15 Innovative Electric Vehicles | Are Electric Vehicles The Future?
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15 Innovative Electric Vehicles | Are Electric Vehicles The Future?

August 29, 2019

– [Glen] Electric vehicles
are everywhere nowadays, and they can be anything, from scooters to medical
helicopters to farm equipment. They fly, they drive, and even haul manure. I’m Glen, and today we are bringing you 15 electric personal transports that can be useful in
all kinds of situations. (mid-tempo music) – Thank you for watching
Mind’s Eye Design. – [Woman] Number 15. – [Glen] The T31 Micro
is a new electric scooter from Zero-Emissions Vehicles. Ideal for light delivery
or short commutes, this three-wheeled trike is fully enclosed and has room for three people. This scooter has no
pedals and uses handlebars for all light controls. – [Woman] Number 14. – [Glen] An Australian
invention and design, the DC-Tri by Movement Tech is an excellent alternative to the Segway. A universal stand-up electric trike, the DC-Tri is more stable,
safer and easier to ride than a two-wheel bike. Featuring high-quality bike components this chrome molly-frame trike has a low center of gravity and supports riders up to 260 pounds. The eBike has a zero-turn radius and doesn’t require pedaling. – [Woman] Number 13. – [Glen] This is a revolutionary way for people with disabilities
to have the chance to regain the benefits of
therapy, position control, transfers and mobility. AbleChair enables users to
be put in various positions using a phone app for added convenience. This has a full range of adjustments including seat and tilt
angle in limitless positions. Other benefits of the chair
include pressure relief or a range of motion,
improved bone density, stretching the muscles,
increased circulation, improved lung function and
eliminating poor posture. – [Woman] Number 12. – [Glen] A prototype,
the Stealth Electric ATV, is an all-terrain 600
cc utility four-wheeler with battery power comparable
to a 300 cc four-wheeler. This eliminates both noise pollution and carbon emissions. The four-kilowatt lithium ion battery pack can be charged in six hours and has a range of up to 35 miles. An optional second battery pack can add up to 30 more miles to the range. – [Woman] Number 11. – [Glen] The Zero Dual
Sport and Dual Sport Rider have an all-electric drivetrain
with an increased range and a power boost. You can change between
economy and sports mode at the press of a button. A carbon fiber belt
connects the rear wheel and motor for acceleration and performance is continuously updated
through the Zero app. This can be charged
overnight with any standard wall outlet or a charge tank option. It can charge the battery
up to six times faster with recharging taking
as little as an hour. – [Woman] Number 10. – [Glen] The Zero X.U. Street Tracker is a custom-made electric bike that was modified by Colt Wrangler. He took a 2013 Zero X.U. and added LED lighting, aluminum bodywork and a new rear wheel. Most of the original bike was black, so he added the aluminum
bodywork for contrast. He replaced the original 16-inch wheel with a 19-inch wheel and moved around the electrical components while keeping the original wiring harness. The signature feature of the bike is the sculptured headlight
and number plate combo. It was made with four pieces and took Colt almost three days to complete. The tail section is a
combination that was inspired by both flat trackers and super bikes. – [Woman] Number 9. – [Glen] Perfect for bigger
cities and urban areas the Toyota iRoad is a
three-wheeled, two-seat trike that holds two people
sitting one behind the other. This is small at only three
feet wide and seven feet long. Current lean technology
gives you the same experience as riding a two-wheeler. A small turning radius,
increased maneuverability and no need to remain
stable when stationary or at low speeds. The system moves the wheels
in opposite directions up and down, and can apply a lean angle to counteract the centrifugal force. Operating on a step surface
while being driven straight it compensates for body
level and the road surface. – [Woman] Number 8. – [Glen] Cora Kitty Hawk is a flying taxi that has 12 independent rotors
that lift it straight up, taking off like a helicopter
and eliminating the need for runways. Cora was made to fly over traffic, saving time on commutes. This last year Cora has
added to their fleet, had over 400 test flights
and tested the parachute. The flying taxi includes a
triple-redundant flight computer and has a cruising speed
of 112 miles per hour. After eight years of development
they are one step closer to realizing their hopes. Cora has now partnered
with Air New Zealand to start the next phase
of their evolution. They are also opening a
software development phase in Atlanta this year. – [Woman] Number 7. – [Glen] Better known for cheap scooters and small motorcycles Kymco has introduced their first fully electric super bike, the Super NEX. Shown for the first time at the Milan show this bike is expected to have a top speed of 155 miles per hour. Able to get from zero to
60 in under three seconds, the NEX has a full-engagement
performance system, helping less experienced riders have a perfect takeoff. To make a better rider experience, the bike has six gears and they fitted it with an acoustic motor
that produces the sounds of gears changing and a revving engine. – [Woman] Number 6. – [Glen] The Uno Bolt is a self-balancing
one-wheeled electric scooter that uses gyro force
technology for balance. Like the Segway this moves forward by leaning toward the front, and when you lean back
it slows down and applies the brakes. The Bolt has a range of 25 miles and a 45-minute charge
time from empty to full. If the Bolt is too much for you Uno now has a Bolt Mini. This is designed to
ride either standing up or sitting down and has
a charge time of one hour with a range of up to 15 miles. You can get a more extended 23-mile range if you go for the long-range battery. – [Woman] Number 5. – [Glen] Created by
Polish aerospace company Jetson Arrow, the Jetson Speeder prototype is a single-seat EVTOL, capable of carrying a person that weighs up to 220 pounds. Jetson Arrow spent a lot
of time testing, building and programming the
prototype from scratch. The hoverbike powered
by eight electric motors and lithium ion batteries
has a flight time of 15 minutes. They are now working on
designing a lightweight carbon fiber frame and
improving on charging and battery power. – [Woman] Number 4. – [Glen] A modern reboot
of the ’60s and ’70s beach buggy, the ID Buggy
is an electric vehicle by Volkswagen which has
a 150-kilowatt motor that powers the rear wheels
and then sends the drive to the front axle using
an electric prop shaft. The buggy can also
detach from the chassis. Although this may not be mass produced Volkswagen is going to offer the platform of the electric car to other manufacturers so they can build upon their platform. – [Woman] Number 3. – [Glen] Intended to be a
zero-emission helicopter used for transporting human organs the Robinson electric helicopter is a converted Robinson R44. They remodeled it and then
added 67 kilowatt-hour lithium polymer batteries from Brammo. The helicopter uses twin electric motors from race car, engineering
and electric specialty company Rinehart Motion Systems. At a test flight from
Los Alamitos Airfield the aircraft reached a
speed of 92 miles per hour at 800 feet and covered 34.5 miles in just over 22 minutes. – [Woman] Number 2. – [Glen] Launching in
Vancouver, British Columbia, Veemo, specially designed for shared use, are accessible by using the smartphone app to reserve a vehicle and manage your trip. The Veemo comes with
automatic smart locks, turn signals, daytime
and nighttime lighting, and is made of a
lightweight composite body. These electric-assist
cycles are a terrific way to get around the city, and you can even ride them in bike lanes. – [Woman] Number 1. – [Glen] The Kulan Electric is a lightweight
electric-powered utility vehicle designed for tasks like
carrying cattle feed, hauling loads of produce, and other things you might
need to do on a farm. This is a quad that weighs only 660 pounds that can haul up to 2200 pounds. The all-electric Kulan is
a concept at this stage, but the team behind it has every intention of bringing the innovative
machine to market. (mid-tempo music) – Hi, everyone, and
thank you for watching. I’m Chandhi with Mind’s Eye Design. We’d love to hear your feedback. So please leave some comments below. And let us know your
favorite from this video and why you liked it. If you have an idea for a future video leave another comment and let us know. Then if we use your idea
we’ll give you a shout-out in that video. But don’t leave yet. Keep watching because there’s more. (upbeat pop music)

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  1. 14 great
    13 really thought out
    10 oh yeah, I'd love to ride that
    9 Toyota, bring it to the US
    5 Jetson – now we know what Elroy decided to do.
    2 cool, looks like the rear end got bitten off by a T-Rex though…

    EV's are eventually going to be common place but charging stations will need to be everywhere first.

  2. All these electric toy's are interesting and from what I see they are only good for use on the west coast. It would be nice to see something that could handle Buffalo, New York especially in the winter or snow season part of the year. When I see these little toy's I see them buried in a snow bank or stick in the road in a thick snow fall. The plow's can do a good job clearing the road's but they are not always every where.

  3. jeez the kulan electric vehicle is relegated to a farm vehicle, i suppose the farms of the future will be tarmacked

  4. The T-3 Micro looks almost identical to the ancient Cushman Truckster, built in the 1950's. The  only difference is the battery. pack.

  5. So, when the Electricity generating stations shut down for lack of fuel, where are you going to plug it in the recharge it ?. Electric vehicles are just a wet dream as far as the future is concerned.

  6. SEV trike – they should have gone with a tadpole design.

    DC TRI – interesting and fun looking – I like the stand up option – more of a toy, rear wheels too small for practical on the street transportation.

    Ablechair – great, anything that can help with mobility for physically impaired I love – but they show it on grass and I would suggest it is not great idea as those thin small front wheels will sink on soft turf

    Stealth EV ATV – awesome, I love being out in the trails but the noisy machines always put a damper on it – I would love to try one of these out – cant wait for battery tech to improve.

    Zero — good range of 328km on there 18kw version — but a little pricey and I am a liking 3 wheel stuff like the Arcimoto these days that are just more practical.

    Zero street thing — modified XU – definitely looks better than the stock XU

    Toyota Iroad — love the look but has an gas engine – should be electric!!

    Cora — very interesting – practical vertical take off and landing – when batteries get better these things will be very popular IMHO

    Kymco – again, I like 3 wheeler – but good luck to them as I applaud all electric efforts

    Bolt – bolt mini looks really practical and I like the stand up better than sit down – I sit down at work so want to get on my feet and not walk LOL – but does not look available on web page, only the regular one an it is sold out for now.

    Jetson – still in prototype stage — good luck to them – and I would not get one without a ballistic parachute which might get mandated to bring to market.

    VW buggy — love it – hope it comes to market

    Robinson EV Heli – congrats on the conversion but I think Heli's have seen their day now with EV VTOL air-planes coming out now.

    VEEMO – just awesome idea and great looking product – this is a pedal assist so we get hearts pumping a little faster which lots of us need — would love to try one. Looks like they are only targeting "no snow" area's for now.

    Kulan – very interesting – I hope they make it easier to get in and out of than it currently looks – and anyone that has been to a farm knows those will not be the tires that go on them !!


  7. While I will admit that electric vehicles are eco-friendly in their locality, but where will the electricity used to charge the batteries come from? Currently the majority of our electricity comes from coal and natural gas fired boilers to power the steam turbines to run the generators. I suppose that's OK as long as the power plants are not in your neighborhood. Solar panels and wind turbines are useful but when one considers how many it would take to power New York City and other major cities, solar and wind doesn't sound very practical or realistic. Solar energy is only available in day time, and wind power is only available when there is wind. The amount of batteries to capture and store electricity when it's available would be enormous. We have a long way to go before we can eliminate fossil fuel powered power plants.

  8. The farm truck idea looks like it would be hard to get in and out of. Needs a lot more work on that idea.

  9. in the near future vehicles will become so expensive, that you will rent them, unable to purchase because of cost. rural families will suffer poverty because of this, or drive antique junkers.

  10. Number 1… Really? That stripped, low-profile stretched tires, wreckage? It's cargo compartment is hilarious compared to a standard pickup truck. And it's usability is questionable at best.

  11. how about showing how to drive some of these future vehicles, like the helicopter, the plane and some of the others
    Michael T.

  12. Some vehicles are less practical than others, but I honestly hope that ev's will improve to the point where they put gasoline cars out of production. Seems like they're getting there, bit by bit, but they're not there yet. I'd like to see an electric " people's car " , a normal 4 or 5 seater sedan ( not an suv or pickup ) with a trunk big enough for lots of groceries or whatever. I'd like to see it get a minimum range of 500 MILES, not km, and cost no more than $20,000 Canadian. We're pretty far from that right now, but you really never know what the future will bring.

  13. I really wish they would stop calling electric vehicles zero emissions. They're basically powered by coal or natural gas.

  14. Is that dave from superior pondshop va.beach / norfolk va. On the utility farmer carrier, # 1 ,, grate seeing you , hope all is well and in good health..

  15. Ooh, getting better and better. I can see lots of different chores getting done with that last utility quad. The dual sport bikes are excellent. I know that stability software is awesome but why start with instability….put the center of gravity below the propellers.

  16. An electric vehicle is only zero emissions when the electricity is produced by nuclear power, water, wind, or solar. Since most electricity is produced by fossil fuels, these vehicles are seldom zero emissions.

  17. With copper resources getting low, what are we making electric motors and generators out of these days? One great advantage to electric cars and electric motorcycles is the way they will sound with straight pipes on them. Also, I'll be able to hear the crack of my rifle as I shoot out the tires of punks doing 60 in a 25 mph residential neighborhood. Don't get all whiny with me. It's just a "Traffic Control Ideation" I've been having in my dreams. I don't think I've gotten over that 300 ft burnout some White Trash Hillbilly did in his Turbo Diesel, Twin Cab, Dually Pickup Truck. OK… Bring on the electric Cars, and screw copper resources. I want quiet……. At some point Electric Cars will be Light Speed fast.

  18. Electric vehicles are not zero emissions as several claimed they are. That lie has to stop. All it does is push the emissions back to the power plant which the power is 80% or greater generated by fossil fuels, which emits emissions making not zero emissions.

  19. The down side of electric vehicles, ALL electric vehicles, range and recharge time, not to mention where you will be able to charge when you are trying to go across country. Why would I want to spend 8 hours to go 200 to 350 miles with electric against 500+ mile for the same time with petrol. Ia city I can understand electric, no pollution. In the outer area where I live electric at the present time is only feasible with Tesla which is 2 to 3 times the cost and there are no filling stations within 150 miles of my home.

  20. I always like the new things on this channel, but please where you can include range and charge times on all vehicles. Thanks

  21. can we stop naming electric model vehicles the "stealth". . my family was dealing in the "stealth" electric California Go-Ped in 1999..

  22. All of these are for short range(city or farm) I need a vehicle that will carry at least two people and baggage on a 16 hour trip and have four wheel drive capability. When you can do that I might consider an electric vehicle.

  23. Ablechair made my jaw drop! Incredible! What’s the hitch on your car look like to transport that??!!! Repeat after me ‘it’s as light as a feather…’ ‘it is a feather…LIFT! # 9 I think , the hot pink/fuschia looks like a LOT of fun, definitely high visibility with that color.

  24. Good to know information, when they make one that can handle a 450 lbs man and his 180 lbs wife please let me know. Thanks anyway love your posts.

  25. Hello guys! What do you think about my concept car? (link below)

  26. The 'AbleChair' is awesome and it's badly needed for persons who are disabled! #10 the electric ATV is useful only with both battery packs, you can put 30 miles on FAST on bush trails. It would be great for hunting since it's so quiet. I wonder how it will do with a 400lb kill strapped to it? The Toyota Iroad, only good for places like Japan. The Western world has far to many BIG individually owned vehicles for the Iroad to be safe. I've seen more than one Merc smart car in sticky situations. They open up like a can of cat food, being about as strong. The Cora Kittyawk, great concept, but… can you see these things all over the place with zero traffic controls…flying over traffic…..you'd be just waiting for the flaming wreckage to drop out of the sky when two of these collide right above you. The Vmo, again a great concept, but I would be leery about using it in downtown traffic. I moved from Vancouver 22 years ago to a more rural setting and even then traffic in Vancouver was dense and slow and peppered with many large vehicles. As a once professional driver in Van, I know how bad it can get. Get caught between two cement trucks, they'd never know you were there as they drove right over you. The Kulan Electric is a nice concept for farmers, but on the concept vehicle the tires are totally wrong for the job and if it needs charging every few hours, that's down time for the farmer, plus the drivers position is bad. On a farm you want to be able to get on and off of your vehicles fast. and you don't want to wait while your vehicle charges. A five minute charge time would be appropriate here. The concept of the electric vehicle is now almost two centuries old. It has progressed in recent years to where it's almost viable, particularly if battery range keeps going up and charge times go down and hopefully battery cost. Most of these developments are in the "Rich Man's Toys" category, and yet the more companies and individuals that experiment and try out new tech, the sooner the reality will come. However, since the whole world runs on petroleum fuels and the main infrastructure is geared towards that technology, it must be totally revamped. THAT will take time and SERIOUS investment. I don't see electric vehicles taking over any time real soon….BTW, "Kittyhawk" and Jetson……whatever happened to originality?

  27. I am Chand !!! Hau r YU ??? 🌹🌸🌷💐🏵🍀🍁🌿🌾🌴🐯☠🐲☠👿☠👹💵🔫💱🔫💷🔫💖💕💖💓

  28. When is John Deere going to introduce the electric tractor? I can also see an unmanned combine/harvester that uses self driving tech and GPS coming.

  29. None of these vehicles are practical in today's world. Sure if you're a city dweller plugins could be abundant and the necessity for range would be secondary but for country folks where outdoor activities are a constant and the ability to get to points of resupply and get back, range is a crucial element that quite frankly doesn't currently exist in any affordable form. You'd be better off going hydrogen power or perhaps an hydrogen electric design. Better yet, make the leap to electromagnetic and eliminate all the stepping stones in between.

  30. Ebike are great. 1000w 48v or more will move you at 30mph or more, and charges in a work shift.

  31. I can't purchase any of these, so they might as well be drawings on a piece of toilet paper for all the good it does me.


  33. For the #2 spot I noticed your enthusiasm saying "Launching in Vancouver BC" Does that mean your producers live near there?

  34. In March of 2019, Harbour Air, Vancouver, ( world's largest all-seaplane airline) has a partnership with magniX to electrify the entire Harbour Air fleet. The two companies are planning to begin tests in late 2019; the first converted aircraft will be a DHC-2 Beaver. It would be great if you did a video on this since it will be carrying passengers.

  35. Electric vehicles are the past. The first cars were electric. They failed back back in 1917 for the same reasons that are still issues today. Range and battery life. Still an issue with no answer in sight. Without subsidies the electric vehicle is not viable.

  36. If you are still asking the question, are electric vehicles the future??… then you probably need to do more research , that question is moot!…

  37. The first novel I read was a sci-fi by Arthur C. Clark called Islands in the Sky. The story is of a teen who wins a trip to anywhere on earth provided by the contest’s sponsor, an airline company. He chose the inner station, a space station just within the bounds of the earth as defined by the story’s version of the U.N.
    It was an epic book for a child and it kindled a love of sci-fi that has never waned.
    Sooooo yes, if I won a trip to an inflatable habitat, I would not hesitate for a second!

  38. Hi chandi madame how are you
    i hope you are
    this video information is very good
    about electric vehicles
    ok right bye bye

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