5 SUPER PODERES que puedes tener en la vida real
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5 SUPER PODERES que puedes tener en la vida real

August 9, 2019

The man provided this in the search
absolute power, self improvement or just the domain of the elements
and creativity along with inspiration superheroes that human inventiveness
together to create objects that make more sensillo life in some cases such as
create an exoskeleton to improve greatly capacity the force exerted on objects
heavy, which is why we will discover new technological devices that give
Superpowers Super speed: you have you ever imagined
mercury be something like the god of speed or flash the superhero Justice League
which it is very fast? Well there is a device that will help you
to achieve this, it is a jetpack to run faster, always associated to the jetpack
as devices that help users flying, but what if you have
to run faster without the need for more effort. It turns out that Arizona State University
developing a prototype jetpack looking soldiers almost blown when
run, ie they can cover large distances in a short time something like 1.5
kilometers in 4 minutes or less, said simple but it really is not because a soldier
always it has a heavy equipment on his back without forgetting their service weapons. This project christened 4MM (for minute
mile for its acronym in English) consists of a 4.5 kilograms vest equipped with a
pair of drive turbines as well as their batteries series circuit. This project is still in the phase
development and how to make it look This jetpack much lighter with greater autonomy
and noise reduction for its functionality is more attractive to the military
https://www.unocero.com/2014/09/23/un-jetpack-para-correr-mas-rapido/ immortality in humans is a
issue that we have previously treated with respect technologies and we’re not very
it away from that reality is something compared Dr. Manhattan, an immortal franchise
DC comics, according cordeiro jose “in 2045, man will be immortal “so affirms the
professor and advisor to the Singularity University, Says also that “neither AIDS nor
cancer, or hunger. Nothing. in just under 30 years, no disease
You can end the human kind ” which as he says, aging is a
curable disease. To make these statements Cordeiro
It based on current technological has had enough impact thereon
and is the so-called technological singularity; This aims to give progress to intelligence
artificial as a tool that would end human age, giving way to the post-human age. The insistence of his statements are
based on the progress and achievements by Methueselah Foundation, an institution
who has managed to extend the healthy life of mice by up to 5 years in the last
decade, the human equivalent to 1000 years. Or in the demonstration that cells as
germ, cancer or bacteria “They do not age.” This would show that “life was born to
live and not to die ” the X-ray vision of Superman, and stopped
belong to science fiction, who did not He has fantasized to see through
structures around us, are walls, animals or people? Well, once again science is made available
to make this possible for anyone who wants be Superman for a while. Brown University researchers are
developing a display system X-ray imaging the novel combination
technology allows doctors and scientists see inside the human body in search
broken bones or treatments to follow later of the observed through the patient’s body,
as about a privileged vision will 3D movement of bones, while running,
swim, jump or crawl. The new system is called CTX, will combine
the tridimensional capacity scanner CT and time tracking
real that allows the radiographic study, It is also sought for the system to provide data
accurate with an accuracy of 0.1 millimeters or the equivalent of a thousand pictures tomo-computerized
per second able to control himself craving climate
associated more to the mutant X-men, we are STORM speaking clearly, although it seems
more fiction, to control the weather It is a reality and that as a concept comes
giving since 1958, but it was not until Beijing Olympic Games 2008
thesis bomb would be taken more seriously clouds with silver iodide to control
climate and the clouds have pleasure. This domain climate is a program that
He trained thousands of people to use weapons antiaircraft rockets containing iodide
Silver against the clouds were not of his liking, in a process known as sowing
cloud. In the Olympic Games of 2008 they were launched
1104 missiles with this substance from the 4 pm until nearly midnight to
ensure an unforgettable opening ceremony. http://www.batanga.com/curiosidades/4303/se-puede-controlar-el-clima
you have suffered superficial wounds and have I wanted to have the ability to wolverine
heal quickly? Great, because I and most of
everything is a reality, NASA is developing portable units in the sector
biotechnology for the ability superficial wounds heal more so
Fast, specific devices are 2 hand healing magic. His name, BioReplicates and Scionic are so
as its inevitable reference futuristic Sci-Fi, once again, Stark Trek. The BioReplicates have the posilbildad of
regenerate human tissue cell developed 3D human will is a healing wounds
only superficial, though it is thought that this device you can get to benefit
organs of the human body. Now Brother device Bioreplicates
It is Scionic, whose function is to eliminate pain and inflammation without external
resorting to medicines. These devices are intended first
for instance astronauts, but easy to imagine that in the near future be replaced
iodine in household kits for these technological advances.

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  1. esa inmortalidad será para los mismos hijos de puta multimillonarios que no dejarán de querer mas y mas… imagina lo que podrán hacer con 1000 años de vida, no me gusta.

  2. si somos inmortales eso significa que el mundo se llenara de personas ademas de q los gobiernos empezaran a matar niños y adultos para reducir la población del mundo :v

  3. Ola si Orlando y mi una no jajajajaja aaaaaa iquitos vidas besos ……£$π√¥ ~|••••√®™©¶<>^_×÷×° ok

  4. lo de la inmortalidad solo sera para los ricos y de aqui al 2045 ya tendre como 70 años asi que no hay esperanza para nosotros.

  5. Estaba bien algunos lo controlan los humanos y otros varios humanos y no como dice el título; SuperPoder o HAARP <- Control del clima :'v

  6. like si vienes aqui porque se te dio por ser superheroe y quieres ver como puedes tener superpoderes sin meterte en nada toxico :v tu no me mientes vienes aqui por eso

  7. es mentira el unico que tiene poderes en dios jesus maria y el elegido de dios que es moises y josue like si dices que es mentira

  8. Seria genial él de inmortal para combatir él cáncer y mu has enfermedades pero se que ahora esos productos serán muy caros pero cuando estemos mas avansados esto costara muy poco igual que las plays costaba 500.000 y ahora bajo a 200.00

  9. La parte de la vida infinita y el robot no me gusta mucho como idea: porque no quiero verme como un robot ni tener vida infinita pero si quiero lo de las curaciones para el cáncer y los demás problemas lo que intento Desire es que si quiero morir pero de viejo

  10. Yo no miento ise varios test diferentes y todos terminaron que tenia poder de velocidad y un dia unos niños me querian atrapar para un experimento y casi casi corri toda la calle y asta le gane a un carro era un Chevrolet Camaro 2016 y de verdad que le gane y otro dia estaba en mi caminadora haciendo ejercicio y use toda mi velocidad y llegue a los 164 kmh de velocidad es el mejor poder la velocidad y tengo un poco de poder de rayos X ya que algunas veces cuando tengo cerrados lod ojos veo un poco lo que esta alrededor mio

  11. no estoy de acuerdo en la idea que pudiera mantener el clima a su antojo el hombre no puede destruir lo que Jesucristo nuestro padre creador de nosotros ha hecho

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