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  1. The Mavic in my opinion will still be tops for 2017. You can't beat its versatility for the price. That being said, for future USA Pro drone users, you don't have to spend a lot of time or money studying for the FAA part 107 exam. I passed with a 90% and didn't take any courses. I just spent about $4 for a neat Googleplay app called UAS107 and watched a few videos on sectional charts via youtube. Now the exam is not an easy one by no means, but app I used was extremely helpful and I was able to study on the go. Here’s the link to the app for interested pilots.

  2. About 5 miles from me you can pick up a duplex for $5k which leaves you enough to buy sand bags and a kevlar vest (you'd need for the questions at my birthday

  3. nice view of the CES 🙂

    And just a big thank for your skills with edit with the music fits perfekts to the scenes:) always enjoy it ..

  4. Dude that was amazing, you're a great commentator, you should have your own tv show.
    Thank you for posting this. I'll be looking forward to more of your video's.
    btw, that was a crazy unbelievable hoop shot your buddy made, kudo's.

  5. Those levitating metallic balls were really cool! It caught my eyes cos I've always wanted something like that in my studio. Someday! Your editing skills are very good. Great video!

  6. The only reason it costs that much is because it's marketed to police, and it's being funded by tax dollars so they can gouge the price without issue. It's also clear that they have gone way outside the FAA and FCC allowed flying parameters with their radio system. It's like they think police are made of money and don't follow the rules…hmm…

  7. i think Lincoln would've had a blast at that show…you should take him next year. I know I'd certainly have a blast at something like that with all that tech stuff…

  8. That $150k drone could be built for $35k and offer much more features. I guess someone got scammed if they bought it and didn't know that lol

  9. police dron… the beginning of the terminator era , global control and total slavery and price is 15 000 $ not like zombi has written 150 000 $

  10. Hello I just subscribed to your channel I gave you the thumbs up I also hit the bell schedule video of my messages to you are you tubers you're doing a great job keep up the good work and keep the videos coming please have time to go to my channel and give me the thumbs up and subscribe I would appreciate it thank you supporter not to do trooper

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