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August 22, 2019

I think so here we go guys three two one what’s going on guys Jake you’re from to
you epiphany and we are back with a brand new video and today guys we’re at
the shares house as you guys know when you’re at the sheriff’s house you have
to do something awesome oh that’s true what what are you gonna do that’s
awesome Logan you’re just standing there Jake I gotta do the zipline did oh
there’s a zipline all right you know what that makes sense that is pretty
awesome I’m gonna stand over here because that
thing is scary in three two one let’s put down the zipline after the Wolves
box for it we’re just uh we’re just hanging out cooling off yeah Oh buddy
what are you guys doing we’re building our box for boat but like a like a
racing box for boat yeah water we’re gonna race you better yet oh I ya know
ours come on great we’ve been we’ve been working on ours all day it’s it’s like
really big and fat you can’t see it it’s over there but yeah we’ve definitely
been working on it we’re ready for the race we’re almost done we’re gonna go
tapers back together okay yeah we’re gonna go keep on I wanna see it’s so
fast we gotta have to slow it down okay yeah all right guys so while Logan was
de planning I just ran into Steven chair and apparently they’re building a box
for boat for a box for boat race I had to kind of lie to them and tell them
that we’re already building a box for a boat we’re not bound on a box were bull
at all I had no idea there was a box for a boat race Logan you’re not gonna
believe what just happened I just ran into Steven chair he asked me about the
boat race what what what boat race apparently we sign up for some sort of
box for a boat race and they already have their boat almost ready look I lied
to them and told them that we’re working on the boat but we need to get ours in
working order I have no idea what we’re up against I
see we go on a little bit of a reconnaissance mission and see if we can
figure out what they’re building I mean Jake we are the box for masters and it’s
not like this is our first time building a boat but Logan this is gonna be a
speed boat okay this thing is gonna go extremely fast
to be honest Logan I think they might have won the last challenge when we did
the box we’re down the world’s biggest slip and slide we cannot lose this all
right come on guys have some ideas this is where you’d figure out what they’re
building they’ve got a lot of cool stuff here so I think the first place we check
out is the garage maybe we can find some info in there all right guys let’s check
out the garage if you have some information like plans or something some
sort of reason what there whoa Jake look at these cars these things aren’t really
cool this is like a military Humvee whoa I mean it’s for a salty box for it this
would be insane oh dude it’s Bashara key Oh where’s Kisling we could just take a
share Guinea after a run if we lose this whoa that is a nice car well there’s
definitely a lot of cars in here guys but I – wait a sec wait a sec well with
that some noodles interesting maybe they’re using noodles be using some sort
of floatation of my secured extra buoyancy
that’s cutting down on the drag resistance in the water that’s good
that’s good all right they might be one step ahead
of us and they might already be building but for good self they might have a
Lambo but they don’t have anything on our box for our building skills true or
Logan we shot the Box go to the top of the Lambo and drive it therefore it’s
the fastest box work but Jake the challenge is a box where both elbows
don’t don’t swim Lambos don’t swim Jake I posed Ostrom all right guys let’s keep
moving maybe we can figure out some other information
all right guys next best place is to look in the trash you can find out a lot
about what people are building in the trash
wait Logan hold the trash dirtbike the guy could ride it I mean I
don’t see why not but Jake we have to build a box for a boat I know I know
but guys I think first off we gotta try this mini dirt bike this thing is so
cool let’s try this out dude check this okay so Jake seems to be getting really
distracted with this challenge look at how cool is this thing stays awesome
Jake it’s cool and all but we have to build our boat right you’re right okay
let’s head back over to the building area and start working on our boat have
you can’t figure out what they’re up to just use your own designs man with the
box for Kings we should we can build something that’s fast all right come on
let’s keep going down towards the water at least say we can start building up
Jake what are those guys doing oh I don’t even know who that is what what
what what’s going on guys we’re chillin yeah we’re chillin who are
you guys Oh so I’m Harbor is watts one brother Duran
here with some flips and stuff for the vlog course of course of course okay all
right okay well we’re looking for some information on Stephens box port boat
we’re gonna be racing him do you guys know anything about it now I did catch
wind he was building a box Borbon very fast something with one seat I heard
that he’s going once either he thinks less weight equals more speed I don’t
know that’s just the rumors I’ve heard so far wait one seat Logan that’s
completely wrong that’s that’s it we built two seats we win this race two
people are better than one when you race in box words everyone knows that it’s a
scientific fact I mean you can’t mess with science no you can’t all right
let’s grab some boxes and head over let’s start building this thing all
right guys so it looks like we found out this TV chair is building a one-seater
boat and we’re gonna be racing him in an epic box four speed boat race which
means I think we need to build a to seer that folds me and Logan can get in and
control ourselves that means we’re going big all right we’re not going for like a
little speed boat we’re going for a massive it’s the Titanic of speed boats
so Logan I think we got put together a box we’re building skills and build this
boat all right guys let’s build this boat in three two one all right we got
ourselves a speed boat so what you guys will know is is that we’ve got the top
completely cut open which means we can fit both of me and Logan inside we also
have an aerodynamic front to it and reusing the
Matros again to give us a lot of buoyancy but Logan I feel like it needs
something well the one thing that we didn’t have last time was a cool paint
job oh yeah so I think this time we should paint it
dude you should definitely spray paint this guy’s we rarely ever spray paint in
a box for before so you’ll have to let us know down in the comments if you
think this is a cool design or not and let’s know if you think we should keep
spray-painting box for it but we’ve got some spray paint so why don’t we take it
over there and make it look fast but also really cool oh there we go guys we
have officially completed the box board speed boat we even got our own little
box for flag here got Pappa Jake on the top which means I think it’s time to see
if this thing can float Logan this is gonna be a real box for speed boats
we’re using their winch to send this thing across the pond extremely fast so
there’s not only has to be aerodynamic but it has to be able to withstand those
speeds alright guys so we just got the boat
down to the pond and check this out I think that’s Steven chairs boat back
there look at it guys it is there was no way he’s gonna beat us in this two
seater and we’re gonna be using the winch to make this thing go extremely
fast it’s gonna be awesome but before we can do that
we need to make sure it can actually float cuz I don’t know it might not
float alright guys there we go it is in the water and it is good to go I’m ready
for this race now he’s gotta get Logan in the back hook up the winch and see if
our competitors Stevie share can even get his boat in the water
it looks like we’re gonna be first up for this race know Logan’s gonna get in
we’re gonna run the winch over here and then the count of three we are gonna
speed across this pond I think be fast as a box word has ever gone in the
history of box ports good to go we got this locked in and ready to go we’re good to go guys guys we’re taking
major damage on the side here we go guys three two one whoa fox-fur boat sinking
ok guys so we just get out of the water ah it looks like our box Ford I kind of
exploded again I mean it yeah not not looking too good
Logan I you know what I think though the problem was we were just too fast we
made the box we’re too good it’s like once you get past the sound barrier
things just start to like fall apart and that’s that’s what happened here of
course the guys cardboard just can’t handle our box ford expertise so once we
get up to those speeds BAM but like I said guys this is a
challenge and Steve share is up next so let’s see how well his box board does
against ours alright guys Stevie share is getting in
his boat looks like it’s looking pretty good it’s small and all but our boat was
big and faster he might be lucky because of his boat slow it might not it’ll
explode like ours did but let’s see how he does compared to us and of course
guys don’t forget to vote down below the products whose boat you think is not
only better but faster let me know down below well it looks like Steven cher may have
won this competition dude I want to try skimboarding and surfing across this
planet I’ll be sweet all right guys let’s reload the wench and have some fun looks like the competition is over and
you could argue that Steven did win because his boat made it cross but ours
I think it was cooler but guys let us know down below okay cats we’ve done two
competitions now we’ve done the box for down the world’s largest water slide
we’ve now done the box for speedboat challenge but I think the competition
soon stop here so guys comment down below what do you think our next
challenge should be because maybe it should be something up our alley like a
billionaire box sport or maybe like a nerf box for you guys comment down below
don’t forget that subscribe button hit the like button and we will see you guys
next time for another awesome video

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  1. Hey Papa Jake… Super fun video. We should combine your box for skills and our boogie skills and surf a box fort. What do you think?? https://youtu.be/pFXsaQsxXiE

  2. How about this I will think about all of them that you guys done I think that both of yours are the best novum are the losers no they are the winners I will still always think about them that are the greatest once

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