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101 Facts About The Avengers

August 17, 2019

greetings mother factors I am Sam and
today we’re going to be talking all about the comic book sensation that is
the Avengers yes Earth’s Mightiest Heroes that’s gone from strength to
strength to strength to strength is under my microscope today and who knows
what Marvel’s I shall uncover oh I’ve been looking forward to this video for a
long time for instance why did Aaron taylor-johnson keep commenting on James
Spader’s bald while filming age of Ultron
what was the Hulk’s original color why not guess in the poll up above and why
is Hawkeye and none of the promotional material for any to war is he in it or
what because somehow him not being there has made me really care about Hawkeye
somehow goddamnit Russo brothers you’ve done it again two out of three of those
questions are going to be answered so grab your shield iron your cape iron
your man that makes sense and pull on your lucky superhero undies as we can
through 101 facts about the Avengers number one in case you’ve been living I
don’t under a rock you would’ve heard of them but and somewhere else that isn’t
Earth the Avengers is a team of sadly fictional superheroes that have appeared
in numerous comic books published by the American company
Marvel Comics number two the team labeled as Earth’s Mightiest Heroes was
created by the legendary comic book creators Stan Lee and Jack Kirby and
consists of a rotating roster super-powered weirdos who have to come
together and fight the foes that no single superhero could withstand or to
paraphrase to fight the battles and no one else had occurred number three the
Avengers team was originally conceived because of Bill Everett the artist on
the very first issue of daredevil he fell way behind on his work and printing
time for the comic had already been booked and if Marvel didn’t have
anything to print they’d be losing money so Stanley decided to quickly throw
together a bunch of existing heroes into a team that could rival DC’s Justice
League boy oh boy it’s done that number four as such The Avengers are of
renovation of the Allwinner squad a previous superhero team that has
appeared in comic books published by the predecessor to Marvel Comics timely
comics number five amazingly the Avengers hit newsstands the very same
month there’s another motley crew of Mary Marvel do-gooders the x-men
dhillullah der der everyone’s favorite menagerie of mutants made their comic
debut in the uncanny x-men number one because they were read chuffing uncanny
look at him number six the original lineup of the Avengers consisted of
man Thor the Hulk ant-man and the wasp yes that’s right cap wasn’t even there
from the beginning he’s not on og number seven however the green rage machine
that is the Hulk actually quit the team in issue number two sad times because he
became aware of how much his teammates feared his volatile temperament ah sorry
Bruce but I mean you gotta understand that right you’re pretty scary number
eight Captain America joined the team in his
place and was welcomed as a retroactive founding member of the Avengers even
though he wasn’t apparently they all prefer to rewrite the past and confront
the sad reality that they Boyd one of their members after the team I think we
all know who the real monsters are number nine Avengers are famous for
their group catchphrase Avengers Assemble which I’ve wanted to shout all
my life whereas I’m stuck with being famous for my catchphrase help I’m stuck
in a net again don’t ask it’s a whole story number ten though being an Avenger
sounds pretty much like the coolest job in the cosmos not everybody was enamored
with a much-loved band of superheroes throughout the comics history marble
veterans daredevil and spider-man were frequently asked to join the team and
they frequently declined over and over again even the Hulk a founding member of
the Avengers before he literally read quit refused to rejoin the Avengers
again for over 50 years number 11 Iron Man was created by Stan
Lee because he wanted to challenge himself to create a truly unlikable
superhero a rich industrialists and weapons manufacturer who people couldn’t
help but like again it’s sad to say he smashed it there number 12 in the
earliest issues of the Avengers Tony Stark hadn’t yet figured out how to
efficiently power off his suits and so is forced to regularly chart it up he
did so by literally plugging it into a plug socket the same way that you would
charge up your electric toothbrush number 13 not only that Iron Man’s armor
once included roller blades at this point I man sold credentials for being
an Avenger but said he owned a pair of full-body Electric skates number 14 the
Hulk a known of his illustrious shade of green was originally gray in the comics
colorist Stan Goldberg tried in vain to correct the shades of the pewter colored
Hulk but just couldn’t get them right one of his attempt at Lee turned the
Hulk green at which point Stan Lee and Jack Kirby decided to keep it that way
to make things easier on Goldberg so green and radiation kind of makes
sense and goes together number 15 the captain shield was originally a
traditional shield shape but it was modified to its current circular design
to avoid similarity to that of the shield another patriotic superhero from
Archie Comics who predates Captain America by several months number 16 one
of the reason why spider-man’s name is properly written out with a hyphen
betwixt spider and man was because Stanley wanted to stop people mixing him
up with Superman I mean they look kind of different but sure he’s also says
some stuff before about how it’s a separation of spider and man so he’s not
like a man spider but yeah I’m pretty sure that this Superman thing was the
main reason number 17 in issue 16 the Avengers underwent their first big
membership change Iron Man Thor the wasp and ant-man
all left leaving Captain America all on his lonesome he controversially decided
to bring on Hawkeye Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch all of whom had been
villains in earlier appearances number 18 jumping ahead now to issue number 239
of the Avengers released in the early 80s several members of the team
including Hawkeye and black panther at this stage made a publicity appearance
on Late Night with David Letterman however their appearance was marred by
supervillain Fabian Stanko itch aka the mecha no Marauder
who attacked them with camera mounted lasers luckily the Avengers needn’t have
worried because Letterman was able to take out stanker which by brushing over
the head with a giant doorknob yep that’s literally what happened analyze
that number 19 the aforementioned retroactive founding member of the
Avengers was injected with the mutagenic werewolf formula by nightshade which
briefly turned him into a werewolf inventively named cap wolf number 20 one
of the main enemies of the Avengers is the villainous robot by the name of
Ultron who just so happens to be based on another evil comic book robot that
other evil comic book robots was known as Makino who appeared in the obscure
comic book adaptation of the early 50s sci-fi TV show called Captain video
number 21 in 1996 Marvel and DC comics came together to create the amalgam
comics a publishing imprint that blended their two universes together resulting
in carriages like super soldier a fusion of Superman and Captain America and Iron
Lantern who combined Iron Man and the Green Lantern number 22
later on Marvel and DC teamed up again for another four issue crossover
miniseries with the greatest heroes from Marvel’s Avengers and DC’s Justice
League issues number one and number three were named JLA slash Avengers and
issue number two and four were named Avengers to LA to avoid one team getting
undue prominence over the other number 23 the original Avengers series produced
402 issues lasting an impressive 33 years between September 1963 and
September 1996 number 24 as we’re all very aware the Avengers were adapting
into the 2012 rime action smash hit feature film also entitled The Avengers
unless you’re in the UK like me in which case it was called Avengers Assemble
directed by Joss Whedon the film set numerous records during his box office
run breaking in a weekend gross of two hundred and seven point four million
dollars my my that’s a lot of chicken maggots number 25
The Avengers was also in the very first film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to
earn 1 billion dollars it’s the highest grossing comic book film of all time or
at least it was not honor has since gone to two Charla in black panther I’d like
to say it’s because of the video I made but hey who knows number 26 hilariously
the original working title for the Avengers movie was a group hug which
let’s face it it’s kind of better isn’t it is it better in fact we’ve got a list
of things that would be better than the Avengers there in the poll up above
let’s see what your favorites are number 27 as I mentioned earlier the name of
the film had to be change for the release in the UK but I bet you
wondering why aren’t you yeah well I’ll tell you why this is because of the
existence of a British TV series from 1961 that was also named The Avengers
the show is an action comedy which focused on spies and espionage and
predates the creation of the much more famous superhero team by about two years
as such for British audiences the film was renamed Avengers Assemble but
believe me we all just call it The Avengers anyway number 28
Tom Hiddleston who plays Loki in the movies originally screen-tested for the
part of a store for the movie Thor but despite gaining over 50 pounds of muscle
for the role the powers that be decided he would be better suited as Loki Thor’s
twit of a brother number 29 initially Whedon didn’t want any
supporting characters from the other Marvel superhero films to appear in The
Avengers in order to give the film a distinctive
quality that was isolated the other stories which is literally not
the point of the MCU the point is it’s all connected not a silly thing to think
anyway he was however for to change his mind after Robert Downey jr. insisted
that Gwyneth Paltrow appear after which stellan skarsgård and Paul Bettany were
permitted to reprise their roles from Thor and Iron Man respectively number 30
ant-man and the wasp but not the film that’s coming up I mean the actual
characters were originally going to appear in the film
– but Whedon states he was forced to cut them from the team as there were too
many characters crowding the place up high you went to infinity war ant-man
has since been given his own Marvel film while the wasp language is in obscurity
like the underappreciated comic book icon which he is well I’m kidding she
was in the atman film and now she’s gonna be in ant-man and the wasp but hey
about time huh number 31 this is all the more insulting considering the fact that
the wasp whose real name is Janet Van Dyne served as the team’s leader for
long stretches in the comic book series and even privately funded the team all
while running a fashion empire glass ceiling smash number 32 not only that
the wasp was actually the hero responsible for coming up with the name
the Avengers after stating that it needed to be
colorful and dramatic she named the team she led the team and she funded the team
and this is the thanks she gets for shame number 33 the planner for the Hulk
was for Edward Norton to reprise his role as Bruce Banner in the Avengers
having previously starred as the character in the Incredible Hulk
but after negotiations between him and Marvel Studios broke down the role
eventually went to a friend of his Mark Ruffalo number 34 however before Marvel
Studios gave the role to Ruffalo they offered the role of the mother chuffing
Hulk – Joaquin mother chuffing Phoenix good lord what could have been number 35
well the Hulk’s face was modeled after actor Mark Ruffalo
his CGI body was modeled after the bodybuilder and male stripper Steve ROM
number 36 when Marvel formed the Ultimate Universe artist Brian hitch
decided to use Samuel Jackson as the model for the updated version Nick Fury
apparently Marvel never actually got jackson’s permission to use his likeness
so when he contacted them to inquire as to why he was appearing in their comic
books they promised him a role in the movies
number 37 in fact the similarity was even referenced in the comic books when
the team discussed who had played them in a hypothetical movie which is weird
because there are actually Avengers movies in any case fury himself
declared mr. samuel l.jackson of course no discussion number 38
The Avengers marked the third time that Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans have
starred together in a film having both appeared in 2014 comedy heist film the
perfect score as well as the 2007 comedy-drama The Nanny Diaries nope I’ve
never heard of it either number 39 additionally the Avengers was also the
second collaboration between Mark Ruffalo and Robert Downey junior sister
2007 thriller zodiac in which the pair respectively played a detective and a
journalist who are investigating the zodiac murders number 40 director Joss
Whedon apparently didn’t like a particular pose from the previous films
in which Iron Man levitated using thrusters on the bottom whose feet and
the palms of his hands forming his stance at Whedon called the Tinker Bell
pose yeah he doesn’t look unlike that I guess he insisted that his suit in the
Avengers feature a jetpack allowing Iron Man’s hands to move freely
number 41 Jupiter for his role as the Ebor accurate Archer Hawkeye Jeremy
Renner trained with actual Olympian archers meanwhile the rest of us are
stuck training with regular archers how the other half live a full reading of
life though everybody knows Jarvis is Tony Stark’s obedient artificial
intelligence that helps them at home and in battle only true Marvel nerds will
know that in the comic books Jarvis is actually Edwin Jarvis Tony Stark’s and
indeed the Avengers teams very human Butler number 43 some faithful comic
book fans would have noticed the conspicuous absence of Kang the
Conqueror a time-traveling warlord and regular enemy of the Avengers in the
comics the reason why he doesn’t appear in the films is because Marvel included
the film rights the Kang as part of their Fantastic Four contract with 20th
Century Fox so in the absence of any kind of agreement being reached but
fingers crossed Kang will not be appearing in any Marvel outings number
44 the name of the evil cybernetically enhanced aliens that the Avengers fight
in the Battle of New York are known as such a cherry a name that originates
from Chi Tali a star system in the constellation of
Taurus number 45 the Chitauri have two thumbs on each hand giving them a grand
total of four thumbs the extra digits were given to the creepy hive mind
weirdos in order to give them an otherworldly quality yep they’ll do it
number 46 while filming the scenes in his lab
Robert Downey jr. had a slightly bizarre habit of hiding food around the set
which he apparently somehow used to aid his performance for example in this
scene when Tony Stark is offering Bruce Banner blueberries
that’s totally improvised they’re real blueberries number 47 Tony Stark can be
seen wearing a black sabbath t-shirt in a scene on the Helicarrier this is a
reference to one of the band songs which is literally just titled Iron Man that’s
probably the neatest most concise reference in one-on-one facts history
number 48 when the Hulk crash lands into the abandoned warehouse the security
guard played by the late Harry Dean Stanton asked a question you know Liam
this is a reference to Stanton’s role in the classic sci-fi film alien number 49
Tony Stark makes a call back to the comics when he describes his team as
Earth’s Mightiest Heroes a phrase that as I mentioned earlier has appeared on
the Avengers comic book since 1963 in addition to serving as the subtitle for
the animated series known as the Avengers Earth’s Mightiest Heroes number
50 when Bruce Banner is trying and failing
to not transform into the Hulk on the lower deck of the Helicarrier he lurches
onto a notice painted on the floor which reads warning contents under pressure
nice number 51 and just under an hour into the film Bruce Banner mentions the
fact that the last time I was in New York I kind of broke Harlem this is a
reference to the 2008 movie The Incredible Hulk starring Edward Norton
in which the Hulk causes hope u s– amounts of property damage during his
clash with the abomination in Harlem New York number 52 it took three separate
attempts to make agent Coulson’s death scene sufficiently non gruesome enough
for the MP double-a to give the film a pg-13 rating instead of an R originally
Loki’s staff was going to be seen bursting through Coulson’s chest but
this was deemed too graphic for all of America’s precious young citizens so
instead his brutal shanking was shown off-camera and supplemented with a nasty
sound effect number 53 Whedon has stated that Robert Downey jr. improvised the
moment when Tony Stark accuses the Helicarrier worker are playing video
games Whedon was so amused by Downey’s that man is playing Galaga that he
decided to keep it in an odd vigil to Calicut gameplay to the offending
employees screen number 54 the hilarious shocked expression that adorns Tom
Middleton’s face after the Hulk repeatedly slams Loki into the floor was
achieved by having animation director Mark Chu violently repeatedly shaken
Austin until he was sufficiently dazed number 55
though the film is packed full of CGI special effects and actors pretending to
be badasses some parts of the film were entirely genuine bear with me here for
instance many of the military and police personnel that can be seen in the attack
of New York City I’m Rachel members of the Ohio base 291st military police
force battalion number 56 eagle-eyed viewers may have noticed at stark tower
stands in New York City in the spot that’s actually occupied by the MetLife
building the bottom third of stark tower is pretty much the same as the real-life
structure but all the floors above that have been digitally redesigned to form
Tony Stark’s metropolitan digs number 57 in order to make Pepper Potts appear
shorter than Tony Stark because we can’t possibly have a heterosexual couple in
which the man is short I can’t wait Gwyneth Paltrow was regularly barefoot
and Robert Downey jr. wore lifts an issue to appear taller forearm breaking
number 58 there were actually very few times that all the main cast was in town
at once so on one of the nights that they all were
cap himself Chris Evans send them all attacks instructing them to assemble
which they promptly did for a night out on the town Clark Gregg who plays agent
Phil Coulson later said that out of all the texts I’ve ever received this was
his favorite I’m still waiting on mine Chris waiting on mine number 59 the
film’s sound editor Christopher boys has stated the one who’s creating the Hulk’s
bellowing roars he struggled to get it to sound just right in order to do so he
supplemented the screams with audio from himself as well as two people from New
Zealand of all places and even a few original recordings from Lou Ferrigno
who portrayed the Hulk in the American TV series The Incredible Hulk from the
late 70s to the early 80s number 60 Whedon decided to use the super villain
fair loss in one of the films to post-credits scenes because according to
Whedon he is the most powerful and fascinating Marvel villain who is in
love with death which he thinks is so cute okay Joss also his motivation is
definitely change from Finity ball and good there I said it
good number 61 the reason why Captain America isn’t eating in the other post
credits scene at the shawarma restaurant is because at the time this scene was
shot Chris Evans was currently working on another film called snowpiercer
which is great by the way in which he donned a thick masculine beard which he
could not shave off to get around his inconvenient facial fuzz
he was fitted with a clean-shaven prosthetic jaw this however did render
him unable to eat or talk so in the scene he sits with his hand in his hand
looking bored haha see that’s how you do it Justice League number 62 incidentally
it since been reported that schwarmann sales increased out of the movie was
released that rhymes with some restauranteurs noting a modest upswing
in business another saying that the surging demand was so significant that
they kept running out of former by mid-afternoon
HD for several weeks number 63 as you may know it’s fairly common for actors
to take props or clothing from their respective productions as mementos of
their work but Robert Downey jr. took that to an almost irresponsible extreme
at the end of production on the Avengers Downey took home the 30-foot letter a
from the logo on stark tower if anybody has a house big enough to fit that in
it’s him Nintendo 64 the tagline that appears on
the Japanese posters for the Avengers translated to hey Japan this is a movie
which is weirdly rude not unsurprisingly the poster provoked shall we say strong
reactions in Japan number 65 the original Avengers film was followed up
by The Avengers age of Ultron both Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans have
independently stated that Joss Whedon waited until the last possible moment to
tell them the story for age of Ultron Evans even claimed he didn’t know the
title of the film until it was officially announced at comic-con
number 66 speaking of keeping things under wraps spy
man himself Tom Holland was not allowed to read the sequel script range of
Ultron infinity war because he was deemed holy and capable of keeping
anything about spider-man homecoming a secret for dear Tom number 67 anyway
back to aou Whedon estate to that when it came to making it he used a Godfather
Part 2 as a guiding light ok we didn’t use the film’s of reference for making
age of Ultron very different from the first Avengers film without requiring
much prior information to understand allowing first-time Avengers viewers to
easily access the franchise good luck with that one now number 68
fantastically the working title of Avengers age of Ultron was after-party
number 69 hi it’s a zucchini at one point the abomination from the 2008
Incredible Hulk film was going to be an antagonist in the movie with Tim Roth
for prizing the role however the abomination was ultimately written out
what an abomination number 17 Paul Bettany was Joss Whedon’s
first choice for the role of vision after playing Jarvis himself for many
years not only that Bettany got the call from
weed and asked him to star in the film while sac glumly on a curbside literally
minutes after a producer told him he would never work in Hollywood again
after he finished the call he actually flipped off the building he just left
you go Paul Bettany number 71 incidentally Bettany’s actually good
friends with stellan skarsgård who plays dr. Erik Selvig Bettany and his wife
Jennifer Connelly even named their firstborn child artists gasguard giving
him the name stellen because that’s his first name as
I mentioned a moment ago number 72 apparently James Spader was Joss
Whedon’s first and only choice to portray Ultron owing to his hypnotic
voice that can be eerily calm and compelling as well as very human and
humorous there are no strings to hold him down before the wonderful Elizabeth
Olsen was chosen to play Scarlet Witch a number of other actresses audition for
the role including Saoirse Ronan Mila Kunis and even Lindsay Lohan wow that is
a surprise Oh also Jennifer Lawrence didn’t manage to
seal the role either she was too busy stealing my heart
number 74 Joss Whedon actually struggled to get Aaron taylor-johnson on board as
Quicksilver as he was concerned with a length of Marvel
contract and the constraints they could put on future projects hmm something
tells me having seen the film that won’t be a problem
however he ultimately said yes when he learned that for much of the film he
would be paired with Elizabeth Olsen who can blame him whom he’d worked before in
the 2014 reboot of Godzilla where they were husband and wife even though now
they’re brother and sister it’s an interesting dynamic number 75
funnily enough funny Aaron taylor-johnson was actually asked to
stop working out for the role to reduce the visible appearance of his muscles
the studio’s literally thought he looked too buff to play a runner
number 76 interestingly Aaron taylor-johnson appeared as the title
character in kick-ass alongside co-star Evan Peters who played his friends hot
Haines this is interesting because Peters eventually went on to play
Quicksilver in x-men so they’re both playing the same character in different
universes whoa number 77 despite reprising her role as the
acrobatic black widow in age of Ultron Scarlett Johansson was actually Praeger
while the film was in production a number of body and stunt doubles as well
as a touch of CGI hid her growing belly number 78 in order to make her movements
more skillful and elegant during the action sequences elizabeth Olsen
actually trained as a dance choreographer who presumably taught her
how to kick art gracefully number 79 Robert Downey jr. has a habit of having
the furniture from his house in Los Angeles shipped to whether he’s filming
age of Ultron was no different with several trucks being used to bring his
home furniture to Atlanta apparently he does this for a sense of comfort sure
why not I mean you’ve got to use all that ridiculous wealth for something a
robbed number 80 the Carson crew was so impressed by Spidey’s performance in his
very first takers Ultron that afterwards he was met with a round of applause much
like I am after this fax look there’s no on that number 81 because
Ultron is roughly nine feet tall and James Spader is well not he wore an
antenna like frame which held two red eyeballs three feet above his head as a
reference point for where Ultron’s eyes were going to be Elizabeth Olten
actually struggled to focus on the vault because spiders performance would be so
intense that she would look directly at him out of instinct whenever this
happened Aaron taylor-johnson would yell look at his balls Lizzy don’t know why
he said it like that to get her to focus on spiders big red balls
number 82 there’s a famous and controversial storyline in marvel
ultimate sin which Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch began in let’s face it
incestuous relationship though this was obviously not explicitly referenced in
the film elizabeth Olsen revealed that she and Aaron taylor-johnson did play
around with the idea having the characters hold each other’s hands and
constantly gaze at each other in a way that was almost uncomfortable number 83
over 3,000 visual effects were used an age of Ultron which is according to some
the most in any film ever made the previous incumbent of that particular
title was guardians of the galaxy number 84 the world famous motion picture
visual effects company Industrial Light and Magic even developed a new motion
capture system for the movie known as Muse the technology which was used to
create Hulk and Ultron was made to better capture movements of the body and
the face as well as combine different takes of the same performance number 85
the scene in which Ultron commands several of his drones to fly down and
latch themselves upon a truck in Seoul took a staggering 360 days to complete
this might have had something to do with the fact that the whole sequence was
handled by only one animator who received a party and a bottle of
champagne upon finishing number 86 at one point Tony Stark says that the goal
of the Ultron program is to create peace in our town this is a reference to
Britain’s Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain who made the exact same
declaration after returning to London following negotiations with Adolf Hitler
in 1938 which as you’re probably aware didn’t end well much like the Ultron
program number 87 when stark is picking a new AI for his suit a little over an
hour and a half into the film one of the chips is labeled Tadashi
this is a nice little nod to the creator of baymax in the 2014 film big hero 6
which in itself is based on a Marvel comic if you look carefully you can also
Jocasta which is the name of Ultron’s wife who becomes an Avenger in the
comics number 88 hilariously the title card for age of Ultron doesn’t appear
until a whole 12 minutes into the film it doesn’t feel like that does it
number 89 the next installment in the Avengers franchise and the entire MCU is
the hotly anticipated Avengers infinity war which I physically cannot wait for I
want a time machine for it and if I die before it comes out I’m gonna be really
upset and probably haunt one of you I don’t know which one and 156 minutes or
over two and a half hours long infinity war will be the longest Marvel film to
date which a gunner has to be because it has around what 60 Marvel characters in
it or something number 90 infinity war is actually one
of two films that have been shocked concurrently with the second of the two
being as of yet unnamed while the two films aren’t a two-parter
and our narrative Lee distinct they will be connected number 91 a large
proportion of infinity war was filmed in everyone’s favorite country that is
directly north of England Scotland Scotland shooting locations include
Edinburgh Glasgow and the Scottish Highlands number 92 well the film is
being shot at Durham Cathedral which is located in the city of shocker Durham
security was so tight that not even the cathedral wardens were granted access to
go inside number 93 while many films have certain sections shot in IMAX
infinity war has the distinct honor of being the first film ever to be shot
entirely with IMAX digital cameras number 94 as you have probably realized
by now infinity war is gearing up to be a collaborative bonanza filled to the
brim with comic-book characters from multiple sources including the guardians
of the galaxy not the defenders I don’t think anyway to that end marvelous
stated that infinity war features over 60 main characters whoa we’re in for a
treat oh mama number 95 unlike the previous
two infinity war is not being directed by Joss Whedon but it is being directed
by the paternal directing team that is the Russo brothers the Joe Russo is
stated that he wants the film’s main antagonist and evil being known as
Thanos to be this generation’s Darth Vader in
that he’ll turn up speed Tony Stark’s father but we know that
Howard Stark is all unless he’s a Skrull Oh number 96 here’s a little more about
Stan for you he has killed more beings than
any other villain in the Marvel Universe he’s it’s kind of a dick basically
number 97 in the later comic books part of the reason why Thanos is so
intimidating is because he’s been banned from dying because he broke up with his
girlfriend who happens to be ritual death oh didn’t you catch that yeah he
broke up with his girlfriend who banned him from dying because she is literally
death I’m not saying it again it’s it’s mental I’m not saying it again
number 98 that was his motivation in the film though seem to be slightly
different he wants all the Infinity stones to put in the Infinity Gauntlet
which he give the new to control all time space and reality with just a click
of his fingers or or something else with fingers as well you can probably do lots
of things the reason why wants to do this is to curb overpopulation of
regions that will probably become apparent in the movie number 99 some of
the promo images for infinity war appeared to show that and spoilers here
by the way for Thor Ragnarok Thor it’s ending his legendary hammer Mjolnir and
he also doesn’t have his long hair instead he has short hair an eye patch
and a big scary battle axe this big scary battle axe Thor actually had in
the comics prior to obtaining his hammer buddy which has since been destroyed by
his sister Heller look don’t go find what spoilers I told you at the
beginning of this fun isn’t something one considers when balancing the
universe but this it’s number 101 thing you can expect from infinity war is
death glorious glorious death it’s almost certain that at least one major
Avenger is going to die permanently because you know for all of them to get
through this without a single bruise and death would frankly be unrealistic and
if there’s one thing the Avengers are known for its realism number 101 for
other Avengers films the UK got the movie several days before the US release
however this time is different to avoid spoilers leaking all over the place out
of every crevice the release date was brought up by a week in the US so it’s
just the day after the UK now Oh Americans avoid the internet for that
day because let me tell ya whoo-ha-ha dear me
anyway that was 101 fights about the Avengers I’m actually quite gutted it’s
finished now cuz I’ve got to do more would you like to see more about the
Avengers haha I know I’d like to do him but fact I mean not that well maybe let
me know in the comments down below so are you looking forward to infinity
war and what else you want to see on one of my facts let me know that in the
comments down below as well in the meantime though don’t forget to
subscribe like and watch one of the videos on screen now which I’m sure
you’re really gonna dig I’ll see you next time
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    Iron Man is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character was co-created by writer and editor Stan Lee, developed by scripter Larry Lieber, and designed by artists Don Heck and Jack Kirby.

  5. With the recent passing of Stan lee
    Please make a tribute video “101 facts about Stan lee”, in memory of the man who mad the charters and universe we all love

  6. Wait a minute..I thought signer Tom Waits was first choice for Ultron?
    But he didn't want it and so it went to the second choice James Spader. I am so confused it's either Mandela effect or THANOS!
    or TIME STONE.

  7. Wait how did u get the end game teaser trailer if this was before infinty war
    God damn it dr strange stop it with the tine travelling

  8. Thor sitting and eating with the rest of the Avengers at the shawarma resturaunt is a bit if a fail. Thor had beamed back to Asgard with Loki in the final scene of the movie.

    Unless this was supposed to be a scene set between Tony’s request for shwarama and Thor and Loki’s exit, but then where was Loki being held while they ate lunch. Having Loki out of your site for more than a few seconds has always ended with bad results since he is the god of mischief.

    Otherwise it would suggest that Thor took Loki back to Asgard, had him imprisoned or detained in some way and quickly returned for lunch with the gang. Neither scenero seems plausable. It is still a funny and classic scene, so we can all ignore the story inconsistancy for a good laugh.

  9. Can I just say that I absolutely love 101 facts. I think Sam is really brilliant at delivering information about facts he’s also hilarious. Thank you very much

  10. Who hype for Avengers :Endgame Spiderman :Far from home GOTGV3

    Only true mavel fans will get that last one


  11. You know why I love this channel over all of the other “10X Facts” channels? It’s because of the subtle quality decisions you clearly pour into each episode. Like the fact that you always structure the videos to give facts chronologically, rather than just ordering them in whatever order the researchers found them in.

    Honestly, if you take out the numbers separating each fact, you’d have a pretty fantastic comedic documentary. Y’all are awesome

  12. Here in Australia Marvel’s The Avengers is rated M so we can see Loki’s Scepter bust through Coulson’s chest

  13. Now the highest grossing superhero movie ever is Endgame. You know, the best film ever. Also, Gone with the Wind is the highest grossing film ever, not Endgame, Gone with the wind made like 3.4 billion dollars, way more than Endgame's 2.791 billion dollars. Also, what about the Fox-Disney merger. So Kang might appear in the Avengers films. But, unlike the comics, he won't be the guy to discover time travel, because Iron Man and Professor Hulk discover time travel in Endgame. But he might re-discover time travel. Nathaniel Richards (Kang) is also a descentant of Reed Richards (Mr Fantastic).

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