The mechanics are simple-ish When reversing dodge with your analogue stick held about one or two degrees left or right of directly downwards You need your stick to be fractionally left or right of 180 degrees If you’re dead central, this move will not work When your car’s upside down, quickly flick your analogue stick directly upwards As soon as you land, dodge forwards to keep momentum We recommend taking to free play, to experiment with your timing Pinching is great if you’re in a defensive… Pinch! But how do you replicate this when you’re away from the wall? Ah, defensive pinch I get it! When two teammates are surfin’ the same wavelength they can force a pinch by driving into the ball at the same time This is more opportunist than pre-planned, but a high level defence is always ready for the fallback When you’re in that nasty situation where any aerial will rebound the ball into your own danger zone you can force a wall pinch Just follow the ball after making contact, and smoosh it against the wall in mid-air Even if you can’t get a proper pinch, you can still block the ball as it rebounds At the very least, this slows the game down enough that your teammates have more chance to recover This also works in attack, and according to top mathematicians makes the ball 111.3% more difficult to read for the poor goalkeeper Now, all you have to do is spam “Great pass!” until you get timed out from chat and/or abused over Steam messaging If you ask me which, by watching this video, you indirectly are the doink is the single most glorious Rocket League move in existence Its beauty keeps me up at night Its purity makes me weep I sexually identify as a doink, is what I’m trying to say And this is how you can do the mating dance of my people The doink, in its infinite, glorious wisdom massages away the uncertainty of whether to redirect a goalbound ball or let it run It’s a move so satisfying that even relatively tame ones lead to reactions as unashamedly lame as this You’re a pizza man (?) A piz– OH DOINK! YES He’s done it! He’s doinked I’ve gotta save that replay Mate, everyone loves doinks Doinks are going in this tutorial Fuck it, I might just grab this bit and put it in the tutorial To replicate this masterpiece Drive to where the ball’s gonna land and position yourself so it’ll hit the far edge of your car As soon as ball and car connect, the split second they finally first touch, jump Notice how your car barely leaves the ground That’s because all its momentum has been transferred to the ball which you can now admire, from afar, as it arcs deliciously into the goal A true doinker can even doink in the air No unsubtle dodging or ugly freestyling is necessary, just a simple, sophisticated single or double jump After you make contact, the ball will level out horizontally taking it over your opponents and into the back of the net As demonstrated by the first Battle-Cars clip I ever put on YouTube backflips are bloody fantastic at hitting the ball backwards I mean look at this finish But did you know? A backflip also comes in useful when shooting forwards As redundant as this might sound, it actually provides a pretty neat advantage over a forward dodge: Instead of following the ball towards your opponent’s goal backflipping keeps your car exactly where it currently is So how’s this done? Just jump before you hit the ball, then backflip straight after you connect You can then continue to apply pressure, take a stab at your own rebound or be ready to defend if your shots are as terrible as mine tend to be It’s also useful when hitting the ball towards the wall, as it stops your car landing awkwardly on its angle If you really wanna get schwifty, dodge sideways or diagonally instead of backwards Think of the stories you’ll be able to tell at parties after pulling one of those badboys off you mad [BLEEP] There’s nothing we can say about air dribble mechanics that other YouTubers haven’t already explained a hundred and splargteen times If you want to learn how it’s done, we recommend MasonRL’s excellent tutorial which we’ve linked in the description Here, though, we’re gonna discuss some of the mind games at play when pro players get the chance to dribble balls down upon each other from the sky Number one If you’re in the middle of an air dribble and your teammate flies towards you with an angle for goal don’t be selfish The defenders are likely to be keeping a close eye on you meaning your teammate can ghost in relatively unnoticed and line themselves up for a shot The pro player knows when to pull out and let their teammate take over Two If you are that teammate consider whether the dribbler is more or less likely to score than you are If they’re gonna be taken the f-word out, go for it Be wary, though: if you choose poorly and inadvertently tackle your teammate, they gon’ be p-worded To put any defenders off, you can even go for a fake We’ll expand on faking in a couple of tips’ time Three If someone turns on the air dribs when you’re in goal, stay patient They’re usually scored because the defender dives in early, while the dribbler still has plenty of boost The longer they’re airborne, the more the ball drops, and the less they can manipulate its flight If you do feel you have to go early aerial slightly higher than normal, because they’re delaying the speed at which the ball falls Of course, this then invites them to fake you, so prepare to nosedive at any moment Saying all that, staying in goal makes it more likely for the dribbler’s teammate to get a clear shot Point being, when to stay and when to go relies on knowing the position of every player on the pitch and making a decision based on this information This decision-making is one of the things that separates the mechanically capable ‘keepers from the truly talented Behold! The common air dribble’s arguably hotter sister This combines the beauty of the air dribble with the unpredictability of the backboard After taking one or more aerial touches, power the ball over the goal follow it up, and score the rebound yourself Plenty of players will utilise this move regularly in the upcoming RLCS2 LAN It’s worth mentioning here that the backboard plays a huge role in high level Rocket League in general As pro keepers are so good, strikers purposely aim certain shots above the goal This slowly but surely draws the defence out of position eventually leading to what can be considered an easy chance at that level Pro Rocket Leaguers are a deceptive bunch of bastards One minute you’re sure you’ve got the block on them, the next minute: This happens This is it! The dirty dangles Dadooh it to ’em Dadooh it to ’em
from Dadooh Look at that!
from Dadooh Dadooh it to ’em, one after another! The mechanics behind this fakery are simple: Look like you’ll hit the ball, then Surprise! Don’t Fakes work because Rocket League is based so heavily on prediction By faking, you use your opponent’s own reading of the game against them To practice dribbling fakes, do something I’m too perma-tilted to do and play, eurgh, 1v1s See if you can goad your opponent into prematurely dodging by wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle See if you can goad your opponent into prematurely dodging by wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle-ing your car, without ever actually hitting the ball As mentioned earlier, another way to fake is to pull out of a redirect This can leave the poor old keeper unsure where they should wait in the goal as they don’t know which angle the shot’s gonna come in from Some pro teams even fake certain kick offs The kicker offer misses on purpose The ball then rolls towards their keeper, who can pick out a teammate for a counter-attack Flipsid3 Tactics are particularly notorious for this The slippery scumbags If you’re gonna try out the dumb kick off thing We recommend you avoid doing so in Standard Solo This is because your keeper will probably be off somewhere in Outer Narnia collecting a boost canister Just titling this move was almost as tricky as actually performing it so let me provide a few examples from players much better than myself The mechanics behind this are simple! Unless you’re a noob Step one Wait for the ball to roll up the side wall Ideally, it should be about halfway up the pitch, and halfway up the wall Drive into it at a slight upwards angle as fast as your little wheels will carry you You must be Supersonic when you reach the ball, so boost until the last possible moment The split second you connect, let go of boost and instantly dodge Dodge too early and you’ll knock the ball forwards instead of outwards You can also double jump here, but for now, we’ll talk about dodging If the ball’s a few feet away from the wall, you’ll need to delay your dodge Jump nice and early, then barrel roll Sorry, aileron roll So your car is horizontal At the last second, dodge forwards However you hit the ball, make sure you aim above the goal Step three Instantly predict the ball’s bounce, and aerial in that direction You need perfect wall reads to even connect with the rebound, let alone score from it Step four Reach the ball before your opponents If they beat you to it, you can still get a decent dunk No one’s gonna put your crappy dunks in a montage though, now are they Step five Pray you don’t disconnect before the match ends Then save your replay – you’ve earnt it, buddy Now, don’t expect to go out and do these moves with ease No matter how simple pro players can make this look Seriously, go check out a player like Snaski’s streams and see how many he nails during practice I can assure you, knowing the theory does not make this easy Here’s how it looks when I’m the one streaming Aaaaaand that’s why no one watches me stream anymore Which you can fix, by tuning into twitch.tv/TeamRocketRL Remember, you can practice these moves by downloading Oneill_clan’s training mod pack which is still linked at the top of the description You won’t regret it If you’ve found this video useful or if you vehemently despise me and think I have an extraordinarily punchable little ginger face please us know in the comments We’d love to hear from each and every one of you Team Rocket, out

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