116 PLANES on ONE RUNWAY, Flying to the World’s Busiest Airport
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116 PLANES on ONE RUNWAY, Flying to the World’s Busiest Airport

January 18, 2020

Craig (Bonanza Lead): Welcome to B2OSH 28 *music* *cheering* Larry (Bonanza Tail): Wayne Collins, raise your hand, right here, this is the guy who started all of this *applause* Larry: The whole event is about friendship and good cheer and camaraderie Matt: So this is Bonanza to Oshkosh, we’re gonna fly with 118 Bonanzas, Barons, and Debonairs here from Rockford, Illinois to Oshkosh, Wisconsin to check out the world’s largest airshow, it’s gonna be a blast Bonanza Lead: We’re gonna do the mass flight briefing now, row leader briefings immediately after that out on the ramp then element briefings and you should have about 20 to 30 minutes to finish your preflight and final loading. We’ll try to start at 12:15 and then take off about 12:30-12:45 125 knots all the way to POBER. All 116 airplanes are gonna pull their throttles to slow to 110 knots. So unless you need to say something to avoid a collision, keep your mouth shut. Matt: And uh yeah I guess this is what 118 airplanes — 118 you know Bonanzas, Barons on one ramp looks like Steve (Element 7-4 Lead): I’ll call lights on, gear down after we turn to POBER and start the descent and um everybody will check each other’s gear and you can be assured that I’ll have my gear down Matt: *laughing* Man: Now if I call my element, 7-1, the element going around, I expect both of them to go with me Matt: Weather might be a little bit of a problem apparently about halfway from here to Oshkosh it’s 900 overcast so the ceiling’s kinda low so we’re sending out a Baron to go scout the weather and report back, and you know, hopefully we’ll be out of here in about a half hour might just have to duck down a little bit lower below the clouds So we’ve been delayed a little bit longer, we sent out a Baron to go check the weather, apparently it was kinda low enroute so we delayed about another hour but it looks like it’s improving now so I think we’ll be out of here pretty soon but in the meantime just kinda lounging under the wing and having some snacks *music* And here we go! Look at this line of Bonanzas, look at those on the runway already! This is just such an incredible sight Wow This is just awesome So we’re gonna line up on the left today, we’re the left wingman in a three aircraft element we just follow the conga line Just hug the left side of the runway here, pull up behind these guys They’ll park us Can really feel all the airflow here from you know the tons and tons of airplanes ahead of us And there we go, this is how we park There’s just nothing in the world like this, this is so amazing So here we are on Runway 25 today we’re lined up, we’ve got 98 Bonanzas or Debonairs probably a couple of those included in that 98 figure and then 18 Barons, we’ve got 116 airplanes today Woman: I can’t hear myself Man: Whoever can’t hear yourself is the one who has the stuck mic Man: Are you turned on? Woman: I am now Bonanza Tail: Bonanza Tail is in Bonanza Lead: Bonanza Lead, copy, switching to Tower Bonanza Lead: Good afternoon Tower, Bonanza Lead Flight of 116, ready for takeoff 25 Matt: So awesome ATC: Bonanza Flight of 116, Rockford Tower, turn right on course Runway 25 intersection departure cleared for takeoff Bonanza Lead: Bonanza Flight cleared for takeoff DHL: That’s the coolest thing I’ve ever seen Tower: same here Matt: And we are cleared for takeoff! It’ll be a little bit before we actually takeoff but the whole flight is cleared for takeoff Ok so basically we just follow lead, if anything goes crazy the go around is you know essentially stay out of everybody’s way, so right turn, climb to 2,000 on the 36s, 18 is also right turn yeah its 2,000, 2,000, except if we end up somehow landing Runway 9 then it’s 1,500 Element 2-2 Lead: Element 2-2 rolling Matt: I think I’ve got all this Ahh this is so cool, you can see each element climbing out there, making the right turn to the Rockford VOR and then up to um Janesville and I forget the other one, it’s wherever the Cessnas stage their thing uh we’ll fly over them, thats Juneau, Wisconsin and then up to Oshkosh This is the coolest thing in the whole world Bonanza Lead: Bonanza Flight level 2,500, level off 2,500 Matt: And I’m gonna close my window mixture is rich, prop’s full forward Ok running up to 1,700 and Element 7-4 Lead: Element 7 row 4 rolling Matt: And of course I’m sucked Radio: Alright who’s over the Rockford VOR right now? Element 4-3 Lead: Element 4-3 Radio: 4-4 and I’m following 4-3 Alert: Traffic, 12 o’clock, same altitude, 0 miles Radio: 7-1 right wingman, gear up Element 5-1 Lead: Element 5-1 is Rockford VOR Radio: 7-1 gear up Luke: Jiggling around a little bit there Matt: Yeah there’s a lot of turbulence I mean there’s so many planes taking off This air here is just crazy, look at all those planes ahead of us though! Such an awesome sight Luke: That is so cool! It looks like mayhem but it’s not! *gear horn* Man: Baron 2 rolling Luke: He’s got us out pretty wide here so we can get our spacing Matt: Yeah, he knows what he’s doing, I mean we’re doing 100 knots so I mean I think we’re on somebody else up ahead is probably doing 100 miles an hour So I think the problem on that first turn was that there’s no waypoint there, it’s just a right turn to the VOR and so people were cutting the corner and stuff and Luke: Right Matt: And just kept getting tighter and tighter So this is B2OSH, so now we fly the I don’t even know how many miles, I’m not even gonna say it’s basically about an hour flight up to Oshkosh cause we only do 130 knots you need kind of a slower speed than normal to get some buffer so that you can stay in position real well *gear horn* Basically you know just like a normal flight we try to maintain essentially radio silence. You know, we just follow lead, lead follows the element in front of us and you know lead and tail kinda update their position and a couple other people here and there so everybody knows where everybody’s at but for the most part, it’s just silence, it’s peaceful it’s so much easier than the you know Luke: Ripon Fisk Matt: the Ripon Fisk arrival, that madness Luke: That meltdown hornet’s nest Matt: Yeah Bonanza Lead: Bonanza Lead switching to Oshkosh Tower, Bonanza Lead switching to Oshkosh Tower 126.6 Matt: This is so awesome like I can’t think of a better way to spend an afternoon like going to Oshkosh doing it in a formation of 116 planes it’s just awesome Yeah so as we said you know in the training this is not a gaggle, we stay nice and tight, we don’t wanna you know get lost and get sucked back into the next element behind us and just keep it nice and tight but still far enough out that it’s not too intense for an hour long flight and it’s nice and peaceful and calm and we get to Oshkosh in a very orderly manner It’s much better than the Ripon Fisk arrival or you know anything any chaos like that It’s really cool in formation you know cause you see the lead plane kinda start to wabble and you know that in a couple seconds you’re gonna have some turbulence and that’s what we got here Bonanza Lead: Dodge County Traffic, Bonanza Fight of 116, *gear horn* long trail formation overflying your airport south to north for the next 20 minutes, Dodge County Matt: So we’re gonna be flying over Dodge County where the Cessnas stage Luke: It’s also just awesome that you can get 120 airplanes somewhere Matt: Right, with no communication One guy talks to Tower and that’s it *gear horn* I mean it’s amazing, it’s so peaceful, nothing else like it in the world Bonanza Lead: Bonanza Lead Dodge County Oshkosh Tower, Bonanza Flight of 116, 20 miles south Matt: I would prefer complete radio silence except for absolutely necessary calls *gear horn* Luke: Except for takeoff clearance and landing clearance Matt: Right, I mean just whatever you know lead is talking to tower about Luke: Better yet, even lead shouldn’t talk to tower, just go for it Matt: *laughing* just light gun signals Bonanza Lead: Bonanza Flight slow to 110 in 15 seconds Matt: Ok we’re gonna slow down here in 15 seconds Relay: Bonanza Flight, slow to 110 knots in 15 seconds Bonanza Lead: Bonanza Flight slow to 110 now, slow to 110 now Relay: Bonanza Flight slow to 110 now, 110 now, Bonanza Flight *gear horn* ATC: *unintelligible* with the gear up, rock your wings, *unintelligible* with the gear up, rock your wings Element 8-1 Lead: Element 8-1 Dodge County Bonanza Lead: Oshkosh Tower, Bonanza Flight is 10 miles ATC: Bonanza Flight, roger thanks ATC: RV follow the twin, cleared to land 36 Right, the right side, narrow runway, narrow runway, 36 Right ATC: Bonanza Flight, roger, cleared to land Runway 36 Left and Right and if any of you need to go around then make a right turn as soon as practical to the east, remain south of the control tower at all times if you have to go around Bonanza Lead: Bonanza flight is cleared to land and go around instructions copy *gear horn* Matt: So basically they’re gonna stop arrivals now on the 36s and it’s just gonna be us for the next 20 minutes 25 minutes *inaudible chatter* Alert: Traffic, 11 o’clock, same altitude, 1 mile Matt: Yeah right there *gear horn* Luke: I think he noticed what was going on last second Matt: Yeah *gear horn* Matt: There’s Lake Winnebago Element 5-1 Lead: Element 5-1 lights on, gear down Douglas 62CC: Oshkosh Tower, Douglas 62CC, stars and bars C-47, 5 east of Fond du Lac headed to Warbird Island ATC: Douglas 62CC, Oshkosh Tower roger that, proceed direct Warbird and hold over Warbird, we have a mass arrival of Bonanzas, we’ll keep you updated and get you inbound as soon as possible *gear horn* Bonanza Tail: Oshkosh Tower, Bonanza Tail is 18 nautical miles south ATC: Bonanza Tail, *unintelligible*. And Chinook hovering over the field, the last traffic to follow will be 18 south of the field, we’ll keep you advised with the progress, but their 18 south Element 7-3 Lead: Element 7-3 gear down, lights on Matt: Ok we’re next *gear horn* In about 15 seconds or so *gear horn* Element 7-4 Lead: Element 7-4 gear down, lights on *gear horn* Matt: Ok we’re going flaps Ok mixture is rich, prop’s full forward, gear is three green, yeah Baron 3 Lead: Baron 3, gear down, lights on Matt: Oh hey check out the Chinook hovering over there Luke: Oh sweet! That’s awesome ATC: Douglas 87745 use caution for multiple aircraft holding at Warbird Island, *unintelligible* Alert: Traffic, 11 o’clock, same altitude, less than 1 mile ATC: Yeah the Bonanza flight, the mass arrival, they’re about 11-12 miles out that’s the last tail aircraft Luke: Nice Matt: Keep the speed up but we gotta be able to follow him Bonanza Tail: Bonanza Tail, gear is down *music* ATC: 7 or 8 minutes — I’ve been told 5 minutes actually Bonanza Tail: Bonanza Tail is down and slow, exiting the runway! ATC: Chinook landing Papa 2, what’s your estimated time to exit the runway? Radio: Woohoo! Yeah! ATC: 36 Left, the yellow dot, cleared to land *unintelligible* Luke: I think these are gonna tail in behind those ones Matt: Welcome to Oshkosh! We’ll get the tow bar out here, get some little pieces of wooden boards to set the wheels on so it doesn’t sink into grass and park for the week Bonanza Lead: 116 took off, 116 landed and although it’s not a measure of our success we had no go arounds. I do have some awards to give out… To Joel Nickols who flew the entire flight gear down *applause* you win the Shell Oil customer of the year award *laughing* Matt: And so that’s Bonanzas to Oshkosh, it’s a ton of fun, it’s so much more peaceful and way easier than the regular arrival to get in here where you just have to go out and find some random airplane, stay like a half mile behind them, it’s chaos and really like all of aviation it’s all about the people just got some awesome people, a great time and now we’ll check out the rest of the week!

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  1. I know you are keeping your eye to your right on your lead and your other wing man.. but I noticed that I never see you looking around to your left for other traffic unrelated to your flight except once when your NAV/GPS system announced it. (I guess that is picking up ADS-B from the other aircraft). Shouldn't you always be looking all over for other traffic?

  2. White privilege is real! How come in a country that prouds itself for being diverse, black pilots are almost nonexistent?

  3. Yeah, I'm gonna have to call bullshit.

    It would sound more like a Discord server with 100 people talking at once.

  4. What on earth was that warning buzz that kept going off!? I fly piper archers and it sounds exactly like the stall warning horn xD..

  5. It’s like ur in ur house then you just see 116 propeller planes like I would sh*tmy pants when I hear that

  6. Ran into matt today at kbaf . Preparing for this yrs bonanza formation flying to Oshkosh..I fly my vtail into kbaf frequently from Long Island for lunch, great seeing Matt n all the other bonanzas,,Matt stop by kfrg and say hello,, bob

  7. Imagine back in the days of WW2 these 116 small planes flying over the English Channel on a covert mission to Germany.

  8. Not to take anything away from the fun they are having but, the comment at 10:10 on how amazing it is to get 120 planes in the air…um, does D Day ring any bells?

  9. Probably the most ever formation since WWII bombing raid.
    Many years ago, I flew in formation with 5 Grob 109 Tutors at RAF Cosford, had the controls and we did formation shifting which was quite intensive as you could imagine.

  10. Out f________g standing!!! I agree with the DHL pilot! How did that rate among all the things you've done in your aviation career?

  11. WOW, this is one of the coolest videos I've seen in a long time! How freaking cool was that??!! What a beautiful sight that must have been from the ground, too!

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