3D Printing: an Additive Manufacturing Solution
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3D Printing: an Additive Manufacturing Solution

December 29, 2019

I like to be my own boss. I like to go
out and do things that interest me and i am passionate about, and i don’t want
to have to answer to somebody else my name is Brennan Haase, and I am in the first class of the Master of entrepreneurship program. The project i’m
working on is utilizing additive manufacturing technologies to provide
manufacturing solutions for companies 3D printing refers to a number of
different processes are that are also referred to as additive manufacturing. and so all of these process take a digital design of a 3D object and actually make that into a
physical object by making it layer by layer. the advantages of 3D printing
is it has the ability to do sort of complex and sort of seeded pieces. so you know a peace inside a peace or pieces with lots of complex
channels inside them that might not be ideal for other manufacturing methods. we
are very very early stage on this idea we pursued a different idea last
semester and it just didn’t pan out the way we wanted it to, and so we’re pivoting
onto this new idea. and so we are in the very very early
stages. we have an idea, we’ve talked a few people, but right now we just
need to go out and get more feedback and information. the biggest challenges are
sort of finding that idea that is a combination of something you’re
interested in passionate about, but at the same time is something that
fulfills a need or pain that’s out there in society. this program is give me a lot
of tools to sort of build confidence in my own ability to evaluate ideas and make
decisions. i’ve gained a lot of knowledge i would have had otherwise, I’ve gained
access to really successful mentors who have a lot of knowledge in a lot of
different areas and who are extremely well connected, and then building off of
that, just a network that i wouldn’t necessarily have had before and those are some of the most important
things when you’re an entrepreneur so it’s been really helpful i have learned a lot. and that’s one of the things that’s so
great about this program is that it really gives you the opportunity to
learn a lot of things that you wouldn’t necessarily have exposure to until you
screw ’em up in the real world, so just between my classes on
accounting and finance and intellectual property law and ownership, it’s been a really interesting
experience and i’ve gained a lot of knowledge that i wouldn’t of had
otherwise that i think it’d be very valuable.

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