20 Best WordPress Themes for Travel Blogs [2018]
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20 Best WordPress Themes for Travel Blogs [2018]

August 12, 2019

In this video, we reveal the 20 best WordPress
travel blog themes for 2017 & 2018. Having reviewed 100’s of WordPress themes,
taking into account speed, design, ease of use, mobile responsiveness and functionality,
we’re excited to help simplify the process of choosing a WordPress theme, and share with
you the best WordPress themes for travel blogs in 2017 & 2018. A few that made the list include Soledad,
Voyager, CheerUp, Olsen, Insight, and The Voux, just to name a few. We’ll explore the areas where the theme
scored well, as well as highlight any trade-offs you may need to consider. We’ve created a blog post that accompanies
this video that you can follow along with on the OHKLYN blog, at OHKLYN o-h-k-l-y-n.com/blog
(there will be a link to the article in the description below). All the links to the themes covered in this
video will be in the description box below, and on the OHKLYN blog post for your reference. We’ll also include a link to our ‘How
to Set Up a WordPress Blog’ video for step-by-step instructions on how to set up your blog with
one of the top featured themes. As well as a link to discount hosting and
a free domain with our affiliate partner bluehost So, if you’re ready, let’s get to it and
take a look at the best travel blog WordPress themes for 2017 & 2018. Earning the top spot is Soledad with a score
of 9 out of 10 Soledad treats you to one amazing travel blog
experience. It has a very modern and polished design that
feels as if the individual pieces were perfectly assembled into a highly attractive and intuitive
layout. The only aspect that lets this theme down
slightly is its page load speed, with a Google PageSpeed of 51 for mobile, and 47 for desktop. The slower speed is mainly due to the number
of images that are used, especially on the home pages. The developers have done everything necessary
to minimize script requests among others, but you will need to keep an eye on the image
file sizes you upload to your blog – which is good practice regardless of the theme you
go with. Soledad features deep and intuitive navigation. All posts feature breadcrumbs so that you
can navigate straight to the relevant subcategories. We also like that they replaced the customary
image slider on the homepage, with something more like an “article slider”. Not only that, but it has one of the top 5
mega menus in this list. The categorizing of articles on the main page
is also very helpful, which all contributed to it’s ease of use score. A big plus for Soledad is its modern design. It uses all sans-serif fonts and comes across
sleek and laid back – The color contrast between black and turquoise is also soothing
and reminds us of blue skies and the ocean (both things we associate with travel). And this can obviously be customized to whichever
colors align with you and your brand. While being very busy in general, the wise
use of padding and alignment keeps it from feeling cluttered. The mobile experience is just as good. The black divisions that separate categories
help break up the page and makes it easier for the user to navigate. Everything else works as expected and there
are no alignment or sizing issues. The image slider can have multiple rows of
articles, which is a nice option to have. eCommerce is supported via Woocommerce, which
is great if you want to sell products, services, guides, or digital products. There are a ton of widgets and layout variations
to enjoy, and this theme gets extra points as the blog feels tailor made, which we can
appreciate. The runner up is Newspaper earning a 9 out
of 10 Simple at first glance, Newspaper delivers
everything you could wish for in a travel blog. It gets a special shout out for its big and
easy to read fonts. The mobile experience is great and the best
thing about this theme is that it manages to keep all of its features without it feeling
too cluttered. The cherry on top however, is its travel specific
widgets, such as the custom weather widget (perfect for a travel blog). This theme has a reasonably impressive page
load speed for a site with so many features, widgets, and media. On mobile it scored a 62 on the Google PageSpeed
test which isn’t bad at all – Desktop however did a little worse and scored a 54. Script requests, DNS lookups and redirects
are kept to a minimum, but it could be improved by combining external JavaScript and CSS. Despite all the content, Newspaper remains
ridiculously easy to use. The theme’s extensive mega menu takes a
little time to load but the theme makes great use of its breadcrumb, which makes it more
convenient. This is another theme that uses black, white
and turquoise well – It really gives an outdoor feel (which is perfect for a travel
blog). The theme deserves a shout out for its easy
to read fonts. And though the theme looks simple at first
glance, there is a certain charm to its simplicity that most will appreciate. Newspaper’s mobile responsiveness scored
a perfect 10/10. It’s one of those rare themes where the
mobile experience is even better than the desktop version. And as mentioned earlier, mobile also has
a faster page load speed that contributes to its overall score. It has a nice, full-screen menu so that the
links are big and easy to click. This theme includes extensive functionality,
such as a number of custom widgets specific to its niche, as well as eCommerce support
via WooCommerce, making this theme a viable suitor for any travel blog. In third place we have Voyager with 9 out
of 10 Voyage into the waters of travel blogging
with this awesome theme. It has all the features, layouts, and widgets
you would expect from a travel blog, plus a unique map with regional links! Which is very nifty! As you can see from the scores, Voyager makes
up for its slower page load speed by scoring high in all other categories. It’s page load speed is our only concern
with a Google PageSpeed rating of 33 on mobile and 37 on desktop. This theme does a good job of remaining easy
to use even though it has some unique characteristics. We like the zig-zag way in which posts are
listed on the main pages’ default design. It’s menu is easy to use, with straightforward
navigation that translates well on all devices. As we just mentioned, the design for Voyager
is interesting and breaks from the mainstream. And the great thing is that there are more
than enough variations for you to choose from (some of which are more traditional). The fonts used are also modern, sans-serif
and very readable. And the theme comes alive with great use of
hover states and small animations. Voyager transforms beautifully to mobile – It
finds a way to keep all of its distinguishing features even though it has to fit a smaller
screen.The menu expands from nothing with an interesting twist. Besides having all the usual features like
e-commerce, travel specific layouts and design, and almost all the widgets you could want,
it comes with another special one which makes it extremely unique. Voyager comes with a world map, with different
regions being able to link to their respective categories! We almost can’t believe more themes don’t
have it – It’s truly the perfect addition to a travel blog. The next WordPress theme for travel blogs
is Olsen scoring 9 out of 10 A regular in our theme review articles, the
Olsen theme is a versatile and easy to use theme that has impressed us once again. It is an incredibly well designed theme and
it achieves this at little expense to its usability and navigation. It has a lot of features, and widgets that
are perfect for a range of blog types, including a travel blog. The only downside being its page load speed
– Because of the amount of images this theme uses, the page load speed suffers. Also, the image galleries are great but it
could do with more animation or hover states to liven it up, which is an easy fix if you
know a little CSS. We have a step by step tutorial on how to
get up and running with this theme which you can find on our YouTube Channel or Blog. Up next we have CheerUp, a great theme also
scoring 9 out of 10 CheerUp is a beautifully made theme, and is
one of our favourites for a number of reasons. It feels alive and vibrant through the use
of image hover states and animations that are almost everywhere, without them feeling
too intrusive. There is a huge array of layouts that contains
almost every combination of columns, sidebars, full-width or tiled designs you can think
of, and comes with demo content to get you up and running quickly. This theme also has a great shopping experience
via Woocommerce. If we had to be critical, the page speed could
be better. However, the mobile experience is solid, the
navigation is clever and intuitive, and the theme has all the features you would expect
in a quality blog theme, making CheerUp a great option for a number of use cases. The next travel blog WordPress theme is SimpleMag
with an 8 out of 10 SimpleMag has a few different layout options
to choose from. All layouts feature a stunning megamenu with
images, animations and subsections. The image sliders also have captions and can
be dragged. Woocommerce support also provides the theme
with a shop option and it’s obvious that a lot of design effort went into it. What’s also great is that the fonts are
modern and easy to read. The only downside however is that the mobile
page speed is quite low scoring a 33 compared to 63 for desktop. This will impact the mobile experience slightly,
however, this theme makes up for it in other areas. We then have The Voux with a score of 8 out
10 The Voux is another theme that has been featured
on one of our top 3 lists, and we’re not surprised it made it to this list as well. It’s an elegantly crafted theme with ample
features and layouts to suit a range of uses. The only reason it didn’t make the top 3
on this occasion is that it isn’t technically dedicated to the travel blog niche, however,
it has all the features, widgets, and layout options you will need to create an epic travel
blog. Every element comes to life with great use
of hover states and animation. And this theme translates perfectly to all
devices, making it a solid option. In the next spot we have Insight, with a rating
of 8 out of 10 In our opinion, the Insight theme is one of
the best all rounders on this list. You can’t really fault it in any category,
but when it comes to ease of use, this theme towers above the rest. Image galleries uses Jetpack, giving you the
option to view full size or comment on the images. The layout and navigation is pretty standard
and is incredibly easy to use providing an enjoyable user experience. The fonts are sans-serif and easy to read. The only downside however, is the theme’s
appeal – We feel that some may find it a little plain overall, but it’s still a great
option. The next travel blog theme is Suarez scoring
8 out of 10 Suarez is a clean a modern theme that includes
some uniques features, such as it’s mosaic style blog listings, and featured author box,
allowing users to learn more the author. The inclusion of a subscribe box and instagram
widget is a nice touch, and the themes use of a classy serif font for headings, and a
modern sans-serif for the body, create an enjoyable viewing experience. Our only concern is that this theme is quite
light on features, and the page load speed could be improved. However, we feel that the theme makes up for
this in other areas, including it’s easy to use navigation and great mobile experience. Next on the list is SuperGrid with 8 out of
10 SuperGrid follows the design of viral news
blog – This means it’s built around a homepage with a huge grid/masonry layout full
of posts. Surprisingly, SuperGrid manages to not come
across too tacky despite following this structure. What we love is that the fonts are big, modern
and readable. The navigation is very flat and easy to use. And the simplicity of the theme means it can
easily be repurposed. Our only word of warning is that you will
need to have a lot of posts ready to go to make this theme work for launch. The next WordPress theme is Extra with 8 out
of 10 By sticking to its guns, Extra provides the
largest amount of layouts on this list alongside CheerUp. It has almost every widget, content type and
feature you can think of but we expect no less from the creators of Divi. This is another multipurpose theme that can
be used for any topic. If you choose to go with this theme, we would
recommend doing some styling of your own to ensure it has a personal blog feel. Up next we have Alder with a score of 8 out
of 10 The look and feel of this theme is very elegant,
soft and it feels polished. Navigation wise, it’s very standard and
therefore very easy to use. Although it isn’t extensive, there is a
good range of layout options, and the theme supports eCommerce. Another plus is that it gives the user a great
mobile experience which is always a positive in our eyes. Its use of typography is nice and has a range
of different sizes, colors and a mix of serif and sans-serif which we love. If the theme had more hover states and animations,
it would feel more lively overall, which is an easy fix if you know some CSS fundamentals. The next travel blog WordPress theme is Wayfarer
with 7 out of 10 Wayfarer is definitely something different. It’s hard to think of a similar theme, especially
in this category. Firstly, it makes use of a dark background
with light colors on top for contrast. It also makes use of a magazine like presentation
combined with a blog. The menu also covers the whole screen in an
interesting move. The theme looks amazing on tablet, and reasonably
well on mobile. This theme passes the Google mobile friendly
test, and could be a unique option to consider. We then have Sensational with 7 out of 10 Sensational is a multipurpose blog theme with
two layouts that would work really well for a travel blog: Default and Travel. Because it is a My Theme Shop theme it will
come with a huge amount of sharing options, robust responsiveness and Woocommerce support. It is a relatively simple theme with nothing
over the top, but what is interesting is that it comes with parallax and zoom out page templates
which are pretty cool. Optimized for Google AdSense, and with one
click demo content, this theme could be a good option. In the next spot we have Metro Pro with a
rating of 7 out of 10 Metro Pro is a modern and minimal theme offered
by the team at StudioPress. It has easy navigation, a simple yet attractive
layout, easy to read sans-serif fonts, and an above average shop. The default theme is a bit dark, but add in
a background image from one of your adventures and it would fit the travel blog topic just
fine. There is also a good selection of layouts
to choose from, however, the options may be a little too simplistic for some. The next travel blog theme is Divi scoring
7 out of 10 Technically, Divi can be used to create any
blog, it’s greatest feature being its easy to use page builder. It’s made by Elegant Themes who are a big
player in the industry and as you can expect, this means that it has a tonne of layouts,
features and design options. The default Divi layout feels like a tech
company, or startup website and is very impersonal so you may want to do some work to make it
feel like a travel blog, but there are a number of free layouts available and active community. Check out one of our tutorials using the Divi
theme. The next travel blog WordPress theme is MyBlog
with 7 out of 10 MyBlog comes with a number of pre-designed
layouts to suit various scenarios. This theme scores really well across the board,
however we had to dock it a few points for design, as it feels a little dated in certain
areas. However, we realize this may just be our opinion,
and some may find the design on point. On mobile, the theme looks better than the
desktop version and passes Google’s mobile friendly test. It also has an online shop which is a great
win for this theme. The next travel blog WordPress theme is Vogue
with 7 out of 10 Tesla Themes come up with some pretty striking
designs. Off the bat, Vogue is a great theme with an
attractive design. The design doesn’t feel cluttered at all
– and we’re loving the theme’s cool image sliders, and typefaces (which are well
matched and legible), as well as being modern and sans-serif. Unfortunately, the theme has very limited
extras to offer in the way of layouts and features but it does look great on mobile
which is a huge plus in our eyes. We then have Medym Travel with 6 out of 10 Medym is a modern and well designed theme
with a number of layout options to choose from. Its social media integration for sharing is
a nice touch and the designs use of whitespace, bright elements, and unique typefaces, make
this worth a look. It doesn’t have as many features as some
of it’s competitors, and the page load speed isn’t great. However, the navigation is simple and the
overall design translates well to mobile, providing a consistent user experience across
all devices. Rounding out the top 20 is Amoeba with a score
of 6 out of 10 Amoeba has some interesting design choices
that makes the theme stand out. Its full width images with the centered text
in article lists is a positive in our eyes. However, the theme lacks features overall
(it doesn’t have e-commerce support) which is a negative. The theme’s page load speed could be improved
considering it’s light on content, and the mobile experience isn’t great. That being said, the theme has a neat image
slider option that opens a full screen slider gallery, which is a nice touch. And that wraps up our review of the 20 best
WordPress themes for travel blogs. If you liked this video hit the like button,
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