4 Brother Kembali !! (Pengorbanan Rangga) | Animasi 4brother Episode 6
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4 Brother Kembali !! (Pengorbanan Rangga) | Animasi 4brother Episode 6

October 14, 2019

Romansyah Romansyah Presents 4 Brother Animation 4 Brother Animation Episode 6 Entity 303: You betrayed me, Rangga! Rangga: No! Rangga: You are the one who used me! Entity 303: Okay then, Entity 303: Null! (Null spawn) BlaneMistID: (Spawn his clone) BlaneMistID’s clone: (Throw BlaneMistID) BlaneMistID:(Spawn another clone + Jump on his clone) BlaneMistID: Ugh (BlaneMistID teleported) (Huda teleported) Azuya Surya: (Swing sword) Azuya Surya: Hiya!! (Sword’s sound) Azuya Surya: Ahh!! (Throwed by wind) (Azuya Surya teleported) (Null disappeared) 4 Brother Animation It’s strange how well we remember the airplane we once saw flying effortlessly above There’s no real reason, it just sticks with us In the evening, after I spent the whole day a crying mess, I wished for nothing but to be stronger. I was searching for the courage I would need to achieve that goal. Even if a cruel fate has been carved in stone, Poised to reveal itself before me someday… As long as I have a moment this moment, where i can breathe, Everything will be alright You ask why? It’s because all of your power One more time, Go the distance! Go the distance once more! Someone inside me singing that song With a passion that I can’t deny Your eyes are always swollen with tears but I’ll keep smiling so you’ll never have to be sad again The song i head encourage me to be that kind of hero I’ll throw up a peace sign rolling this story along! [Music plays] Anto: Husky? Anto: isn’t that y-y-your name? Husky: Yes Husky: What’s wrong? Anto: H-h-h-how c-c-can y-y-you meet with your
m-m-master ? Husky: Do you want to know it? Husky: This is the story… (Punch) (Kick) (Teleported) A moment later (Explode sound) (Dark Cyber gone) Rangga: Hmm… Rangga: You’re good at parkour. Rangga: how can you fast like that? (Hungry sound) Rangga: Ohh, Rangga: Do you hungry? Come with me. Rangga: Hey… Rangga: You don’t have any energy Rangga: So why you run away? Rangga: Do you want to be my partner? Rangga: Because… Rangga: I always lonely in here Husky: Yes!! Rangga: And… Rangga: By the way… Rangga: What’s your name? Husky: Hmm.. Husky: I don’t know Rangga: Owh.. Rangga: Okay, so let’s search your name Husky: Hmm.. Rangga: Hmm… Rangga: What about Hasan? Husky: No.. Rangga: Ah, okay. Rangga: That one is bad, ya? Rangga: So… Rangga: how about.. Rangga: hmm.. Rangga: Husky?! Husky: Yes!! Rangga: You like it? Husky: Yes!! Rangga: Okay, Husky Rangga: From now, we will go together Rangga: fight together Rangga: and of course parkour together. Meanwhile… Rangga: (Swing sword) Rangga: Huh?! Romansyah: (Breathing out..) Entity 303: Oh.. Entity 303: (Summon portal) Romansyah: Huh?! (Portal summoned back Romansyah) Romansyah: Ha! Romansyah: Ha!! (Portals summoning) (Another Portals summoning) Rangga: Huh?! (An arrow summoned from portal) Rangga: (Push Romansyah) Rangga: (Block arrow) Rangga: (Dodge the arrows) Rangga: He want to heal Herobrine! Rangga: We need to do something! Romansyah: Ah! Rangga: Ouch Rangga: (Summon three swords at same time) Rangga: Hiya! Herobrine: (Punch swords at same time) Rangga: Ha! Rangga: Ha!! (Sound sword broken) Herobrine: (Swing obsidian block) Rangga: Huh?! Herobrine: Weak power! Herobrine: Finally, my power is back. Anto: M-m-master Anto: W-We’re Anto: coming! Anto: Ha! Rangga: Anto! Rangga: quick, heal four brother! Anto: Okay Entity 303: I won’t let you! Husky: (Push Anto) Rangga: Husky!! Romansyah: ah Romansyah: (Breathing out) Rangga: You.. Rangga: How dare you! Rangga: Hurting Husky! Herobrine: (Swing obsidian block) (Sword’s sound) Rangga: (Summon swords) Herobrine: (Teleported) (Sword’s sound) Herobrine: (Kick Rangga) (Sword’s sound) Rangga: (Throw the sword) (Sword’s sound) (Sword’s sound) Herobrine: (Summon fireball) (Sword’s sound) (Explode sound) Rangga: (Blocked obsidian block) Herobrine: (Summon fireball) Herobrine: (Throw fireball) Rangga: (Blocked fireball) Herobrine: (Kick Rangga) Rangga: (Summon shield) Herobrine: (Summon and throw fireball) Rangga: Ugh.. (Rangga knocked down) Romansyah: I have to do something! (Herobrine teleported) Herobrine: (Summon and throw fireball) Romansyah: Huh?! (Fireball explode) Romansyah: (Breathing out) Romansyah: (What should I do?) Romansyah: (Rangga just reached his limit) Romansyah: (Azuya must in fighting too) Romansyah: (I can’t call them for now) Herobrine: (Summon obsidian block) Romansyah: Huh?! Romansyah: (Does he want throw that?) Romansyah: (If I dodge, ) Romansyah: (Four brother will struck that) Romansyah: (Unlucky) Romansyah: (It’s still filling energy) Herobrine: This strike will be painful Romansyah: (There’s no choice except block it) Romansyah: Huh?! Romansyah: Quick, heal Four Brother, Anto! (Sword’s sound) Herobrine: (Throw obsidian block) Romansyah: Huh?! Romansyah: (Swing and turns out his red stone tool) Anto: (fall down) Romansyah: (I can’t block it!) (Stab sound) Rangga: (Cough) Romansyah: What are you doing? Romansyah: Dumb! Romansyah: Why you do that? Rangga: Hump Romasnyah: Stop that Romansyah: You’re not look cool Rangga: (Cough) Rangga: Hahaha… Rangga: Sorry.. Rangga: I don’t know, what do I need to say. Rangga: Because my fault.. Rangga: We’re all in danger. Rangga: With sacrifice myself, it’s not enough to break my fault Rangga: Sorry.. Rangga: Because i broke your greatest work.. Rangga: Here… Rangga: One more time, I give you back… Rangga: (Cough) Romansyah: Hold on.. Romansyah: We will save you.. Rangga: No.. Rangga: You don’t call anto to give his potion to me Romansyah: But.. Rangga: It’s.. Rangga: It’s ok.. Rangga: This.. Rangga: This is enough.. Romansyah: Without you.. Romansyah: I won’t could beat those two.. Rangga: You can.. Rangga: I believe that.. Romansyah: I can’t.. Romansyah: I’m not strong enough to do it. Rangga: Then.. Rangga: be.. Rangga: the strongest.. Romansyah: (Crying) (Rangga disappeared) Romansyah: (Falling his tear) Herobrine: Hump.. Romansyah: (Red mode on) Romansyah: (Summon arrow) Romansyah: (Shot the arrow) (Sound bomb want explode) (Arrow exploded) Herobrine: (Summon fireball) Herobrine: (Throw the fireball) Anto: Huh?! Romansyah: (Summon hologram shield) Romansyah: (Blocked fireball) Romansyah: Huh?! Herobrine: (Throw two obsidian block) Romansyah: (Summon hologram shield) Romansyah: (Blocked obsidian) Romansyah: (Throw away the obsidian block) (Rain fireball) Romansyah: (Dodge) Romansyah: (Jump) Romansyah: Huh?! (Romansyah throwed away) Romansyah: (Summon cannon) Romansyah: (Charging cannon power) Romansyah: Hiya! Herobrine: (Throwed away) Herobrine’s clone: (Disappear) Romansyah: Huh?! Romansyah: (Searching Herobrine) Romansyah: (Glasses glowing) Herobrine: (Teleport + Punch Romansyah) Romansyah: (Throw all his redstone tool) Herobrine: (Dodge) Romansyah: (Jump) Romansyah: Hiya! (Throw his arrows) Herobrine: (Dodge) Herobrine: (Summon obsidian block) Herobrine: (Blocked the arrow) Romansyah: (Fall down) Romansyah: (Run) Herobrine: (Throw obsidian block) Romansyah: (Kick Herobrine) Romansyah: (Throw his arrow) (Electric sound) Herobrine: (Run) Romansyah: (Fall down) Romansyah: (Dodge Herobrine + Kick Herobrine) Herobrine: (Fall down) Herobrine: (Kick Romansyah) Herobrine: (Kick Romansyah) Herobrine: (Summon sword + Throw sword) Romansyah: (Dodge) Herobrine: (Summon + Throw fireball) Romansyah: (Run+Jump) Romansyah: (Summon arrows) Romansyah: (Throw his arrows) (Explode sound) Romansyah: Huh?! Herobrine: (Throw obsidian block) Romansyah: (Summon piston + dodge) Romansyah: Huh?! Romansyah: (Summon cannon) Romansyah: (Shot) Romansyah: (Summon Hologram shield) Herobrine: (Summon + Swing obsidian block) Herobrine: (Throw obsidian block) Romansyah: (Summon cannon) Romansyah: (Throw the obsidian block) Romansyah: (Blocked obsidian block) Romansyah: (Shield broken + Throwed obsidian block) Herobrine: (Throw obsidian block) (Wind blocked obsidian block) Romansyah: (Fall down) Erpan1140: What did we miss? Herobrine: (Summon arrow, fireball, and obsidian block) Herobrine: (Shot all of them) Romansyah: Huh?! (Sword sound) Erpan1140: Let’s go we need to finish all of this! Beacon Cream and The Dream Craft : (Punch Herobrine) Zenmatho: (Break all dirts) Erpan1140: Leave the rest for us Romansyah: Thank you Erpan1140: No Erpan1140: I suppose to be the one who say thank you. Erpan1140: You stalled the time for us. Erpan1140: (Give a hand for Romansyah) Erpan1140: (Give Romansyah heal potion) Erpan1140: By the way Erpan1140: where is the one-eye guy? Romansyah: He.. Erpan1140: Okay, I understand Erpan1140: This time, there is nobody will die again.. Erpan1140: ..because we’re here. Erpan1140: Nelson, Erpan1140: Do you remember when Were in Venice? Beacon Cream: Yeah! Erpan1140: Do You understand what i mean right? Beacon Cream: Of course! Erpan1140: Let’s do it! Erpan 1140: Wind Element!
Beacon Cream: Water Element! Erpan 1140 and Beacon Cream: Rasengan! [This video subtitled by Wincore007] Music Bgm :
Animation 4 Brother Original Soundtrack
You Say Run – Friedrich Habatler Music Cover Time Of Manufacture
5 Months and 9 Months
Remake (Punch Hatespeech) (Slash another hatespeech) (Kick another hatespeech) List Hatespeech : ,-,

->Only like this in 1 year?
->We waited so long
->If don’t fast upload, i will Unsubs
->Romansyah, why rarely upload?
->Make only like this but why lame?
->Romansyah, faster make episode 7 (Hatespeech look around) (Hatespeech run away) It’s done. Wait for what again? After Credit Scene ? There’s no There’s no. Okay fine.. don’t upset. (Hungry sound)

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  1. Waktu rangga mati: kamu bisa menyelamatkan mereka (kali)
    Aku mah mikirnya: kimi wa hero ni nareru
    Kamu bisa menjadi seorang pahlawan

  2. 1000 Like=buat 100video baru
    200subscribe=videhttps://m.detik.com/news/berita-jawa-timur/d-4740711/jatim-akan-alami-hari-tanpa-bayangan-selama-5-hari-mulai-besok?utm_source=viseo yang bagus2

  3. Bang love komentar saya dong saya minta bang frost diamond gak di love komentar saya

    Like+subscribe=buat7 video baru dan main bareng. Oke mamank

  4. Wadidaw…Ini Terlalu Sangad Mantap Banget ๐Ÿ˜‰

    edit: Ada Red Creeper Di 03:08 :V

    Q: 1.Azuya,Blane,Huda Di kemanain?
    2.Kalau Di Taruh di Tempat Lain, Kenapa Gk Di Tunjukin Kyk Fight Dikit?
    3. sejak Kapan Rangga ada Kawat2 Gitu? :v
    4. Dan Mengapa Setiap Episode Cara bertarung Rangga kayak Berbeda Trus?Padahal lagi Bertarung…
    -eps 4. Jurus clone Sword..Jadi Kuning Dan Meledak
    -eps 5. Jadi Bertextur Gitu Swordnya Dan Swordnya Gk Jadi Kuning Lagi Sebelum Meledak
    -eps 6. Ditambahin Kawat :V

    Yah…Jangan Marah Lah Bang Kan cuman Nanya…Kalau ada Waktu Jawablah;)



  5. Anjay,Mantap Banget dan epic banget animasinya Pasti Buat nya Lama dan juga gk gampang Buat nyari voice Actor nya, Mantap Bang romansyah LANJUTKAN BANG

  6. Angin sama Air Combonya Jadi Rasengan XD BTW Jangan lama lama donk uploadnya soalnya seru dan aku juga udh subs bang roman

  7. Bang buat lagi part2 nya ya bang yang setuju like๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡

  8. bang kok ga ada frosdiamond pelis dong ada animasi fros diamond nya enar kan lebih seru dan lebih banyak like nya dan subcerb nya yang setuju ada animasi fros diamond nya like

  9. Kak romansyah bagus banget animasinya drama sama actionnya dapet kembangin terus kak, saya harap ada episode 7 nya kak, terima kasih

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