15 Cool Things in Patch 8.2
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15 Cool Things in Patch 8.2

August 29, 2019

Hi! I’m Hazel, and today we’re looking at
fifteen cool things coming to WoW in Patch 8.2! As for when exactly that’s going to be,
there’s no official release date yet but my original estimate of May 28th is starting
to look a little bit dumb. It’ll probably be one of those Tuesdays
in June. For this video, I’ve ordered these as a
very biased countdown with stuff that I’m personally excited for at the end. Number Fifteen: Heroic Warfronts. And by that I mean just Stromgarde, there’s
no Heroic Darkshore warfront in this patch. The premise here is that you’ll need a premade
group for it, the group size is flexible between 10 and 20 players and it’ll be more difficult
than a regular Warfront, with better rewards. I am reserving judgement only because I’m
having a really tough time imagining anybody I know being jazzed to run a Warfront. I’m sure the gear will be good but there’s
also good gear from raids and mythic plus and other things that have a reputation for
being fun. It does solve my main problem with regular
warfronts, which is that the lack of risk or challenge made them mind-numbingly boring. We’ll see. Number Fourteen: Holiday Updates. They’ve specifically singled out Brewfest
whenever talking about this but there is an ‘and more’ there so maybe they’re all
getting a facelift. Every time the topic of holidays comes up
in conversations, I feel like someone always says that they’ve been the same for too
long, so this is the fix for that. Until the actual holidays roll around, we
won’t find out exactly what the updates are. I’ve personally been fine with the one or
two new cosmetic items each year but not much else that we’ve been getting recently. It gives me new stuff to get while still letting
me feel caught up. Once again, I’m reserving judgement until
I see how much this is going to ask from me, and what I can expect to get out of it. Lucky number Thirteen is Titan Essences. This is the new reason for leveling your neck. In 8.2, you’ll be able to spec the traits
on any new azerite gear you get right away without worrying about your neck level, so
this is what you’re working towards insteads. The first and best essence slot is free, you
unlock that right away in 8.2 with a short questline. After that, you’ll need to level your neck
to 55 for a minor slot and then the second minor slot at 65. I wouldn’t stress out too much about it,
the minor traits are nice but they’re not lifechanging unless you’re going for a world
first. There are calculators online where you can
fuss around with the specifics if that sounds like fun to you, I know WoWhead has one. For me, I’m going to look up what the best
ones are, go get those, use them and that’ll be the end of that. It’s a very minimal input system which is
really all I can ask for. I’m more or less just waiting for Azerite
to be over at this point, and this is a pretty painless way to do that. Number 12 is the outdoor Nazjatar zone. It’s risen from the sea, or something like
that, and there’s gonna be quests to do, fish people to grind rep with, all that good
stuff. We’re getting World PvP objectives to control
out there, s- o if you missed the tower flipping fun of BC zones we’re getting a fresh dose
of that. Winning battles or just being in the zone
while better players win battles for you will get you Nazjatar Battle commendations. You can spend those on a mount and some toys
and stuff. Nazjatar also brings back combat followers-
you’ll be able to level up a few different companions while questing, and unlock abilities
for them as you go. It’s very pretty out here and I’m looking
forward to questing and farming up the new herb to sell. It’s in everything so it should be pretty
good. Number 11, and this is something Nazjatar
has a lot of, are new pets to collect! This would be higher on the list if I was
completely caught up on existing pets but I’m not. While 80 new pets is exciting I’m also a
liiittle bit overwhelmed. There’s crabs, there’s slugs, there’s
capybara, we got robo hands and baby naga and toothy fish and my personal favourite,
the stabby crabs. If you’re within sneezing distance of a
new pet collection meta achievement, it’s about to get a lot easier. Number 10: New fishing stuff to do. I, and I know I’m not the only one here,
unironically love fishing in WoW. It’s profitable and relaxing for when you
want to make gold while using the smallest possible portion of your brain. 8.2 is adding new fishing goals found out
in Mechagon. Fish up a selection of uncommon fish for Secret
Fish of Mechagon and you’ll earn the Secret Fish Goggles toy. Wear those and you can fish for even more
secret fish all around the world to earn the Secret Fish and Where to Find Them achievement
for a Hyper-compressed Ocean toy. There’s already a guide rolling in a Wowhead
comment tracking down where you’ll need to fish for all of this, and it’s quite
the journey. Four of them require you to be dead. If that’s not a fresh idea I don’t know
what is. Number 9 is new Heritage armor for gnomes
and Tauren. I was flabbergasted when I found out gnomes
were happening before races other people actually play, like orcs and humans. To be clear I am not complaining. So the Tauren stuff is Amazing and the gnome
set is really neat too. I definitely love the forehead goggles. The rules for main race heritage armor are
not as strict as they are for Allied Races. Any gnome or tauren that’s level 120 and
exalted with either Gnomeregan or Thunderbluff can do the questline to unlock the mog. You could be race changed or level boosted
and that’s fine. Number 8 is the new Mechagon Outdoor zone,
not to be confused with the Mechagon dungeon which is found out in the zone. This ranks higher than Nazjatar for me just
because there’s so much to do. There’s basically a free, patch-specific
profession with Junkyard Tinkering. You’ll find tinker mats everywhere as you
do things on Mechagon and be able to craft mounts, pets, toys, rep items… bombs? So that’s fun. Horde and Alliance share a faction with the
Rustbolt Resistance out here, and we’re also going to be sharing a lot of space because
it’s not a very big island so I expect War Mode to be poppin’. There’ll be random NPC vistors to the island
offering different quests to do, it’s a whole adventure. I love that it’s such a tone change from
Nazjatar. They could’ve split them onto different
patches, but no, 8.2 is going to be LOADED. Number 7 is Mount Equipment. You get basically a gem slot in your mount
journal and you get to pop a thing in there that makes all of your mounts better. If you had a water strider, you’ll automatically
get the Water Shoes equipment mailed to you and every one of your alts. If you hate the system because it’s taking
water walking off of your strider, you can just open your mail, pop those shoes on and
then your strider along with every other mount you have can water walk. For Death Knights, Shamans and folks who just
like to swim, there are other options that let you parachute when you dismount in the
air, save you from being dazed on your mount or just plain go 20% faster. These are BOA and usable from level 20 so
alts can use these to help level. It’s a relatively small part of the patch
but I love stuff like this because it’ll continue to impact the game beyond this patch,
like it’s a new permanent system. It’s not just BFA mount equipment, it’s
forever mount equipment. They don’t do that every day. Number 6 is the new Pet Battle Dungeon, this
time out in Stratholme. The mystery of the Shadowy Figure continues,
and it’s a new challenge to pit your critters against. More importantly, it means a new teleport
to the tippy top of the Eastern Kingdoms for anyone who beats the Challenge run. As an Alliance player, getting out there is
not fun so I can’t wait to get a free port from Manapoof. Also, we got like 20 new pet battle world
quests. Of all the new pets to collect in 8.2, I’m
actually not seeing any new pets for Polished Pet Charms yet so if that holds true, all
these new world quests should really help you catch up. Number 5 is the new leg of the War Campaign
and the Heart of Azeroth story, which is ramping up. There’ll be voice acting, lots of cutscenes,
twists, turns and probably something you don’t agree with. It’s just statistically likely. I can’t wait to make like a whole day of
it and turn off discord, put my phone in a ..shoe, close my door most of the way because
I have a cat and then play the new campaign like it’s a movie. Nothing shall spoil it. Number Four is New Mounts!: There’s a good
handful of like thirty-ish new mounts to collect. Mechagon and Nazjatar offer a whole rodeo
of collectible steeds, from mechacrawlers and hovercrafts to sea rays and tidestallions. I am especially looking forward to the Sea
Ray mounts, I really hope they fly like the Argus fel rays do, and also the Sideways Crab. It just makes so much more sense. I was googling for this video trying to figure
out if maybe sometimes crabs do walk forward, and the auto complete was asking if crabs
walk forward when they’re drunk. And all that lead me to was a yahoo answer
where some guy was just like, ‘no’. So yeah, sideways crab mount. Number Three: the Mechagon Mega Dungeon, or
more officially ‘Operation Mechagon’. It’s an 8 boss mythic dungeon kinda like
Legion’s Karazhan, and at launch it’ll be available on Mythic difficulty ONLY. In a later patch, they’ll split it in half
for the sake of Heroic and Mythic plus, but for now Mythic only. You’ll need a pre-made group, and ideally
you’ll want one that you can put up with for at least a solid hour. This is a feature length experience, and it’s
exceptional. It feels like progressing through a raid for
five people. The fights are fun, the areas are cool, the
trash is dangerous and there are mounts to collect. There’s also some interesting gear out of
here such as the two-part ring sets. Collect them and then Mix and match for the
combo that’ll suit the way you play. Number Two: The Eternal Palace raid. Encounter design is just KILLING IT in this
patch, which is why the instances are so high up on the list. I’ve so far seen 7 of the 8 bosses in raid
testing and I’m just in love. The new raid’s full of unique fights that
really deliver on the under the sea theme, right up to the fully underwater fish boss. OK, I don’t think that one’s going to
go down as a crowd favourite but I’m glad they’re not afraid to try something dumb,
and the rest of the raid’s awesome. The world first race for Azshara is going
to be really fun to watch, and I can’t wait to , progress through the palace v with my
own guild. Also, there are some tasty shadow priest fights
in here. And finally, number one coolest thing coming
in Patch 8.2 according to me, anyways, is Pathfinder Part 2 and Flying in BfA. It’s finally here. For me, this is going to breathe life into
not just the new stuff but all of the earlier areas of BfA. Flight’s going to be great for gathering. It’s going to be AMAZING for getting to
pet battle world quests, especially as some of them are just like halfway up a cliff. I’m going to level new alts to 120, I’m
gonna get on my albatross and just fly circles around Boralus, it’s gonna be great. I’m on board with the do-things-on-the-ground
first approach that they’ve been taking but I do wish they’d add full Pathfinder
a little earlier in the expansion cycle. However, I am really relieved that flying
will work in both Nazjatar and Mechagon, and it’s not going to take too long to unlock. If you already have your BfA Pathfinder part
one, all you’ll need is Revered with the two new reputations. Not even exalted. You do also need to fully explore both new
zones, but that’s pretty quick. If you’re not sure whether you finished
Pathfinder Part One, now’s a good time to check. Wowhead has a tool at wowhead.com/attunement
where you can look up your character and see what you still need. So those are the things I think are coolest
in 8.2, but there is even more. For Honorable Mentions there’s a new arena
map, two new island maps, Ashran as an Epic Battleground, new seasons of arena and mythic
plus. There’ll be new things to gather, craft
and sell. There are new appearance sets to farm and
collect and wear. On the whole I can’t wait for patch, there’s
going to be so many great things to do. If you’ve been taking a break and you’re
on the fence about coming back, 8.2 is a great time to give it another try. So that’s it! Thank you for watching, share what you’re
looking forward to most in 8.2 in the comments, and have a wonderful, wonderful day. Bye!

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