10 World’s Longest Aircrafts
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10 World’s Longest Aircrafts

September 7, 2019

since their invention airplanes have
revolutionized the transportation system worldwide these giant machines play a
very important role and military operations as well as in cargo and
public transportation to remote places around the world in a short time they
look like big flying whales and have become the most effective most
comfortable and the fastest means of transportation this video will amaze you
because we’ll show you the top 10 longest planes in the world number 10
number 10 tupolev tu-160 this airplane is popularly known as the white swan
because of the color and softness it’s a supersonic heavy strategic bomber
airplane the 54 meters long aircraft is basically the biggest heaviest and
fastest aircraft of its type therefore it holds the record for being the
fastest strategic bomber airplane with the longest range for bombs
however this super airplane doesn’t have any defensive weapons when it flies it’s
always escorted by long-range tactical fighter planes and this aircraft has its
own GPS jamming and spoofing systems as well as anti-satellite weapons this
machine has been the last strategic bomber of the Soviet design that started
to fly in 1987 and continues to operate for the Russian Air Force at present it
has the kuznetsov MK 32 turbofans the most powerful military engines which
provide enough potential to continue to fly until the year 2040 tu-160 has the
cruising speed of 960 kilometers an hour and the maximum speed is 2,000 220
kilometers an hour number nine airbus beluga excel if
airplane airbus beluga was already one of the biggest cargo planes of all times
then without a doubt it’s dolphin looking successor is a spectacular
machine worth seeing unlike the current plane
the new model beluga excel is six meters longer and one meter wider which results
in the exponential increase in cargos load capacity which is more than six
tons the cabin of this plane has been redesigned as well as the internal
structure of the cargo warehouse these changes have been made for the plane to
have more storage capacity this huge aircraft still has to go through months
of simulations and testing phases on the ground before the plane starts to fly
the 63 meter long aircraft has the rules royce trent 700 engines and the company
airbus hopes beluga XL will begin to fly by mid-year 2019 number 8 Antonov an-124
without a doubt the plan Antonov 124 is indeed a huge monster in the sky and
undoubtedly considered as one of the largest aircrafts in the world since its
first flight in the year 1982 until now these planes are used to transport
trains yachts and even other planes fuselage
furthermore it allows cargo storage up to 150 tons it can also transport up to
88 passengers and this 69 metre long aircraft can reach its maximum speed of
865 kilometers an hour but the production of this plane was stopped
after the Soviet Union’s break down and the last five unfinished basic airframes
of this aircraft were completed between 2001 and 2004 even though these
airplanes are not manufactured anymore they’re still updated and improved year
after year number seven strata launch systems after years of
development a company started by Paul Allen one of the founders of Microsoft
has introduced this rocket-launcher aircraft this strange 73 metre long
airplane has two cabins and a wingspan of 117 metres it also has 6 powerful
Boeing 747 engines for a payload capacity of over 500,000 pounds it
weighs around 227 tons without cargo and it’ll be able to fly with carrying a
load of around 600 tons this plane is expected to reach a maximum altitude of
10 kilometers however when it reaches the maximum altitude it is specifically
designed to put the cargo into orbit and come back to earth the first flight for
this airplane was planned for the year 2016 but unfortunately it wasn’t
possible the company spokespeople say that this plane will finally start
operations in the year 2019 and the first commercial flight for this plane
is expected for the year 2020 number 6 Airbus a350 1000 this massive airplane
that’s more than 73 meters long is the most extended version of the Airbus
family it can accommodate approximately 440 passengers near 50 more passengers
compared to previous model a 350 900 this is possible because it has a 7
meter long fuselage having maximum fuel capacity of 156 thousand liters the
airbus company states that the fuel consumption by this plane is 25 percent
lower than the fuel consumed by planes of rival companies it can fly fourteen
thousand eight hundred kilometers and offers luxury services such as key suite
seats that can convert into double beds and modern interiors to give the best
comfort to passengers when they’re travelling long distances surprisingly
in this program total 11 billion euros were spent number five
Boeing 777 the Boeing 777 is a long Ridge commercial jetliner that is
manufactured by the American aircraft company Boeing considered to be the
largest twin-engine plane in the world and also known as the triple 7 moreover
it was the first commercial plane designed by using computers one
remarkable feature of this aircraft is that it can transport more than 500
passengers at a distance of around 17,000 kilometers the 777-200 LR model
holds the record for the longest distance flown non-stop by a commercial
aircraft it is shown that it can fly long distances more than halfway around
the globe non-stop this plane ranks as one of the Boeing’s best selling models
because of its fuel efficient consumption and because it can fly
long-haul transoceanic routes the Boeing 777 is 73 meters long which has the
cruising speed of 892 kilometers an hour and having maximum speed of 945
kilometers an hour number forms lockheed c-5 galaxy the galaxy c5 is the biggest
transport plane in the American air force and also one of the biggest planes
in the world which was designed and manufactured by a company Lockheed and
its operations were started in the year 1968 moreover it’s 75 metres long which
provides great cargo capacity to transport fully equipped in military
units including combat tanks to anywhere on the planet in a short time this plane
has been used to support US military operations and provide aid to Armed
Forces and combat number three three Boeing 747-8 this plane size is more
than 76 metres from nose to tail which makes it the biggest passenger airplane
in the world the Boeing 747-8 is basically the development of the model
747 has been designed taking the advantages
of all the technological and streamlining improvements available
nowadays it also includes the best technology taken from the model 787
dreamliner this technology includes engines raised
wingtips and other features that help reduce noise when flying and reduce
emissions of polluting agents have a better performance a lower weight and is
easier to maintain the model design for passengers has the capacity to transport
from 467 to 581 passengers depending on specific characteristics this plane can
buy 15,000 kilometers without refueling number 2
Antonov an-225 the 30 year old playing an-225 the biggest fight in the world is
placed in the warehouse of ukrainian air force base its little activity has
nothing to do with its age in fact this machine has been refurbished and the
company is owning it has said that it will continue to fly for another 20
years however the customers are interested in
hiring the service of this mega plane always changed their mind when they know
the cost for the service it’s a very high price around $30,000 an hour this
84 meter long airplane was very expensive project by the USSR it was so
expensive that only one prototype was manufactured ironically this airplane
was built to save money to the former Soviet Union government that needed to
transport the first space shuttle from Moscow to BER on building a road that
could go through two rivers and the Ural Mountains was in fact a more expensive
than building the plane thus the government decided to invest in a
program to create this a massive plane at present this machine continues to be
the biggest plane around the world number one
airlander 10 technically speaking it’s not an airplane but it is worth to
mention though because it’s the longest aircraft in the world at present this
machine is a hybrid of a plane a helicopter and an airship in addition it
was intended to be the first generation of silent aircraft which is energy
efficient and environmentally friendly to this sort of airship is filled with
helium and has four v8 diesel engines with 355 horsepower each the aircraft
has a cargo capacity for 10,000 kilograms which can reach an altitude of
5000 metres when flying this 92 meter long aircraft has a cruising speed of
150 kilometers an hour the designers of this aircraft say that it can be
beneficial for search and rescue operations patrolling and luxury tourism
drink festivals or for scientific research even though this machine
crashed when flying for the first time the engineers responsible for this
project say that they’ve solved the problem and they’re ready to fly it
again thanks for watching see you in the next video peace

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  2. You should make a list of how LONG is each aircraft. Or else the title is wrong and the video also sucks. When you said 500 passengers on a 777, is that metric passengers?

  3. 2:41 this plane is there because is escort BODIES OF PASSENGER PLANES to different countries, without it, no planes would be probably escorted.


    dont talk about something u dont know idiot…

    im an airplane nerd i really hate those people

  5. You said in the title, longest planes,
    Number 1 isn't even a plane!
    You literally don't know anything about planes,

  6. Why did they show the space shuttle on the back of a 747 when she was talking about the Antonov??? Morons. Clickbait!

  7. Ability to fly til 2040- thats nothing to brag about-
    Pay attention-the Russians have never made a Great plane- thats americas realm America is only 40 years ahead of the world (including the former 3rd world nation the soviet union- which is also nothing to brag about)but all that will change in about a year or so- russia didnt create things- no- thats Not their realm- their thing WAS ALWAYS and is curremtly and WILL BE having the FINEST SPY NETWORK IN THE WORLD hands Down.
    On the other hand – russia has ALWAYS BEEN THE WORLD LEADER IN helicopter technology- just check out their crazy and beautiful advanced machines- HANDS DOWN

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    Also let me say to everyone this:

    The people who comment on why the A380 isn't in the video but the 747-8 is, shouldn't get hate. The woman in this video kept saying "BIGGEST IN THE WORLD" rather than "longest", thus the confusion and repetitive comments about the 747-8. Technically the A380 belongs on the video as it's 73m in length, 3m shorter than the 747-8.

  9. you have to work for boeing because I'm sorry but the AIRBUS 380 is the biggest airliners. The A 380 offers 100 more seats than the Boeing 747 and 200 seats more than the 777.

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