15 Best Vehicles For Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse
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15 Best Vehicles For Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse

August 24, 2019

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  2. I wasn't aware that a vehicle was a sustainable water and food source or a weapons system or bunker. For the money {where I live-rural} I'd be looking at camouflaged, silent but deadly instead of loud moving resource hogging and exposed without a clue where to go.

    We here in the sticks live prepared with fuel tanks, Atv's, 4X4 pickups, horses, root cellars full, crops, guns, ammo, generators etc etc. We band together seamlessly and most gals here are great as guys with guns. With a tractor you can dig or pile a shitload of obstacles and solar fence chargers can be fun.

    Can your vehicle avoid hidden traps? Can you move logs under fire? Will you see us before we detect you by the behavior of animals, birds and insects? Probably not. Will my crossbow be detected before you feel a burning pain in your chest? One shot snipping is rather terrorizing don't you think? I'll be here waiting.

    No one fights harder or smarter than men defending their land because that is everything you have. We may well die here, but we die as men. Outsiders=Target Practice.
    Nothing worse than moving around in unfamiliar territory at the mercy of the locals. Most folks in an emergency will be too weak to do anything after 3 days.. fat, lazy phone junkies couldn't walk 5 miles empty handed at 30yrs old. Pussies.

  3. The best way to survive zombies is to alway's have the in-laws with you. Just say honey your dad took your mon to pee by a bush and the zombies ate them. 😊😂

  4. The ripsaw could be upgraded with track's that with a flip of a awitch turn into paddle's to traverse water way's. That Ripsaw could be fully electric with on board electrical power generator's using superconducting material's and magnetic cushions no need for fossil fuels. 😊

  5. Too bad no one knows how to use thick copper panel's at super high hertz resonance frequency to generate levitation at any altitude in earth's atmosphere. 😊

  6. The Matis need's a roller on each side at the bottom that can hold and generate tension to keep tank type tread track's on the wheel's with the tread track's being abke to be removed and stored on the the vehicle. 😊

  7. I used to be an m1a1/a2 tanker, and I am 100 % positive that #2 doesn’t weigh 132 tons. I’ll buy 13.2 tons, but that troop transport does not weigh as much as 2 main battle tanks!

  8. Send me #1 as a rolling shell … I will outfit the drivetrain with off-the-shelf parts for easy adaption and repair …

  9. Never once did I think about surviving some fictitious zombie apocalypse. But if there was one I would just stay hidden long enough that they would die off due to lack of zombie food (approximately 1-2 months) which is easy enough. No need for all that hoopla, especially that jetpack with its flight time of 2 minutes. Since there won't be any electricity there won't be any fuel to be pumped so all those vehicles are useless.

  10. This is the Neat thing About America We As Americans Have THE RIGHT to Our Opinion. I spent A small Fortune Playing With electric vehicles. YOU have The Right to spend Your Money as you See fit.
    For me I'll Pass.

  11. I choose the BFR with nuke and guns that shoots cars at zombies plus the missiles that track the enemy and fires radars!

  12. the antifa zombies created by fashists for the left and the idiot supporters fall for it. to stop the zombies get ride of the backers, investors of antifa etc. there true zombie fashists . there actiins and retarick proves it 100% and the fashist backers. be aware who back you. they may not have ypur best interest at heaet. infact the opposite. check it out.. i can and will design something way better for less.

  13. Id put 14 inside of 15 ,rip out the back seats and put in its place a 30in by 30in ,, 120 plate dry higergon cell generator .hooked up to 2 altanador's and 250 amp hour batters one alternator hooked to the dry cell the other hooked to the battery wired to the alternator thats hooked to the dry cell and loop it back to the batterys .the alternator hooked to the battery would be turned into a electric motor . And change out the coil springs of the suspension with coil springs from a military hummer.

  14. 7:12 @ BeautiFul solar airPlane aRound The Earth @ Be a BeautiFully compact Living Quarter sizes oF 1⅞ or? 2⅞ parking spaces

    ii wonder will Real estate places willing To put apartments inn The sky with a computer proGram To make sure it won't Fly innToo others pterodactyls

  15. The Sherp isn't "armoured" at all. From what I've seen of them, you could probably poke a screwdriver through the bodywork.

  16. A lot of these are open witch isn’t good. The solar powered one may not world because there might be ash and smoke in the air.
    The sherp and military vehicles are the best ones to go

  17. If It Makes You Happy to Have Solar power
    do dads more Power to You. I Don't Live in the Arctic i Have seen Oregon get to 53° below 0° Yes it Were 25Years Ago my mom seen it 57° when She Was A Little Girl. If It Can Happen Then it Can And Will Happen again.
    I Hope You Have A Nice Day.

  18. Is your description available in multiple languages and can you provide a web site for each where people can contact the manufacturer of each of the products

  19. i would not use any of these, they all use gasoline. a good e mountain bike would do you much better. plus a portable solar panel too.

  20. You Are Like a Dog With A bone. I May someday build Another Electric vehicle I Don't Really Want one or Solar. I Have better Things to Spend Money on A Zombie Burning Auto Would work Better For A Zombie apocalypse.

  21. Good luck on finding or replacing parts on most of these vehicles when there is an civilisation ending apocalypse when there is no factories to supply these unique parts which are not commerically made as most of these contraptions are made by small independant companies who depends on major commercial factories to supply vital materials & parts to maintain and repair these contraptions.
    Use common well known vehicles with easily sourced parts and easy maintenance.

    Mad Max movies shows that you can build your own doomsday vehicles with parts & materials that are easily available around you.

  22. Like i Said You Go Right on Ahead. ITS YOUR DOLLARS. Me I Don't need one. I'd go with A Steam engine Durring A apocalypse but Thats Just me.

  23. All these Toys Are neat True. In The Show The (Walking dead) all them Toys Would Have Ment. >Dick<
    to Rick Grimms laying in A Coma. A Stash of Guns And MRE. Would Have been Helpful When All Hell Breaks loose We Will Probably not be Near our Toys.

  24. I Was Not Expecting A Tranformer to Exploded over my Car When it did. It set off A low power EMP all by it's Self. You People Talk About Getting Ready For Zombies. REALLY ? HOW STUPID Are you PEOPLE?

  25. Man you should have mentioned only the vehicles which civilians can buy . My choice is THE MARAUDER. AKA THE BEAST😈🔥.

  26. Toys Are neet don't Take it Wrong I just See toys As Toys. If The End Comes Do you Really Want To Survive You'd Have To Become A Animal to Just To Survive

  27. Ya most of these take millions of $ not to mention repair maintenance costs ammo will be hard to find in apocalypse .

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