16 – Apply Master Page (and Page Tabs)
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16 – Apply Master Page (and Page Tabs)

August 18, 2019

Hi! In this video, we’re going to see how APPLY MASTER PAGE feature helps us to apply all the modifications done on the HEADER and FOOTER of the master page to all other HTML templates. Let’s start by opening all our templates, starting by the index.html which is our master page. This action offers us the opportunity to discover Pinegrow Page tabs feature which is very useful for working on multiple documents at the same time. As a reminder, in one of the previous videos, we defined the HEADER and FOOTER elements by adding the “SITE CONTENT” action to the main element of our page. We can make changes to HEADER and FOOTER only on the master page. To try it out we modify a bit of text in the HEADER and in the FOOTER. Then, we’ll apply the changes to other templates. Save the index.html template. We switch tabs to 404 template. From the WordPress menu, we select Apply Master Page. Pinegrow now ask for the confirmation. Select “Apply the master page”. Changes are imported and applied to the HEADER and FOOTER. You can now repeat the same procedure on all the other templates.

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  1. My theme got no 404 and archive, why?

    I think something is missing in these tutorials, or the .html use is prebuilt in order to be easily translated into wordpress.

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