18 Views of “Plane Impact” in South Tower | 9/11 World Trade Center [HD DOWNLOAD]
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18 Views of “Plane Impact” in South Tower | 9/11 World Trade Center [HD DOWNLOAD]

September 7, 2019

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  1. Despite 18 videos showing exactly the same event, there are conspiracy idiots out there who say that there were no planes and/or all the videos were 'doctored' before being made public. Some people are simply too stupid to live.

  2. The most magnificent, simple and clever protest against US hegemony. The Government of America ensured this would happen as a direct result of their hubristic foreign policy. Well done America, your government did this to you. Now you have Trump, things can only get worse. It's sad that your country is controlled by the wishes of a vociferous, bigoted minority, but you let that happen. Time for change America.

  3. i want to kill every last one of the terrorists who did this they attacked us in our country i hope they burn in hell

  4. Num 8- clearly obvious from the sound alone that whatever hit that building had the same sound as a missile strike and aftershock. Also, notice how all the should be “shiny aluminium tin can” airplanes ✈️, are just small dark, invisible/matrixes of highly propelled camouflaged rockets. That’s my honest opinion unless you’ve never been in a plane or seen one up close, you’ll know…trust ✌?

  5. It's a great compilation. Don't feel sorry for a single victim – they chose to remain in a known terrorist target after the 1993 bombing – tough luck. That's just like the morons that keep rebuilding their homes on the riverbanks after every flood – they knew better.

  6. I am from Colombia, and I had a great picture of New York city in my room, I remember that I cried when I entered to my room and saw the imposing and huge twin towers.. I was in New York last year, it was sad but comforting to observe how they raised like the Phoenix..

  7. 看了这支影片让我更加坚定支持中国民航局禁飞国泰航空参与过暴力示威的机组人员,不能让911在中国重演。

  8. Sad to say but the American s did this to them selves and the innocent ppl had to deal wit the bullshit this sick country knew this was gona happen and let it happen just for greed and money …if u r not educated u will never understand

  9. no, it was not an inside job- anyone who thinks that is a jerkoff idiot. It was a muslim job, which is why we banned muslims from coming to the USA…

  10. So it takes serious skills just to fly a small plane and keep it “lined up” for a runway. What kinda skills does it take to line up a huge jetliner up on these towers like this?? One shot wonder pilot(s) here? All these years later and people are still “sheep” about all these people being murdered by their own. I’m crazy? Yeah, building 7. Need I say more?

  11. RIP to all the victims. Saying that…. whoever planned this, wasn't after victim numbers.. where this happened , crash the plane into the base of the towers and victims of 1 plane would have been in the 10's of thousands possibly 100,000. What about New Years eve, or for that matter the Superbowl. It was terrible… something doesn't quite fit with the explanation where told. That's why people think it was a False Flag… Either way anyone doing MURDER in the name of GOD….they'll have their day.

  12. Apparently the plane is very clearly seen on some videos but on others it's not seen at all, like the one from NBC at 7:30min.
    Something is fishy about these supposed authentic shots.
    These 18 videos try to proof one thing but evidently the opposite thing is true.

  13. At 7:30 she sounded so calm, compared to the rest of the videos where everyone flipped!! That doesn’t sound right… how can someone be so fckn calm when what they just witnessed was the massacre of dozens of people!! “Instantly”. Only person who didn’t react was the one from NBC! Her only comment was “wow”.
    That’s it???? Unreal…

  14. My cousin who is a famous photographer had a photo shoot on the terrace that day and he woke up early with a stomachache and was throwing up.
    He spoke to some of his colleagues and told them he might be a little late that day.
    Then it all went downhill…
    He survived but sadly 90% of his team members passed away in this horrific event!
    May God rest their souls…

  15. On different versions the planes hit from different directions.
    Clearly, there are fakes among those videos.
    Thanks for sharing. YES, IT WAS AN INSIDE JOB. E V I D E N T L Y ! ! !

  16. Every time a Democratic candidate says Open Borders and no scrutiny of who crosses our Borders SEE THESE PICTURES in your mind.

  17. If You think 9-11 Was an inside job Your Right! Did it create Grounds for a war and a wartime economy Right again! The Middle east & Oil? Right Again! Who Sells Oil? I'm Talking The Middlemen Texaco Sunoco shell chevron The Oil Company's Al Quidah is said to be against the saudi sheik and the personal vendetta that Bin laden had after being exiled from the saudi royal family! Remember the weapons of mass destruction that turned out to be Mass deception and then add afghanistan & Opium which becomes the drug companies Opiate crisis here in america! And where does the funding of terrorist groups come from Syria lebanon libya sure some of it but don't count out the military industrial complex! And then there is the utah olympic bribery scandals money where no one was prosecuted and where is all that money now? Mitt Romney has lots of offshore Investments & accounts! So Does Jon Huntsman IE Huntsman Oil of Utah or The Marriott & All Those Hotels!

  18. I remember watching the second plane going into the building . The building collapsing reminded me of controlled explosions. I watched a programme on 9/11 and a Russian Scientist give some very plausible reasons for doubting the official version of events The third plane went into part of the Pentagon if I remember, oddly that never gets much attention, by the media. Some say the real target was the Pentagon and the Twin Towers was a diversion. I keep an open mind on the matter as I cannot accept that the planes brought the building down and why did it seem there was explosions in other parts of the building?

  19. People have forgotten or were not old enough to see this shit. Now we bow down to islam and import them by the thousands if not millions by this point because of "diversity" and "rascism" and anything the left can do to destroy this great nation.

  20. Omg today is September 6th 2019 and I got a 9/11 video in my recommendation. Wow, now I realised it's just 3 days left for 9/11 anniversary.

  21. I’ve never seen anything on the hijackers of the plane? Where did they learn to fly a plane? How did they learn to fly a plane? Questions that will forever be hidden by our Government ?

  22. Goodbye Twin Towers…
    A place where I've never been (because I was born in 2004) and I'll never go because of that tragic attack… :'-(
    RIP those people who was there…

  23. Seems weird how some people have no reaction to the 2nd plane crash. The first one you might be like WTF just happened but the 2nd would be awful!!

  24. I want to kill these terrorist who came from please give me a chance to kill them these are never forgoten. Please be like a man …

  25. its funny how people always combine "Jesus fucking Christ" and "Oh my fucking God" and "Holy shit" i think that is not working when you spell it this way ?

  26. The anti-American Muslim population dropped hundreds of thousands after 9/11 and are still dropping. Thank you Taliban.

  27. What is so pathetic is that , despite it being done by Islamic terrorists, instead of condemning it trying to blame the Jews and everyone else for the crimes they do. So typical. Oh maybe because its ok to lie to infidels or because they think it's ok to do it to others as long as they are non believers.

  28. I was in the 5th grade when this happened. We had lunch around 10 15 central time. by then the buildings were gone but I had just heard about it from someone who only knew because they were late to school that day. Apparently, parents had called the school asking them not to show it to us. When I got home that afternoon that's all that I watched. So stupid of the parents to think they could shield us from what was going on.

  29. I was a person recording, I got a theory, if the plane did r3ally struck the tower, the nose of the plane would be sticking out, and plus I heard bomb noises while a plane struck.

  30. The female reporter in the helicopter on video 12 someone should just thrown off the helicopter.. I mean really woman? I hope you don't screw like you report news lame lame lame

  31. Totally a false flag procedure . To instigate the invasion of the middle-east and conveniently wash away investigations into $3T missing in defence contracts at that time.

  32. I'm seeing some difference in the videos.
    One shows the plane going in smoothly and comes out the other side and back in.
    How does an aircraft go into a building without any resistance?

  33. every american was crying this sad day …. except 4 mossad israeli agent who were dancing on the roof of a white truck , near the towers , when the plane hit the towers …. but the world don't talk about that because israeli jewish are holly people , you can blame muslims but not the jews ….

  34. ➕El terrorismo siempre puede llevar un trasfondo, a veces positivo y a veces negativo, después de todo en la guerra igual muere mucha gente y los países que se pelean dicen a los suyos que el enemigo esta equivocado, dicho esto diria, bendito los países opresores por que este es el destino que tienen. Ya ven que no es necesario tanto, sólo dos aviones y odviamente valor para morir por los suyos.

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