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  1. I think it’s crazy that the middle drone could go up to 25 mph – which drone was your favorite? Stay till the end to see who won the races! After this video, be sure to check out "CASH or TRASH? | 10 Strange Chinese Items!”

  2. I really want Bryan back I was watching the old vids and Bryan littered is 86% of the content there content is okay but Bryan would make it insanely good show just some advice:D

  3. i had two of the s1750 stunt drones ,i also know a few other people who have owned them, and they all had a problem with one of the motors going out ,its fun and a great item ,untill the motor goes out

  4. I have that exact last drone and it’s amazing and it go over 100ft I would definetly recommend but tbh any of there products are amazing so you know

  5. Ew the headset uses a phone… The headset I used had its own video, and just connected to the drone without needing a phone or an app setup.

  6. my son has the middle one and has crashed hard several times. the parts are cheep and readily available. this is nice for a box store toy drone. usually if something brakes on a toy drone that doesn't come in the box, (props) then the toy is junk. the sky viper company sells all of the parts for the drone. we have replaced 2 gears and one motor, all from user error not a fault of the drone. he tries to keep up with my Mavic Pro and ends up in the trees.

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