September 16, 2019

Aaron: Chris’s Heli is running off on it’s
own and we don’t know why! Chris: Right Now it’s in the middle of the
Amazon forest somewhere. Hello, this is Chris with CineChopper my camera
operator aaron and I had the opportunity to head down to Peru to film the treehouse lodge
for animal planet. The treehouse lodge is an amazing treehouse hotel where you can actually
sleep in the trees. After two long days of travel we setup our $15,000 heli. We ended
up getting amazing shots and footage that looked great on animal planet, but as all
RC pilots know sometimes your gear doesn’t work like it should and things don’t always
go as planned. This is one of those Adventures. We take for our first flight in Peru, I test
out my heli and everything is working 100 percent. I then take it a little bit higher
above the tree canopy. All of a sudden I lose my ability to move forward and backwards.
At this point I panick as below me is a mess of solid tree’s with no place to land safely.
I didn’t want to use my GPS as I didn’t have good signal on take off and there were
too many tree’s around. As a last ditch effort to get the helicopter
back I decided to hop the fence and try and get underneath it so I could try and bring
it down in a more open area. You can see me running trying to get underneath the helicopter.
Aaron my camera operator also joins in the chase.
Aaron: Chris’ heli is running off on it’s own and we don’t know why, it’s just floating
up in the air and it’s not coming down. Kind of a panic moment. Chris yells “Aaron!”
Aaron yells “Yeah?!” At this point i’m below the tree but I can’t
see it. I can only hear it above the canopy, the heli then decides to start moving slowly
away from me and the sound of the motors get more distant.
I’m way far away from the helicopter and I can no longer hear it. It’s probably about
five to six hundred feet high right now. So I decide to lower the throttle on my transmitter
and assume the helicopter is heading downwards. This is where things get interesting. Aaron: We are in the middle of the rainforest
, amazon and we are looking for Chris’ helicopter! Because we lost it. Chris: Happiest day of
my life what can I say. Aaron: It flew away. Chris: Right now it’s in the middle of the
amazon forest somewhere. It could be in a tree right now, it could be on the ground.
We’re being eaten alive by mosquitos right now. Aaron: I am dying, I am dying, they are
eating me everywhere! Chris: I just heard word from our friends
they found the helicopter it is up in a tree, I haven’t seen it yet that’s good news
that means things probably aren’t as broken as they could have been so we are going to
go and check it out. I’m really excited we will see what happens.
So we found the helicopter it’s way up in the tree.
Vance:So we are trying to retrieve this helicopter that’s around 60ft up there and to do that
we just use the same techniques we use to climb these trees to build the bungalows.
First we use a slingshot like this, giant human sized slingshot. Shoot this weight up
over a branch and then you connect a big rope to it and pull it back through. Then you fasten
the other end and you get a good tree climber like Paul here to use an ascender, retrieve
the helicopter and we’ll lower him down slowly and bring the helicopter back to safety,
hopefully. Chris: Alight so we are almost there, we still
got about 20 feet left. Alright! we got it! We got it down, there it is, I don’t think
we lost anything. We might have some really good footage too from the actual tree landing,
holy cow, yeah that’s not a coincidence, that’s a miracle is what you call that.
There is nothing else to call that. [laugh] So what actually went wrong was that the right
stick on my specktrum DX8 transmitter broke and would not respond to my inputs. I am truly
greatful to Vance and the workers at treehouse lodge for their help rescuing my helicopter.
I know that I would be still up in the tree without them. My motto is to bring two of
everything. I even brought an extra helicopter, but luckily I didn’t need it. I just synced
up my backup transmitter and we were good to go, everything worked out perfectly for
the rest of the 4 day shoot and we got the amazing shots that we came for. Hope you enjoyed
this video if you liked it please like, comment and subscribe and stay tuned for more.

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