360° cockpit view | SWISS Airbus A320 | Geneva – Zurich
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360° cockpit view | SWISS Airbus A320 | Geneva – Zurich

September 7, 2019

[Flugbegleiterin] On behalf of captain Wolfensberger and his crew, I would like to welcome you aboard this Swiss and Star Alliance flight to Zurich. [GVA Tower] Swiss 57 Papa-Uniform, behind landing Airbus 319 on short final, line up runway 23, wait behind. [SWR 57PU] Landing Airbus 319 on short final, line up runway 23, wait behind, Swiss 57 Papa-Uniform. [GVA Tower] Correct. [RAAS] Approaching 23 [First officer Radinger] Check. [GVA Tower] Swiss 57PU, wind 190 degrees, 5 knots, runway 23, clear for take off. [SWR 57PU] 23, clear for take off, Swiss 57PU. [First officer Radinger] Clearance, checked. [Captain Wolfensberger] Ready? [First officer Radinger] Ready. [First officer Radinger] V1. Rotate. [First officer Radinger] Positive climb. Gear up. [GVA Tower] Swiss 57PU, contact departure 119.525, «au revoir». [SWR 57PU] Departure 119.525, «au revoir», Swiss 57PU. [SWR 57PU] Departure «bonjour», Swiss 57PU, passing 3600, climbing FL90, KONIL 4J. [GVA Departure] «Bonjour» Swiss 57PU, identified, climb to FL150. [SWR 57PU] FL150. Swiss 57PU. [ATC] Swiss 57PU, turn right, direct SOSAL. [SWR 57PU] Right turn, direct SOSAL, Swiss 57PU. [Captain Wolfensberger] A9, that is just… …just in at JULIET. Perfect. [Cockpit door bell] [Captain Wolfensberger] Look at this. Isn’t that beautiful? Splendid Views. The Bernese Alps. Lovely, isn’t it? We land at 5 past… 6 past 12. That is in 20 minutes. [SWR 57PU] Swiss 57PU we established ILS 14. [ZRH Approach] 57PU, roger, and you should reduce to 180 you are closing up. [SWR 57PU] Roger, we are reducing, Swiss 57PU. [ZRH Approach] 57PU, reduce to 160. [SWR 57PU] Reduce 160, Swiss 57PU. [ZRH Approach] 57PU, connect Tower 120.225. «En schöne». [SWR 57PU] Hop to 120.225, bye bye, Swiss 57PU. [SWR 57PU] Tower this is Swiss 57PU, established ILS 14. [ZRH Tower] Swiss 57PU, Zurich Tower, «grüezi». You may vacate taxi H2 [SWR 57PU] «Merci vill mal», Swiss 57PU. [ZRH Tower] Swiss 57PU, Airbus 319 about to vacate, wind 230 at 6 knots, runway 14, clear to land. [SWR 57PU] 14, clear to land, Swiss 57PU. [GPWS] 300. [GPWS] 100 above. [GPWS] 200. [GPWS] Minimum. [GPWS] 100. [GPWS] 50. [GPWS] 40. [GPWS] 30. [GPWS] 20. [GPWS] Retard. [GPWS] 10. [ZRH Tower] Swiss 57PU, contact Apron, 121.850, «ade». [SWR 57PU] Apron 121.85, «schöne», Swiss 57PU. [SWR 57PU] Apron, Swiss 57PU, runway 14 vacated, H2. [ZRH Apron] Swiss 57PU, «guete Mittag». Keep it rolling, JULIET. Hold short runway 28. [Swiss 57PU] We keep it rolling, JULIET, runway 28, Swiss 57PU [ZRH Apron] That is correct and give way to outbound Turkish Airlines Airbus 330 crossing right-left on taxiway CHARLIE. [SWR 57PU] Giving way to the Turkish on CHARLIE, Swiss 57PU.

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  1. Did the GPS just call him a retard for descending to fast upon his landing approach?!?! Lmao! JK…just trying to shed light on airplanes and have a laugh cause I'm 38 years old, afraid hights, have terrible anxiety and getting on a plane for the first time in my life this week. Anyone have any advice for someone with crazy friggin nerves and done every possible thing there is to avoid getting on a plane ever since 9/11. Feel free to comment and share ANY things you know to help keep calm…would greatly appreciate it. Oh and if it matters I'm flying from Dallas/Fortworth to LaGuardia NYC and it's only a 3 1/2 hour flight straight through.

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  5. 3:09 Pause the video and look to the back at the second officer's face…


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  7. Almost every word was wrong
    1 they say v1 tyan rotate and when they say rotate they pull up not a min later.
    2 its positive rate gear up
    And many more

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