360 GoPro Fusion + DJI Mavic Pro = Best Drone Ever?

October 3, 2019

– 360 video on a drone might
actually be a really good idea. (electronic music) What is going on,
friends, and welcome back, today we have in the
studio, the GoPro Fusion. A couple of months ago,
we tested the new HERO7 to see what it would look like if it was used in a new GoPro drone. And the results were pretty sick. The GoPro HERO7, on that
tiny powerhouse body of the Mavic Air is actually a dream combo. But if you want all of those details, definitely go check out that video. Today, though, we’re doing
something a little bit different. Now, I know you’re
thinking, eww, 360 video. Who actually watches 360 video? But, you might actually
watch it more than you think. 360 cameras are starting to
take over for action video. Because it allows you to
adjust and change the shot after its been taken,
and give you perspectives that you just can’t capture
with a regular camera. So, you might actually
be watching 360 video without even realizing it. Now, combine that idea with the speed and agility of a drone, and you might be able to get
some pretty insane shots. In theory. So, let’s get this thing
out of the box and find out. (surging electronic music) So, it’s all out of the box, let’s see if we can get
it set up with a Mavic. (rhythmic electronic music) And then just tape the camera to the side. We did surgery on a drone. Oh ho, it looks like a whale. Yes. (surging electronic music) Yo, actually, I just– (mumbling and singing) (laughter) All right, so the sun is just risen and we’re on our way to the mountains. To get some cool locations to try out our new Frankenstein
monster of a drone. – The whole squad came
out for this one. Say hi everyone. – What’s up, boys? We actually had to get up pretty early to make use of all the daylight. Because it’s winter here, in Canada. So, our days are short. So, let’s try and see if we can maximize this winter daylight
that we have right now. – [Everyone] Whoa! – So, yeah, that means getting
up early and lots of coffee. So, let’s do it. (surging electronic music) – My jacket, is it, oh
yeah, no, I already got it. And I was like, oh, okay. So
he made it sound like that. He had it handled. You know? – Just admit you sold the jacket. (laughter) – On eBay. And we’ve been drinking the money. – I thought we were friends! God! – All right, so I think it’s time for the maiden voyage of our
Frankenstein drone, here. So, we got the Mavic right here. We got the 360 camera, in
this nice little pouch, boom. There it is. This is a GoPro Fusion. 360 camera. – Oh, yeah, cool. Sick. – Did anybody bring like
a lens cleaner, by chance? Like a glasses cleaner? Oh, my goodness, Levi
is an absolute genius. This is why we have Levi around,
this is why we bring him. Right, get nice and tight. All right, ready, screwed it in, we got the GoPro on, here, runs our power to the drone, this, I feel like there’s a good chance this is not going to be able to fly because of the weight in the front. So we may have to rethink our rig setup, but that just looks so cool,
I couldn’t help but try it. – [David] Look at that
little whale fish monster. – [Fin] Yes, like it’s amazing. Beautiful. – [David] TechKaboom’s monster. – It looks very front heavy, okay guys, what do you think, odds this is gonna fly? (laughter) It’s a tad front heavy. Just a tad. – [Milo] Just gonna have
to be like, cranking it up. – You know, it’s like you’re going up, you put a counterweight
on the other side, maybe. – Who’s driving it, are you driving it? – I’m gonna try to fly it,
and we’ll see what happens. All right, so. Test number one here,
let’s see what happens. I feel like it’s not even, it’s going to try to start and take off, and just dive and die. Oh boy. This is gonna be interesting. (drone beeping)
Okay, wheel error. – [Levi] How could it possibly know? – [David] Whoa! You were so close to that! – I turned it on by mistake. Kay, I’m gonna turn it off
on purpose now. (laughs) Kay, so I would just make sure you’re not anywhere in the front area, ’cause it’s probably gonna go that way. No, no, no, that’s the front area. Okay. Now recording, here we go. (suspenseful music) Whoa, whoa! No! – [David] Yes! (hard rock music) – [Fin] It’s working, yo! How sick is that? (hard rock music) So I mean, so far so good, everything’s working perfectly, the drone is flying, and the 360 camera is recording. We have no idea what the
footage looks like, though. So maybe we’ll review that quick and see if that’s the
best position for it. And then we’ll just start exploring and see what kind of shots you can get with this, see if it works! (drone engine buzzing) – [David] Beautiful! – [Fin] Maiden voyage. Perfect success. Wow. (upbeat electronic music) Woo! All right, here we go! All right, so you guys wanna stop here? And we will hike on that bridge? – Freezing cold. (upbeat electronic music) – [Mary] This is a workout! – Oh! This is snow fun! – My childhood home. (whimsical music) – [Fin] I say we post up. – Breathe in the asbestos. (laughter) (upbeat electronic music) – [Levi] There she is, sexy beast. She is covered. – [Fin] Still good. (blowing) (laughter) So far so good. We’ve been filming, no, yeah, no. Okay, so, so far so good, we filmed with the GoPro on the drone, first to test it, that worked great. And then we had some
trials and tribulations, trying to film the actual shots here. But that was just because
we had the drone set wrong. So, other than that, it’s been great, it’s actually been working amazing. But have much more filming
to do, and much more tests. I think next, we’re going to try and replace the GoPro
in a different position and see if we get better
footage from that. And yeah, so far, just taking some sick photos in
this beautiful location. So, we’ll see you guys, we have some new tests, in a new area. (whispers) Tip-toe! You can tell by the foam
here, that many a head’s– – [David] Yeah. Uh! – So we did a few shots with that drone, but I thought it’d be fun to
try with a different drone. Because I’m not sure how
that angle’s going to work on the Mavic, so now
we have the Mavic Air, I don’t know if this tiny little drone is gonna be able to carry this, it struggled to carry the GoPro HERO7, and this is, I would say, at least two if not three
times as big, it’s pretty big. And very heavy with that big battery, the battery’s definitely way bigger in the Fusion than the HERO7. So, we’ll see if this even works. I do not have high hopes. And I’m also worried for
both parties involved here. But, for the sake of science, we’re gonna give it a
test, and see if it works. How’s it going? I am very worried. I’m very worried, okay, ready? Here goes. – [David] Sand it! Whoa, it’s doing it! Holy moly, it’s working so well! – Yo! That is some legit stuff right there. Whoa! – [David] I knew it, I knew
the Mavic could do that. I knew it. – Mavic is a beast, dude. (upbeat electronic music) (drone engines whizzing) – [David] Holy… – [Fin] Wait! – [Milo] Dude, I think it’s gonna be okay. – [David] One of your propeller broke. – That was insane, dude. It wasn’t expecting it to be so heavy. – Okay so here’s what happened. Levi, so it did automatic return to home. It flew as fast as it could home, and then just went struggling down as fast as it could, so heavy
that it just plummeted down, smack to the ground, like it basically– – And the GoPro came
launching off the top. – Basically, usually it would go down as fast as it could and then stop when it’s close to the ground, but it thought it could
stop, and it just smashed. – And stop, boom. – Dude, this is great, this is actually working way better than the GoPro. How’s the GoPro looking? – It’s immaculate. – [David] Beautiful. – Uh, eh. – [David] Uh-oh. – Eh… – [David] That’s an $800
scratch right there. – That’s an $800 scratch right there. (electronic music) Oh, no! (electronic music) – [Fin] All right, as
soon as it goes off, let’s get out of the way, okay? Okay, three, two, one. (drone engine whirring) (electronic music) – Oh, yeah, here it is. – Boom. – That is so sick. – That’s beautiful! – [Fin] Dude! – [David] So unique! Such a unique perspective! – It’s something you
can’t do with a drone, try to fly that fast and turn as you’re doing it and go
forward, it’s difficult. With this, we can afterward do that slow pan of the whole
thing that looks so nice. – You are good at editing, it you are good at editing, that’s easy, think that was mission accomplished. – I think it was a– – We set out to do something better. – Yep. – Than a drone plus a GoPro
HERO7, and we did that. A drone plus a GoPro Fusion is better. – I think it is, and also we did that same shot
going through the car. The idea of a GoPro on the drone was that you can take it off the drone and go through the car, and
put it back on the drone, and then go back out of the car, and we did it again with the Fusion and it’s so much smoother. – [David] You can make it so much faster as well, like you’re panning’s everything. – [Fin] It’s perfect– – [David] You can control the speed. – Doing those transitions
with a normal camera, you have to line everything up perfectly. With a 360 camera, it’s so easy to line it up perfectly,
’cause you can move it after the fact. – Once you become good at editing, I want to point out, you can be very good, you can be an actual whiz
at editing 360 video, you just need to put in the
practice, the time to get– – So, I feel like this is something that I would recommend that
you try if you want to. If you have a Fusion, blah, blah. But it’s not something that
maybe you should invest in now, ’cause the quality and the time is not quite there to
where it’s maybe worth it. – And GoPro Fusion on 8K. – That’s where you’re going to see 360 video take over, because– – I feel like that’s the biggest weak spot of the GoPro Fusion, just
the resolution of it, because you’d need to crop so much. – Yeah. – To get certain shots,
and it’s just gonna look not as high definition. – I can’t wait to see
GoPro and DJI drones, I don’t know if GoPro’s ever
gonna make a drone again, but if they did, I’d love
to see 360 GoPro drones, 360 DJI drones, I think 360 drones are gonna be the future,
because it’s just, you have so much unique
and interesting angles you can capture, that’s
what drones are all about. Unique perspectives,
and that kind of stuff, so I think that’s what
what else was really cool, and I hope you guys
thought it was cool as well and enjoyed watching the video, and yeah, I think that’s just
went surprisingly well. – This went so smoothly. (laughs) – That was so great. And if you did enjoy it, obviously, hit that like button and
subscribe to the channel, dude. – Hit the bell! – We got new fun stuff
coming all the time. – All the time. – There should be even more fun as we go. We’re getting better at
this, things are working. – Yeah, dude! Dude! We’re actually making this not a pain to do, every single time! – (laughs) Exactly! – You know how hard it
is to make these videos? Well, it’s becoming
easier, the more we do it. – Exactly, so hit that subscribe button, hit that bell to be notified, and we’ll see you guys
all on the next one. Peace! – Cheese! – Cheese? (laughter) Is that your new thing? (upbeat electronic music)

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