$100 Vs $10,000 SPY GADGETS EBAY MYSTERY BOX ?⁉️ Night Vision Googles, Drones, Toys & More!

October 9, 2019

They are legit night-vision goggles! Should I give it more juice? Go for it Alright, 3, 2, 1! Hey, yo what’s going on guys! Papa Jake here from Team Epiphany And we are back with a brand new video and today guys We are doing another Mystery Box challenge you guys have been so savage on our last couple mystery boxes you guys have been crushing Destroying that like button and you know what I think we can do it again today If you guys love these Mystery Box challenges, destroy that like button, let’s try to crush 50,000 likes for another one and we’ve got a very special mystery box today we got Logan here What’s up guys? Aw, dude, check this out that’s (?) You what you are wearing! It’s our brand new merch guys. am I wearing a brand new shirt? I can’t look down. Is it, is it there? Oh I am! It’s Papa Jake! Guys we are repping the brand new merch which you guys have been asking for I know all of you have been like Jake when you gonna get some new merch out and That merch is dropping next week But we thought we’d showcase it to you guys in this video because we are gonna be giving away a Papa Jake care package to Some lucky viewers and all you have to do is follow me on instagram at Papa Jake T.E Leave a like on my picture on my Instagram account which was me showing off all our awesome merch and some of you guys will Be getting an awesome Papa Jake Care package guys look. We even have PJ Socks! YOOOO What are those! Don’t know if we’re gonna sell Papa Jake socks, maybe if you guys want them We could we could maybe sell em’. Guys aside from that, we have a job to do today because we are doing a Spy Gear Mystery Box challenge we have the $100 Spy Gear, versus $3,000 Spy Gear Mystery Box, and you guys know me I love I love being a spy. you, you can use it to hunt Bigfoot You can use it to break into box fort bank vaults you can use it to hunt the rake There’s a lot of uses for spy gear so when I saw that they had these I was like yo we gotta get them now I don’t know how legit they are, especially the $100 spy gear at like I don’t know what you’re gonna get for that But I’m pretty excited to check out what we might have in these boxes so without further ado where’s my opening tool? Logan, this, this is a paper towel. This is not a cutting tool Logan! You can’t cut anything with paper towel. You cannot open a box with paper towel. Logan I need my cutting tool! Okay, I’m not even gonna look down But I can tell you right now this does not feel like it. This is, this is pickles Logan! Don’t open boxes with pickles actually that that might kind of This is the one time you handed me something that actually works Well the box is open! Alright! Let’s dive in! *woosh* Alright guys, so I was able to open the box with Logan’s pickles oddly enough But anyway, this is how we’re gonna do it all right? We’re gonna start with the hundred dollar spy mystery box, and then we’re gonna move up to the three thousand dollar mystery box You know and make sure you go from worst to greatest now I don’t know if this is just gonna be like one piece of spy gear or a bunch of little things so I’m gonna put my hand in, feel around. Hopefully nothing bites me. We’re gonna take out our first piece of spy gear here in three two one whooo Whoa dude, check it out. There’s ninja stars Spy gear ninja attack stars! dude I want to be a ninja! Alright guys, I just got the ninja stars out, but… I heard an intruder in the house. It’s a good thing we have these things now gotta go full ninja. NINJA! (that was a miss) NINJA, NINJA *”Intruder has fainted!* Got him! Alright guys these are actually pretty cool, and they worked pretty well, took out that intruder with no problem I mean.. I, I I kind of missed the first two shots, but either way. So basically they’re foam, and they’re, they’re light. but kind of hard to throw. Three, two, one! “WOAH” So, all right, so I definitely need to practice on my ninja star throwing skills Just start throwing skills a little bit but let’s get back to the mystery box because we’ve got some more to open up here so hands gonna go back in let’s see what the second item on the list is let’s feel around here. Let’s see if we can find something really cool feels interesting 3 2 1 It is a voice disguiser. Yo, that’s actually pretty sweet. That’d be good alright Let’s open this up and see how well this works. This would definitely be good for you know playing like nerf Hide-and-seek disguise my voice Logan won’t even know where I’m coming from, check this out It’s actually pretty sweet, so you just hold down the button record something Hello, this is Papa Jake and then you press it Or you can make it even deeper That’s Like you literally like hide this somewhere press it walk away, and it would completely distract someone. This is a really cool Spy device or you know if I’m talking on the phone just be like hey, I’d like to order a pizza with double cheese There you go, you sound like a very deep voice person or or a scary monster I don’t know, which one that is but alright pretty cool and pretty awesome But we’ve got more to open up here so hands going back in let’s see what this is Alright, can see a big package here. Let’s open this up and 3 2 1 What is this? uh-oh What it’s a tracker like a GPS tracker, ooh? No, you can’t like shoot this at something and then track it yo this is sweet. That’s actually awesome Spy gear alright guys, so here. It is check this out How cool is this so basically this detaches from here? And this is the tracker now you can place this anywhere you could place on a person or like a moving car And then you can use this to track it up to 150 feet so I an idea I thought we’d test this out the good old-fashioned way I’m gonna give Logan this side of the tracker And I’m gonna take the receiver, and I’m gonna see if I can find Logan hiding in the house He’s gonna go hide somewhere, so we’re gonna put this to the test and see if this really works Let’s go hide somewhere. Where Jake is not gonna find us Alright guys, let’s see if this thing works and J can find me so Logan went to go hide I’ve got the receiver on this end and as you guys can see we have 1 bars, which means he went pretty far So we’re gonna see if we can’t find him only using this Let’s not let’s walk around a little bit and see if it lights up oh We’re getting closer Okay, we’re like on top of him So wait so right here is like almost on top of him guys means if he’s not here. He’s either downstairs or upstairs Let’s try looking upstairs see if we can find him Okay, so it’s go getting stronger He’s up here All right, it’s not in this room. I think he might be in the next room So the only downside I would say is it was really difficult to determine whether he was above or below But in terms of direction it worked really well So this is a pretty awesome addition to our spy gear collection and could definitely help us do even if we’re like in the woods Searching for the rake, and I lose you turn this on yeah, this is attach this to you I’ll never lose Logan yet, all right guys so that pretty much wraps up the 100 dollar spy gear mystery box We got some pretty cool stuff in here, but we’ve got something even more awesome than three thousand dollar Legitimate spy gear mystery box which I’m hoping has some really cool stuff in there And of course guys if you like these videos just as much as I do not forget join the Papa Jake family We are the funnest family on YouTube hit the subscribe button down below And if you guys never want to miss a video click the little Bell button It’s right down there looks like a little Bell click that and you’ll never miss a brand-new video But we’ve got to open this box up fortunately looking. I don’t think pickles are quite gonna. Cut it all right Then let’s pick up the first thing that comes out and it is It’s like the spy bell It’s got all the different spy gear It comes with kind of like a starter kit for becoming a spy, which I think is really awesome so right off the bat We’ve got this thing This is a voice enhancer Or a sound enhancer so basically you take this here put this in your ear and now All the way over there and whisper something the camera Said the new merch looks awesome is so sweet I can hear everything with this. No way let me try all right I’m going I’m you behind the wall and say something all right guys. Let’s whisper something to Logan really quiet, okay? Do you want to play fortnite? All right guys up next we’ve got a motion tracker This is a pretty standard motion tracker But you can turn it on like so and then let’s say I put it here and someone walks by it And definitely something you need you know maybe if you’re doing like a box for a bank heist you want to place this make sure no security guards come and See you on top of that guys we have this thing which just I guess like a like a flashlight But you put on your ear, so let’s try this my ears a little bit big for this okay I guess it kind of kind of works. It’s cool. I like it. It’s like a different kind of flashlight It’s got a little orange tint to it. Which is pretty sweet, and we’ll go wherever you look which is pretty great Especially if you need both your hands while you’re doing spy stuff You don’t want to have to hold a flashlight, so definitely a great addition to the spy box next up We’ve got our spy pen this does so much cool stuff Not only does it look like a regular pen, but it has some pretty cool secrets to it so if you open the pen like this You have a little note inside and on this you can write a secret message All right guys check out my secret message. Nothing really well. I wonder why look. It’s cuz it’s a secret message I’m gonna show you guys. How we can see this using the back of the pen with a secret UV light? We’ve gone into a dark room now lay out the secret message obviously you can’t see anything, but using the UV light it says buy Merch Buy the new Papa Jake merch currently you can’t buy it yet It’s coming out next week, but get ready to get your new Papa Jake merch, but either way I don’t know why I’d want to write that on a secret message But it’s a cool feature and you can of course write on any paper you want and store anything inside that That’s pretty sweet guys But we’ve got an entire mystery box to go through so let’s start ramping it up and get to the next item Hand goes in we have Very big what is this? It’s a ninja gear set all right, so it looks like it’s another kind of starter kit like this But it is ninja spy gear all right. Let’s open this up and check it out this is the secondary spy gear set and as you guys can see we have here a Spy like zooming flashlight thing kind of standard something. We’ve gotten before I think it’s pretty interesting, but definitely definitely nothing crazy over Here is a secondary motion alarm which Actually is pretty sweet because we can use a lot of emotion alarms we incorporate this with the other spy gear and have multiple motion alarms around the house But I think the coolest thing about this starter pack is this thing this is the spy launcher set so Basically put it around your arm like so and then you can shoot out your spy darts Like it sticks to the wall dude that is awesome right there like sticky darts They’re not like regular Nerf darts and the awesome thing about these is it comes with this this Looks like a pen because the well it is a pen for anyone That’s not a spy But if you’re a spy and you know how to use it You do this you flip up the secret hatch here take out a piece of secret spy writing paper So now I take my secret note and I can write my secret spy message on it, so don’t go look Now I’ve got my spy message, and I’m going to secretly store it inside our little sticky Nerf dart here Yeah, but check this out, dude So let’s say you know you’re in class or something like that and you need to send a note to your friend normally You know you throw a piece of paper over, but that’s pretty visible and pretty slow for this you take out the pen like So stick the Nerf dart in here, and then it becomes a blow dart gun Was it say Oh Comment #spy down below guys if you made it this far, but I think this is really cool I actually really just like using it as a regular blow dart gun I think it’s a lot more fun than shooting like a nerf gun. See how far I get this one Alright guys, but this wraps up this spy starter pack. Let’s keep moving on so you got more in this mister box I think this might be why it’s so expensive Logan. These are real night-vision goggles Oh, yeah, see up to 50 feet in complete darkness. Let’s open these up and test them out. This is so sweet I’ve always wanted these hey guys check this out. They are legit night-vision Goggles, I actually wasn’t sure when I saw this if they were gonna be real, but they are definitely real So let’s go check them out in the dark basically put them on here like this, and then you switch on a button now You’ll notice those are like those chief toy night-vision goggles that just have a flashlight These are legit, so I’m going to take them downstairs with us. We’re gonna go into a dark room and see what we can see If I pull the camera back here you guys can see it is complete blackness you cannot anything but let’s put this on here looking holdups and fingers all fives on one hand and What’s in the other hand it’s a ball a ball? Okay? That’s like a lit up completely bright alright guys now It’s time for the next item let’s put my hand in here and grab it and see what we get oh Dude, it’s another motion alarm said you like little robots? Dude we can set up like an entire thing with this check out how cool This is so this is like those motion alarms that we saw before but Advanced version so basically the way that this works is instead of having a steady stream like an LED that really doesn’t go that far You know you can’t set up like a huge crazy motion detection platform, this uses laser beams Which means you have this the laser beam shooter and the laser beam receiver so basically what you do you simply take your Receiver like so take your laser beam over here, and then you’re gonna want to line it up with the receiver So you’ll see kind of like a little LED where the laser beams shining perfect. Just like that and then when you walk by it Just like that it turns on and alerts you that someone’s there you can even use this sensor to know which way it’s coming from And because you can move it because you can have one going this way one going that way but I think Altogether using the other motion alarms Plus this gives you all the gear you need for being a spy or I mean even for us When we’re building our box forts it’d be pretty cool for some security systems in like a billionaires box for it last but not least we have I Don’t either but it looks like it flies it’s an Air Hogs 360 hover blade it’s like a ninja throwing star but super version Okay, we got to open up and try this this is definitely why this is the most expensive one? And this is really cool for spy gear we went ahead and unboxed it and charged it up and this thing looks awesome It’s like a it’s like a drone mixed with a frisbee mixed with What are those things called that you throw and they come back to you a Boomer? Looks like you just put the throttle forward Okay should I give it more juice It’s like a spy boomerang so they can’t living to is you could literally just kind of like so And then you can do tricks and catch it. Yeah, it’s actually really sweet And actually only thing you guys how cool would it be if we found a mini drone mystery box or like a drone kind of Flying rc mystery box. Let me know in the comments down below If you think we should search for that put a hashtag RC down below if you think we should try and find one like that I Think this is gonna be where we wrap up this mystery box video of course guys if you did enjoyed this video Do not forget to smack the like button down below of course this has been Papa Jake from Team epiphany And I will see all of you guys next time for another awesome video

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