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November 30, 2019

with the iPhone XS maxes, we’re gonna
see if they survive being shot by the world’s most powerful leaf blower OK what are we doing today? I got an arm Today we’re gonna build the world’s
largest and most expensive leaf blower in the world we’ve got a 8 inch
concrete cardboard tube we’ve got some carbon fiber that we can wrap it with
and of course we have a $5,000 custom EDF from Schubeler, that we originally got for the flying like Iron Man project So let’s slap it together, make some handles,
add some batteries yep And put on an Iron Man costume and then blow all the
neighbors leaves Mugs Thank you Attach the tube on here, attach a
handle on here and then We’re going to wrap the brand-new lithium-ion batteries from Energus Around the outside of the tube you grab the batteries and figure out just
how many of these we need One of there will be able to provide the current but we’re going to need 14 cells of these to supply the voltage Don’t hit it its carbon fiber Bogdan Look at my 8 inch tube this video is sponsored by Casetify Casetify makes the slimmest most protcctive phone cases
with a 2X military-grade protection and we’re going to test to see just how
protective they really are Gonna do the drop test, two meters. There we go. No problem You can find the case that’s perfect for you by choosing from cute,
trendy, or classic pre-made designs or custom design your very own. They made us
some awesome Hacksmith cases for these tests Click link in description below
and use the coupon code thehacksmith to save 20% off your first iPhone case Now for the fun part Casetify asked us to test their case on
a new iPhone XS with one of our projects so that’s exactly what we’re going to do.
Stick around to the end of the video to see us launch these iPhones out of the
finished leaf blower That is so frightening Time to figure out this carbon fiber So do any of us know how to do this Nope Squish it Hey it worked! oh it’s square Alright that turned out pretty good Hello this is genuinely like frightening to watch. yeah I mean this thing’s gonna be our leaf blower forever right? Our
$5,000 company leaf blower The thing is this can be used to clean up all of our smashy stuff
because this will easily blow off like glass or whatnot Did it work Let’s make sure this fits first of all it doesn’t of course Gotta make sure the batteries fit right? That’s a good point one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen And fourteen! Perfect geez that’s gonna break really fast yeah even cut another ring Even just super glue it on Follow us on Instagram Why don’t you just plasma cut a ring of metal and another ring of metal Because we would need something that is conductive and iron is terrible
at that that’s why we you use steel Riley what do you think steel is made out of? I mean there’s some iron in it okay Ya why don’t we just plasma cut a cool **** like Oh wait no Nevermind Why? I made a dumb dumb why? Because it would connect all the batteries in series and parallel at the same time INFINITE POWER Whatcha doing Bogdan? Figuring out how to fix this whole thing Alright Bogdan made the new thing that should be stronger than that one Does it fit? Yes Explain to the viewers why
this is so dangerous well see this is the positive end of the battery and this is
the negative end in this battery each one of these can output 800 amps So just dropping a washer right in between there would cause a big spark and probably weld itself So don’t drop a washer than Alright so that’s actually
a really good question what would happen if we shorted the
terminals of this battery with a washer let’s see Alright just bring your face a
little closer No This is such a bad idea, I love it These batteries are actually incredibly safe Each cell is
actually fused at the end so hypothetically it’s gonna draw as much
current as it can And we’ll record that right there And then hopefully they’ll
just like melt at the ends of the battery Yeah yeah sure So I wanna make sure I can Oh that’s getting hot Oh okay so we’ve got some smoke
from the plastic See all the fuses melted and now the current cannot pass through Alright so it survived being shorted What would happen if we hit it? Okay boss! It’s happening You missed It’s going in the garage okay so I calculated the CFM of what the
Schubeler would be outputting At its peak, which is probably what we’ll be running it at About 4.500 CFM, which is cubic feet per
minute. So then I looked up with the most powerful Ummmmmm uh…. leaf blowers, the backpack ones are and they’re about 900 CFM, so we’re in a different
range of almost 5x more powerful actually exactly 5x more powerful Yeah, just about Okay Bogdan so since this thing is so
dangerous how are you gonna make it saferer Okay so what we are going to do Take a photo of this make a pattern of that shape there And then go shuuuuuuuuuup all the way around And plasma cut? Laser cut. Plasma cutting would be a terrible idea laser cut a plate to go
on top of that to basically make a spacer and then an acrylic plate to go
over all of it so that nothing can come in contact with these two and they’ll still
be transparent Watch your ring Watch that ring, engineering rings can
kill you where’s the fire extinguisher Yeah it works There you go Bogdan Imagine dropping a wrench
between any two of those that’s why I brought the fire extinguisher up Oh yeah Is there any CO2 in this No? I know I said a bigger Arc Reactor
wouldn’t make a difference but It’s a bigger arc reactor It’s way too big bra bra bra your triangles, too
big bra all right let’s laser!
I mean plasma-cut! Thor’s hammer is so useful not only is it heavy, it produces what? 24 kg of thrust? yeah, so there’s also gonna be like 50 pounds pulling back, like seriously like,
if I tried holding this and turning it on I can’t resist that Why do we make everything so heavy? okay yeah we need a strap in between
because literally this will just push itself away from the battery we are ready to do a quick little test We should really test this thing first And figure out that it’s in the right mode
and everything There’s gonna be a spark? ready that’s part it’s Pardon? Gonna spark? Gonna spark? Is it going to spark? I have no clue Probably Yes Most definitely actually yes Here we go Is is blowing the right way? Yup minimum power so what happens if you
unplug that Wanna try? Ok let’s plug this back in And it stays the same power Sweet that means this button will work perfectly We actually have a more detailed
electronics diagram which you can check out using the link in the description
below to visit our project on maker.io It works! This will blow you away you might want
to get a shoulder strap Is that going to hold? that’s going to hold 24kg of thrust plus the weight of this thing? There we go,
there’s nothing that could possibly go wrong That’s like not even 10% power You wanna go outside? I guess so bye-bye leaves That’s still only like 10% power Alright so we’re outside now with the
iPhone XS maxes and we’re gonna see if they survive being shot by the
world’s most powerful leaf blower I’m gonna start recording a video on the
phone Hopefully it survives And it’s still recording There’s a bit of dirt on it alright so let’s try that again, we’re
gonna hit record Jairus is going to catch and save the iphone but if he doesn’t it’s okay alright here we go We’re going to launch two iPhones at once so the screen did get a bit scratched A case doesn’t protect the screen that was awesome it’s the view from inside leaf blower We smacked the roof Concrete and then 3 2 1 It’s good it’s good Well the iphone suvived being shot 30+ feet in the air we probably should have
put a screen protector on them though check out Casetify using my link in the
description below and save 20% using our coupon code anyway this has got to be
one of my favorite quick builds ever We actually made the majority of it in one
Saturday afternoon though troubleshooting and filming took weeks the build video ended up being so long we decided to actually make this a two
video project so make sure you hit that subscribe button and smash that
notification bell you’re not going to want to miss the big test. We’re gonna
see just how good this is at blowing leaves, knocking people over, launching random objects into the air, plus I put on the Iron Man suit Thanks for watching James said do it with one hand, hence one hand James I did it with one hand. Laser bandsaw means laser stays in one place and you moved the workpiece

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  1. @HackSmith I think it would be a cool idea to try and power the leaf blower with the are reactor (or multiple) to see if there is a major output change

  2. "This thing is really heavy and will pull backwards with 50 lbs"
    "we need a strap in between these or else it'll just push itself away from the battery"
    Welds a steel frame to hold it together…

  3. Can I have one Iphone X? I dont have a Phone. I'm just using the phone of my Friends. Please TY and also I've watched your Videos for more than 6 months and its giving me ideas to create for our Investigatory Project. I really Appreciated your works and I really love them all.

  4. It would be cool if you guys put some thin metal grate in there so you could specifically use it to launch things

  5. Beware ……… make another and take a boat ride put the front of the leaf blower in water and see what happens

  6. The Hacksmith, you guys should try making Laser-Induced Plasma as one of your next projects. Seriously though, please try this and let me know if you can. Thanks you guys!!!!!!

  7. Wait, 10:04 you put the glue on the paper of the plastic holder to glue the plastic spacer? You didn't peel the paper?

  8. Put the world's biggest leaf blower on a office chair that goes around and around and go round and round see how fast you would go.??

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