24 HOUR BOX FORT SUBMARINE CHALLENGE!! 📦💦 Scuba Tanks, Onboard Oxygen & More!
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24 HOUR BOX FORT SUBMARINE CHALLENGE!! 📦💦 Scuba Tanks, Onboard Oxygen & More!

August 29, 2019

all right it looks like she’s diving we
are good to go we’re underwater 10 meters 20 meters we see how to get
inside so dark so rainy how does one make a box for this okay why are you so
sad okay I wanted to build a massive box for
today but unfortunately it’s too rainy and cloudy there’s no way we’ll be able
to do it structurally it’s not safe enough to pursue somewhere we could go
somewhere where it didn’t matter who’s raining somewhere it didn’t matter if it
was windy or cold hey are you thinking about Florida course or nothing about
Florida Logan Ford is too hard to get to I think we go underwater don’t they
think about this local think about this come come to the lab are you see Logan
it’s fairly simple but the math does check out if you look at us here this is
an ocean and on top of the ocean is us now we’re sad Logan as you can see by
our founders that’s because there’s rain there’s wind if we go under the ocean in
a submarine box fort what’s underwater I don’t know the hell of a lot of fish
Logan and have you ever seen a frowny-face fish Logan because I don’t
know about you I never see I’m proud of fish and that is why we have to go
underwater we’ve gotta build another box for its submarine I know our last one
didn’t work but I believe we can do it this time we have the technology we can
get on board oxygen and build this thing so advanced Jake that’s amazing we can
convert the helicopter we made into a submarine yeah yeah yeah we could we
could if we still had the helicopter oh yeah I sort of sold it you sold our
helicopter look it gave me an amazing deal I sold it supplied me I didn’t
think we’d ever use it again I got like four rolls of tape for it look I have an
idea we’ll go to five meters well ask him we can buy back the helicopter if we
can get it we can convert the helicopters module into the power center
of the submarine few upgrades and we’ll be underwater by tonight and all my
friends welcome back well can I help you today
I guess blood here I was I was hoping that you might be able to sell us
back the helicopter I made a mistake and we still need it you want you want
to buy your helicopter back we can do that
I sort of crashed her a little I tried to take off and she crashed you crashed
it how do not work she’s in the perfect condition trust me underneath this top
it is still a beautiful delica partner how much would you sell back to us if we
want to buy it back Pell belts I sell it back to you for 20
rolls of tape 20 rolls of tape I sold it to you for four we don’t even have that
kind of tape yes I know but it’s been two weeks and the beautiful helicopter
like this it’s value only increases and time goes by what do you mean it
increases in value you literally crashed it okay okay because I crashed her I
will sell it to you for 10 rolls of tape how does that sound
it’s our only option we kind of need it at this point okay fine 10 rolls of tape
and we’ll get it from you perfect my friends we will have this ready for you
I’ll tell you what you give me my rolls of tape I am going to leave very far
down that way and then you open it like that like okay you know just just to get
out of I’m here if this is a scam this is the last time we’re doing business
hopefully this thing’s still in working condition we need to turn this into a
submarine the sun’s almost going down if we’re doing a 24 hour challenge
underwater we can’t cut corners this thing could leak water oh that does not
look good Jay oh there’s water in it this isn’t even the helicopter it’s just
a pile of scrap at this point what can we need to build a submarine Jake we’re
box for building masters we can easily turn this into a submarine you’re right
we can do this and we will do this we built things in way harder situations
we’ve got some work to do Jake you from TV and we are back with a brand new
video and today guys we are gonna be making a Fox for submarine you guys have
been asking us to build a box for submarine part two ever since our first
one failed roll the footage Swasey cats can see the first one did
not go exactly as planned but we are back and we’re actually be using the
base of our helicopter and turning this into our box for a submarine we also
went ahead and we did it guys we got our scuba licenses so we’ve got oxygen tanks
we’ve got scuba masks everything you need to actually survive underwater for
24 hours only problem is this check this out all bro it’s like a mini pool when
we wrap this up we left everything in the helicopter like lights electronics
all that kind of stuff trying to remove this mini pool without just ruining
everything because there’s literally wires on the ground and stuff so I think
our first objective is gonna be to remove the water from the chopper and
fix this first part and then we can start kind of working around and figure
out how we’re gonna build this thing so this is what we’re dealing with guys
this is the helicopter I thought she might be in some better shape under that
tarp I think what we’ll do now is we’ll cut out kind of the bad parts and then
we’ll make a room in the back and extend it back this way because you guys know
submarines are long and it’s got multiple different rooms so while the
sleeping quarters and eating quarters and then of course our main cabin here
where we control the subtle as you guys can see the Sun is going
down it’s October so it’s already cold out
guys it is starting to look so spooky out and so like Halloweeny I could not I
loved it but the same time I don’t like it cuz it’s cold it is starting to
remind me a lot of zombies and so guys I want to say if we can get 100,000 likes
on this video we will do the zombie apocalypse box for week definitely
before Halloween guys if we get a hundred thousand likes the week before
Halloween we will turn our box fort into a zombie apocalypse survival base and do
a week of survival and awesome zombie themed videos so smack that like button
down below shakes and a half hours late and you might be wondering why is it
dark out well I got some news for you guys we actually went and recorded our
brand new song most of it but we’re working on a brand new song for you guys
you guys I absolutely loved our last song box for bujji so we’re like yo we
gotta get back in the studio and make a new song for you guys is even cooler and
even more awesome by the time we finished up with that and came back well
now it’s dark out which means we really need the hustle to get this box for Bill
gonna continue where we left off we’re gonna start with the flooring and then
add to the back of it and start making our submarine I actually went ahead and did all of the
walls as well as some of the interior so you guys can take a look the back walls
are all put together it’s got a really cool shape to it as well so it kind of
goes out here in the command module and then back here we’ve got a large open
space now all we have to do is get the roof on top and once that’s done we can
finally get inside and start decking out the inside 2,000 years later
check this out it’s a full-on submarine this thing is absolutely massive this
box board is huge so we got to put in the lights the control panels sleeping
quarters eating quarters we’re gonna start with the lighting once the
lighting is done and we do all of the interior it’s time to launch this thing
in the water and dive deep because we’re going down with the submarine it’s a
little dark in here but we got all of our lights set up we’ve got a control
panel here to actually control the submarine all our dive controls as well
as our master dive switch here which we don’t want to touch yet or else we’ll
dive into the ground we’re gonna turn the power on hopefully all the water and
wetness didn’t mess it up and we don’t get some Sparks and fire so let’s see if
that works check out all the cool LEDs we have in here I’m not done yet
I still gotta put in a few lights and I also got to put in the pressure lock as
you guys know with any submarine if something goes wrong you don’t want the
different areas to get flooded with water if I take you guys through here
this is one pressure lock system in here it’s also gonna be our kitchen and our
food storage area and then into the living quarters hello you want to grab
me buns up guys all right guys welcome to the main part of the ship we’re in
the living quarters right now and I’m currently gonna be setting up the legs and there we go we pretty much have all
the lights done Jake how’s it going dude check it out this place is fully lit up
I still gotta do some LEDs in the room over there the kitchen and I just
installed some of these actual bigger LEDs you know submarines are pretty crowded
they’re pretty small but back here I think we did a good job
well guess fixing up some stuff in the kitchen over there so while he’s doing
that I’m gonna set up our sleeping bags which is where we’re gonna be sleeping
also we gotta install the proper airlock door back there because we do have an
additional airlock that we can go out and actually scuba dive so if you want
to like scuba dive around the sub and check it out or need to make repairs we
could go through that airlock get our gear on and jump out into the water so
that’s a really cool and important feature but right now let’s set the
sleeping bags so we got place to sleep guys sleeping bags in the submarine and
it is looking awesome let’s go do one more final tour of the sub and check out
the kitchen because Logan just finished that and once we’re done it’s time to
get in the command center and launch this thing underwater through this
airlock which normally would be closed you go into the kitchen check this out
guys now this kitchen is fully decked out with customizable LEDs we can change
the colors if you want but I kind of like the blue it kind of reminds me of
water you know we’re underwater and over here we’ve got a nice little table we’ve
got our MREs which we’re gonna survive off of lots of extra water and the cool
thing about the submarines guys is submarines can actually produce their
own water so we really only have to bring food and the MREs are great
because they last forever and all you need is a little bit of water to cook
them through this next airlock door we head into the command center this
command center is where we’ll be using to launch the sub as well as direct
where we’re going where we want to travel to and how deep we want to dive
it’s finally time to launch the submarine and dive beneath the surface
we’re gonna be traveling down underwater but once we’re underwater there’s a lot
of dangers we’re gonna be relying completely on our oxygen and onboard
electronics all the heating systems that are onboard as well as our food that
further do Logan you ready I’m ready Jay let’s put the seven launch one seven
nine of three a we are ready for lunch now closing all
submarine hatches alright guys so I’ve cycled the lights into launch mode so
we’re ready to go and now it’s time to pressurize the cabin make sure all the
airlocks are set in three two one alright looks like we get green light
airlocks are all set cabin is pressurized air levels seem to
be good full capacity all right guys entering dive mode in three two one dive
mode is initiated starting engine venting water and we are
diving in three two one alright it looks like she’s diving we
are good to go we’re underwater ten meters 20 meters full speed we’re
good we’re good pressure is good we’re thirty meters under G alright thirty
meters we got to push a deeper logo we can go deeper we’re getting a warning
we’re going to deep ocean go deeper she don’t trust me we got to take this thing
down stabilising now there’s some light
issues good to go but she’s stable high five man we did it we’re currently 300
meters under the ocean our submarines holding pretty strong she’s pretty old
we built her with just cardboard half of a old helicopter we bought from Vladimir
but so fair she looks pretty good I say we unpressurized the airlock and
get some chow all right guys head into the kitchen here we go what looks like
we got two MREs oh all right always got to make sure you close the airlock all
right sweetie that’s closed let’s grab some food all right and we’ll
get some water balls honestly the kitchen is fairly small but
it’s really just a store a food store our water and all the good stuff so
we’re gonna bring it back into the actual living quarters and we’ll make
our dinners back there if you guys have never seen this make an MRE on the
channel before they are really cool and their military survival rations so
there’s a lot of fun to make now we’re just chilling in the submarine enjoying
our life under the sea it is so sweet to be down here but we have to eat of
course so we’ve got these military rations we’re gonna have we have a pork
sausage patty and in this one I believe it is lasagna it comes with a lot of
really cool snacks like crackers which can be really dry and gross because they
are supposed to last like 25 years let’s start making the main course and while
we’re having that we’ll have some snacks under the seat in our box for submarine good in all my days eating MREs
I have never smelt one that bad look you’re missing the most important part
you gotta put it in between this piece of bread just to show you guys how yummy
this looks oh it’s leaking yellow sauce probably not our best we’ve got backup
Plan B this baby strawberry pop-tarts there we go let’s have some of this now
we’re onto the crackers and grape jelly this
is the solid cracker that’s probably been in here for years that alarm
sounding we got we got a Cobra LM get get some cock pick my stuff you got like
behind each one right now something’s going on this thing is going
crazy all right let me check the gauges here looking we’re losing oxygen one of
the two oxygen tanks attached to the submarine is failing Jake what does this
mean do we have any backup oxygen on the ship
unfortunately not we only have the two main oxygen tanks with the other one
done the co2 cycling can’t keep up at full capacity we’ve got maybe 40 minutes
at max at this point so what do we do it’s a bit of a long shot but I know of
an old abandoned subract not too far from here it’s up it’s about 40 meters
below sea level not too far from here well not to wave if we can get over
there and get into the airlock hatch get our scuba gear on you might be able to
retrieve an extra tank from there I can’t attach it to the outside of the
submarine we’ll be back to normal sending coordinates now we should be
there in less than a few minutes let’s get to the airlock and get our scuba
gear on pressurizing the central airlock to make sure nothing goes wrong
what yeah your scuba gear on fast make sure your oxygen has not for at
least 30 minutes I’ll see you in the water Manolis pretty rundown we’ve gotta find us a path to get inside
if this thing starts falling apart we’d be trapped in here let’s just take our
time with it alright let’s go outside Thank You sugar right over here oh dude I gotta check the command module
but I think we just saved the ship looks like oxygens returned 100% sio2
cycling’s back on we’re in the clear man high-five I can’t believe we found an
abandoned an oxygen tank in a sunken vessel and used to repair this that was
awesome but it’s time for bad Jake honestly after that I am exhausted I
think it’s time to power down the lights in here and get some rest we’re doing a
24-hour submarine challenge so it’s important to keep our strength up
especially when we’re underwater all right guys we just got her sleeping bags
it has been a long a day I think it’s time to hit the hay we left some of the
security lights on so we get an update during the night make sure everything’s
still okay a little bit worried about the oxygen levels but should be good in
here so we’re gonna crawl up and we’ll see you guys in the morning
all right guys what’s the alarm going off I don’t know man I just heard you
going off the lights we got a flood in the airlock you gotta
put in the back airlock showing up all over the panels watch out watch out
there we go lecture us already seems like the ones
starting the scuba airlock but I don’t know how far it’s prison to watch out oh
geez yeah we’re taking on huge I think the water fast we’re gonna try turn up the pressure
balladeer all right they’re trying manually stop suppression system I might
be able to take the leak we gotta go back well we got a surface what’s going
on if you went too deep the underside of the chip couldn’t handle the pressure it
started buckling in the airlock this should be airlock with the water gets in
here we’re gonna say faster lighting systems are failing oxygens failing come
on come on girl one two three shoot the auxiliary power
won’t turn back on Jake can you fix it of course I can fix it I just need time stable get a fence any extra water that
we have engine on we’re going to the surface get ready hey we’re gonna be
sending fairly quickly so any kinks this baby might have is gonna come out now
are you sure we can serve this this quick honestly I don’t know we’re about
to find out Oh the resurfaced air levels are rising
airs coming from the outside we did it there I can’t believe we did it
Fox Ford submarine thank you so much for watching this very awesome and very
special episode we really appreciate you guys coming out if you guys enjoyed this
if you enjoyed us making a box for a submarine and you want to see more crazy
experiments like this do not forget to hit that subscribe button also guys like
I said if we get 100,000 likes on this video we will be doing a zombie box for
a week which will be a week of really awesome zombie themed stuff so thank you
guys so very much this has been Papa Jake and I’ll see you guys next time for
another awesome video you

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