3D Printing Aircraft Interiors with Western Tool & Mold
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3D Printing Aircraft Interiors with Western Tool & Mold

October 15, 2019

what has happened in the last few years
is that sub suppliers that tier threes fours and five to below the tier 1 and 2 in
this area the suppliers have been stretched beyond their capacity and at
the same time there’s an insufficient number of suppliers and there’s no new
supplies or not many new supplies entering the market so the capacity of
the market as a whole is not greatly increasing to keep in step with the
industry growth the opportunities for suppliers to reach into their customers
and offer greater solutions. The 3D printing solution in the Fortus 900 AI
provides that. It allows us a tool to reach into our customers and provide a
solution early on in the design development stage and also qualification
systems. Some of the parts we provide for the aerospace industry is right here in
front of us for example is the tissue paper holder and so what happens is
tissue papers are here this is cups here for the customer so the customer is able
to have in the lavatory in the first-class lavatory one or two parts
users are not many laboratories in the first-class cabin. This is an example
where we have early stage development with the customer we did 3D printing in
Houlton laminating binds the final product is going to be old families
carbon fiber during the design development review stage the customer
was able to find out the nominees sizes to start but at the same time to kind of
design automations and manufacturing assembly improvements such as room as
such as adding the store which is where the latch was going to go and also
assembly details on the inside so at the end of the day the customer is able to
increase their time to market or decrease their time to market while at
the same time optimizing the manufacture part. So a lot of times the customers are
looking at total cost of ownership but what is not reviewed sometimes is the
process manufacturing steps to assemble the final product and this what we were
able to do is work with the customer print all the components that were used
in the assembly and help knock out several the parts that we’re using
assembly that’s really in total cost and also increasing the
speed to mark in terms of the qualification assembly line.

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