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August 10, 2019

If you’re a young man who really like games, you will still be playing that game now. Right? Hihihi! But, of course playing a game will drain your quota. So, you need free WiFi or even use your friend’s quota. Gang, do you know, if there are still many games with the best graphics that can be played without having to use internet quota? Right Gang, you can still play games that have sophisticated graphics but do not need to use data quota. Curious? Subscribe to me first, then I’ll tell you. Hihihi! First, Badland. For you who want to train your patience in facing this mortal world, whew mortal.. Hahaha.. Well, there’s no harm for you, to practice by playing this game! The game is set in a forest full of various animals and plants, has many traps and obstacles that you must face while playing. If you like a game with fun atmosphere, adventure, have good graphics and cool music, this game is suitable for you. More over, which makes it more exciting, this game also has a play mode for four people at once on the same device! And of course, it does not need internet quota. Wow, it is cool to play with your friends who are single on Saturday night! Hahaha.. Second, Asphalt 8: Airborne. Who likes racing games? Hmm, I think this game is really suitable, especially for you who are weary waiting on your girlfriends while choosing clothes or bags in the mall. Hihihi! Yep, you can play Asphalt 8: Airborne without the need of internet data access tho! And, this game developed by Gameloft is guaranteed to have a graphic that is very good. There are six choices of modes in this game and the cars offered are also luxurious! Starting from Bugatti, Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren to Aston Martin. Not bad yea, for having a brief daydream as an imitation of James Bond! Hihihi! Third, Despicable Me. Come on.. For you who loves minion, where’s your Like thumb? Hihihi! For those of you who like running games like Super Mario Bros, Sonic Runners, or Temple Run types, well, this game also looks similar! In the game which is also developed by Gameloft, you are required to run as fast as possible while jumping, rolling and collecting bananas. In addition, you must also avoid a number of obstacles that appear, while running. The game also has an eye-catching graphics and you can choose a variety of costumes that can make your minion gain a super power. Wow, what a cool! These are so cute.. Fourth, Jetpack Joyride. Who knows Fruit Ninja? Well, this game was also developed by the same developer Gang, the Halfbrick Studios! For gamers who are into pixel graphics, this game fits your choice! Because besides free, this game also doesn’t drain the internet quota while playing. Having a main character named Barry, this game puts you as a character flying with his jetpack, avoiding rocket attacks and missiles coming. Very simple, isn’t it? Fifth, Alto’s Adventure. From the name you can already guess right, what’s this game about? Yep, you’re right, Gang! This game is an adventure game set in the mountains or alpines. And you’re here, acting as a snowboarder aka surfers who have to walk through the forest and surrounding villages. There are six surfers in this game, where each of them has different abilities. The first surfers named Alto and the rest you can access after you managed to level up! Visual design is minimalist and refreshing, successfully made this game into one of the best mobile game by The Verge and Time tho! Any of you who ever tried it? It’s true I say, there are still many interesting games that offer amazing graphics, without having to use your internet quota! Do you still have other interesting game recommendations? Leave Comment and Like yea. Don’t forget to Subscribe to JalanTikus channel and watch the video selection I already recommend in this box! Hihihi!

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  1. Kata saya mah game terbagus itu adalah flight simulator 2018 keluaran thetis games game ,game nya itu kita bisa mengendalikan pesawat kita sendiri dengan grafis yang sangat bagus, bandara nya juga real asli, ada juga mode indonesia nya juga ada pesawat garuda

  2. Tai anjink goblok ASPHALT 8 AIRBORN itu pake kuota tolol mana kuota gua yang dari 15gb jadi 2,3gb lagi.Asphalt itu game merugikan anjink.

  3. Kok gua pas main game aspalt 8 airbone pas saya pertama kali main kok harus pake jaringan dan pas saya sudah selesai main kok nunggu loading nya lamah salah game oflline kali makanya jadi online dan masalah nya tolong dijawab dong dan kalo gak dijawab dengan benar atau gak ada balasan dari jalan tikus saya akan unsubscribe ni

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