15 FUN Upcoming VR Games To Look Out For In 2020! (Part 2)
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15 FUN Upcoming VR Games To Look Out For In 2020! (Part 2)

March 12, 2020

Hello, good people! Cas here, and this is
part 2 of the upcoming VR games 2020 video. Here are 15 more VR games to look forward
to. We are going to get started but first, subscribe
to see more videos like this one. And check out my previous video right here
if you haven’t yet. And now, join me beyond reality. Number 1. Lone Echo II Lone Echo was one of the best games released
in 2017. This space single-player adventure game puts
you aboard a space station that’s orbiting Saturn. You are Jack, an artificially intelligent
robot, and you are helping Captain Olivia find out what is causing a mysterious space
anomaly. The futuristic puzzles, interactive dialogue,
and realistic interactions in this game are absolutely fantastic. You won’t find this in other games a lot,
even in 2020. The 2nd installment of this game should release
this year, and I expect nothing less. If you haven’t played the first game yet,
then I recommend you to do so. Number 2. The Next Boneworks-like Game Stress Level Zero, the developers of Boneworks,
has said that they are working on another physics-based game like Boneworks. We initially thought it was going to be an
Oculus Quest exclusive. However, a developer has said on Steam that
the title is not going to be exclusive to any platform. They are putting it anywhere they can, which
is exciting news if you don’t have a Quest. There isn’t much more info yet. But Boneworks was a big success, so I think
this new game is one to look out for too. Number 3. Project Wingman Project Wingman is a combat flight action
game to be released as a flat PC game, and VR game. It is a single-player game that focuses on
easy pickup and play, as well as fast-paced, challenging flight action. Players will dogfight, strike, and fly in
an alternate history of Earth. The developers promise a Story Mode, a Conquest
game mode, and a Free-Flight mode. There will also be 20 different aircrafts
and over 40 unique weapons. All of which will also be available in VR. In 2018, the indie developers from Australia
tripled their funding goal in a successful Kickstarter. So we are hoping that this year will be the
year we hear about a release date on this game. Number 4. The Wizards – Dark Times The Wizards – Dark Times is a standalone expansion
to The Wizards. An atmospheric spell-casting adventure by
Carbon Studio. We liked the first game as the spell-casting
required you to actually memorize specific hand gestures, making you feel like you are
a real wizard. This single-player game features a campaign
mode that has time travel, big fantasy creatures to battle, and rich lore. I’ve tried a demo of this game last year,
which looked stunning, and it definitely felt improved over the previous game. Number 5. Naau: The Lost Eye Naau: The Lost Eye is Studio Gamebit’s debut
game. They describe this game as a narrative VR
action, adventure, and puzzle game using physics mechanics. You will find yourself in the ruins of old
cities, like temples, sky cities, canyons, and dark underground cities where the world
is upside down. There is combat as well with a variety of
advanced weaponry. The trailer shows some of this combat as well
as some lovely art-style. Especially those big monsters look fantastic. Number 6. After The Fall After The Fall is by the creators of Arizona
Sunshine. This time comes another post-apocalypse action
shooter with online multiplayer co-op gameplay. Instead of sunny Arizona, though, this time,
you are in a cold and snowy Los Angeles. A mysterious outbreak in an alternate 1980s
caused by the excessive use of designer drugs birthed the terrible Snowbreed. You are immune to it, so together with other
survivors, you go head to head with the relentless hordes and larger-than-life bosses in a bid
to take back the city. I tried a demo of this game too, and you can
tell that these devs have implemented what they learned from their first game to improve
this one. Number 7. Tarzan VR Tarzan VR, the name says it already! In this game, you can swing, climb, swim,
and fight your way across savage lands like Tarzan. This is an episodic single-player adventure
game, and based on the trailer, it looks like it will have cel-shaded graphics that make
the game look cartoonish, but without affecting the realism. It also looks like there will be freedom in
moving around, battles with melee weapons, or even your bare fists. Plus, we might be able to meet Jane, which
sounds like pleasure in itself 😉 Number 8. Traffic Jams Traffic Jams is a job simulator type of game
where you are a traffic controller. It is up to you to keep things rolling and
prevent traffic from piling up. It looks like a chill and straightforward
game, but what makes the game more interesting is that there will be unexpected events. Like buzzing bees who can sting you, or even
a zombie apocalypse and more random events can happen. Traffic Jams definitely sounds like a game
that would be great for kids or VR newcomers as well . Number 9. Population: One POPULATION: ONE is a battle royale game, which
reminds us of Fortnite. As any battle royale game nowadays, you are
dropped randomly on a map with the mission to be the last man standing. The game features a giant world where you
can climb everything, even the tallest structures. You also have a jetpack so you can fly anywhere,
and you can also build any structures you want as protection or distraction. The game has single-player missions and multiplayer
cross-play with the Oculus Quest and PC VR. This game has been announced for quite a while,
but the latest email said the game will launch this year. Number 10. The Walking Dead: Onslaught The Walking Dead: Onslaught is a new game
by veteran VR-studio Survios. You might know them from Creed: Rise to Glory,
Raw Data, Westworld… the list goes on… What makes this action-adventure game different
from the earlier released The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners is that this game will have
voice-acting by the real The Walking Dead actors. You can play as Rick, Michonne, and Daryl,
for example, and hear them speak. You can scavenge and wield an arsenal of the
TV show’s iconic weapons. As fans of the show, that is just awesome. There will also be online co-operative gameplay. I tried a demo of this game last year, and
the game does have more of an arcade approach as in more linear levels and a points system. The combat will be interesting to try as well
with what the devs call context-based physics and a progressive dismemberment system. Number 11. Sniper Elite VR Sniper Elite VR is a stealth-action game set
in Italy during World War 2, where you will fight for the Italian Resistance. This is the VR adaption of the Sniper Elite
series by studio Rebellion. It is the series first time that you can play
the game in first-person. You can interact with authentic World War
2 weapons, and there will be a new X-ray kill camera designed for VR. I am very interested to see how they will
implement that as it looks super cool in other Sniper Elite games, but it does look intense
in VR. Number 12. Phantom Covert Ops Phantom Covert Ops is a stealth action game
with one of the most original and smart locomotion mechanics we’ve seen so far. You are an elite and deadly covert operative
with a single night to prevent all-out war. No pressure 😉 Sitting on a tactical kayak,
you move around by actually paddling in real life. This makes the game very immersive and still,
very, comfortable to play. Yes, I tried a demo of this game a year ago,
and I enjoyed it a lot. It also has exciting gameplay as you use military-grade
weapons and equipment to evade or neutralize enemies. It’s up to you how you play. Number 13. Facebook Horizon Facebook Horizon is a social MMO VR game. Everyone in Horizon can create their own interactive
worlds with easy-to-use built-in tools. Facebook says that you can even create a game
inside this game that you can share with others. If you’re not into creating yourself, you
can explore the world and its creations yourself. Facebook promotes this experience as something
that’s ever-expanding with always something to do for everyone. Some people compare this experience with the
Ready Player One Oasis, if you don’t know that movie yet, then you should definitely
watch it. You can already sign up for the Facebook Horizon
beta that should be out this year. Number 14. Ilysia Ilysia is an upcoming VR MMORPG set in the
world of Ilysia. It will have area bosses, dungeons, caves,
and large outdoor cities. The developers also promise hundreds of hours
of questing, exploring, climbing, and hunting. Each player will get a personal caravan that
they can decorate and customize, which can also be used as a means of fast travel. There will be airships, pets, and mounts. The studio has a supportive community with
over a hundred Patreon members. We haven’t heard much about this game, though,
and it does seem like a massive undertaking. So we’re hoping to hear more soon. Number 15. Holoswitch Holoswitch is not a game but rather a handy
VR application, so I wanted to add it to this list as it is coming very soon. With Holoswitch, you can connect your smartphone
to your VR games so that you do not miss any calls, messages, or other notifications while
playing VR. You can even use your smartphone as a surveillance
camera or capture photos and videos in VR without taking off your headset. Currently, the app is only available for Android
phones and a compatible Bluetooth version. The iOS version is planned for the future. So out of this list, is there one game that
you are most excited about? Let me know in the comments. And if you haven’t yet, check out my first
video with 20 other upcoming VR games. I’m going to be keeping track of this video
series throughout this year and keep you all updated. We’ve got more exciting videos coming up,
so I hope to see you there as well! A special thanks goes to our Right-Hand Patrons. Big thanks to artArmin’s long-term support! Check out his Board Games VR on Steam
Another shout out goes to BaxornVR and his VR YouTube channel! As always VR on! [Behind the scenes]

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  1. So out of this 2nd list, is there one game that you are most excited about? This is the last video for a while in this series but we will keep you updated as more games are announced! 🙂
    Timestamps are in the description!

  2. I love the premise of the kayaking stealth game. I'm looking forward to seeing what people think of the full released game

  3. Gals listen, I know creating content is hard and you want your videos to have some meat in them , but last video had "unknown ubisoft game" and now we have "next boneworks like game" . It's supposed to be a list of games coming in 2020 so talking about stuff that may or may not even exist yet was an odd choice IMO.

  4. Your channel is great! I just stumbled upon it recently. You do an excellent job of summarizing information and it's a lot of fun to watch you two play the games. There's an excitement about VR that reminds me of the old NES and Sega Genesis days. I love it!

  5. Stress Level Zero is a great company and I’m looking forward to anything they create. I signed up for Population :One beta test and signed the agreement, just waiting and hoping they let me in before the game drops. Another game I’m really anticipating is the new Walking Dead game since Survios are developing it, I loved Creed on PSVR and if they bring the same fighting mechanics I am all in!!

  6. Naau: The lost Eye looks like something I would like a lot.
    Also, Ilysia looks great…though I'm not really after an multiplayer game. I have no problem being in a world with other people, but my work schedule is too unpredictable to commit to raids, etc, these days. I'd love an MMORPG where I can casually interact with people, but where I don't need to interact with them to progress.

  7. Lone echo 2 will also be available for Pimax headsets via their plugins (and probably also for headsets relying on steamvr?)

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