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September 10, 2019

what’s going on guys Patrick here with
drone er today we’re checking out something a little bit different
something that doesn’t fly in the sky but actually flies under the water this
is the new power vision power ray underwater drone and you’re gonna
probably think this is crazy but it’s real I’m gonna break down what’s all
inside this case how it works some of the features in this video so stay tuned
so this is the case that comes with everything that you need to fly a drone
under the water any probably thinking what are you
talking about flying well this thing actually flies in its own sense it’s an
actual submarine type drone underwater thing and it’s hard to really explain
until I show you what’s inside this case first off this case is pretty sweet I
gotta give it up to power vision this might be the most impressive case that
I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen a lot of cases so it’s got wheels in the bottom
it’s got a it’s literally its own personal carry-on case it’s got a lock
on top this thing’s pretty sweet so obviously let’s get over the case now
let’s see what’s inside of here so you open this baby up I’ve already opened up
a little bit but I’ll give you guys the rundown on what’s inside it right off
the bat I’m sure you want to see what am I talking about when I’m talking about
this drone underwater thing so this is the power ring here it’s a little heavy
pretty futuristic and I don’t really know where to start so on the front
we’ve got some LED lights you got the 4k camera up there so you got all kinds of
stuff going on so you’ve got these different kind of propulsion motors this
thing looks like something out of Star Wars in the sense that you know the
water is gonna go through here shoot out the back and then basically power this
thing around man you can see it’s pretty wild
it looks literally like something out of Star Wars but it’s meant for under the
water in the ocean kind of on the bottom here it’s got propellers it’s got all
this stuff going on so it actually will dive up to 98 feet you get four hours of
battery life on the top here you actually gonna tether into this so if
you’re probably a half school why do you tear into it cuz Wi-Fi doesn’t really
work under the water so well so we’re gonna have to tether into it it’s not a
big deal it’s actually kind of because if you do lose it you can just
kind of pull it back with the tether which is kind of cool the actual drone
do we call it a drone or underwater drone whatever you want to call it
submarine this is what you’re gonna get there and you can see it’s pretty cool
you can actually attach a fish finder to this baby and I’ll show you that here in
a second so the big real purpose of this the thing they’re gonna really market it
for is for fishing but if you just want to cruise around if you just want to
check out the reef you want to check out what’s going on in your local pond you
can do it with this baby it’s got a little bit of weight to it like I said
because this has to go under the water so you don’t want to be floating so it
can’t be buoyancy this thing needs to be able to power around in the water and
fly so on the back there you can see the little props inside there they’re gonna
basically push the water out in propulsion also in the case you’re gonna
get this piece right here which is going to be the Wi-Fi power system that’s
gonna basically you’re gonna put this you’re gonna have the remote and that’s
gonna tether into the drones so you’re gonna have a lot longer cable it’s gonna
attach to the drone itself and the tether system is gonna attach to this
and that’s what’s gonna talk to the drone this is basically a Wi-Fi system
that’s gonna go to the controller so you got that you power that and that’s all
gonna attach there to the drone the drone itself will charge and like I said
the batteries inside the drone it’s gonna last for hours you need to also
charge this Wi-Fi system but you can do it all with this one charger and I think
four hours of flight time or underwater submarine time is pretty impressive so
it’s gonna be similar to what we’re used to with like the DJI drones they got the
controller in there the controller it’s gonna be a little bit different
obviously flying this thing you can attach your phone to it there’s
gonna be different modes to be able to control if you’re an expert a pro or a
beginner power Ray has built all these different smart features into it that
allow people of all skill levels to fly also you can see there we’ve got the
tether and that’s gonna be able to plug into the top of the drone and into the
Wi-Fi system and that’s gonna be what’s gonna communicate with the actual
controller and that’s what’s gonna control the drone and then another
really cool thing is that you’re gonna get 1080p feed back to your controllers
you can shoot 4k 24 frames per second also shoot 12 megapixel photos
there’s a couple of different features like a burst mood that’ll shoot five
frames per second and then also inside of this case you’re gonna get the actual
charging port if you’re using this baby for more than four hours you might be
lost at sea so that’s gonna be nice to have that four hours of battery usage
inside of this little bit deeper down inside of here this is a pretty cool
thing so this is actually gonna be a fish finder which hatched to the bottom
of the drone which is pretty cool so you can see this thing’s gonna attach to the
bottom there and you can actually use this as a standalone piece that’ll
actually be able to show you where the fish are show you the different contours
of the bottom of the ocean you’re gonna have VR goggles as well that you’re
gonna put your phone in very similar to the zeiss I think they are the Zeiss
goggles you can put this on use it as VR and actually troll the drone under the
water so you can fly it around and actually be able to look around and
control it all with the app and actual goggles there which is really cool I’m a
big fan of this case because how nice and how much thought and process they
put into making this case high quality so everything fits inside of there and
works like that really impressed with the overall quality of the build quality
everything seems really high quality here you’re gonna have the lights in the
front they’re actually gonna be able to allow you to see when it stuffs dark if
you want to be looking around you know docks or looking under your boat or
looking for different things there’s a lot of uses that you could use this for
other than just pleasure so if you’re somebody who’s working in the aquatic
world some type of dock building or boat repairs or anything like that this could
be a really good tool for you we’re out fishing you can put this in the water
move it around see if there’s any fish around see if there’s any kind of reef
or obstacles rock stuff like that and see what’s going on under the water like
never before with the power vision power Rea underwater drone there it is if you
want to learn more about the power vision power Rea underwater drone head
on over to drone nerds comm we’ve got these babies in stock ready to ship
right now this could make for a great Christmas present for an avid fisherman
or may be a great gift for yourself you

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  1. I did buy one of those and on my first dive in Brazil the up/down rotor stopped to work, even if I called the support and offered to pay for the parts and postage to send me one over, they just said NO, so now i have a very expensive speedboat with remote control….very bad customer service

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