5 SUPERPODERES Que Puedes Tener en la Vida Real #3
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5 SUPERPODERES Que Puedes Tener en la Vida Real #3

August 9, 2019

All humans have ever had the dream of having some kind of superpower. Thanks to science fiction movies or in some superhero comics we they show these superhuman abilities and amazing gadgets. All humans have ever had the dream of having some kind of superpower. Thanks to science fiction movies or in some superhero comics we they show these superhuman abilities and amazing gadgets. All this is possible thanks to the industry military, research teams and numerous private initiatives, we show in May superpowers could allow us to become heroes. 5- armored suit The Russian military recently showed, in its special munitions factory Klimovsk, the proof protective suit that is developing for its soldiers. The suit is capable of protect that takes him from the impacts of nearby bombs and even flames. The plus disturbing is that the video was shared on Facebook by Deputy Minister Russia, Dmitri Rogozin, which gives the story a touch of spies to Backdrop steel very peliculero. Surely this costume reminds us terminator movie james cameron, in which a soldier was sent from the future with incredible resistance to destruction. It must be said that apparently the ammunition used in the test was not lethal. 4- The P12 Jetpack In this position, we remember to Inspector Gadget, that awkward and clueless detective, Who Android also a robot equipped with several gadgets placed throughout his body and whose main enemy is the leader of the evil organization MAD (Astute Evil Villains) This had a particular jetpack which led him to their daily missions within of the Metro City police. It is to fly and we see not only in movies and cartoons, but our real life, The Jetpack P12 of the New Zealand company Martin Jetpack not allow Technically exactly it is considered an “ultralight airplane pilot & quot; – but probably what comes closest. It is a booster rocket which allows up to 900 meters and travel at a maximum speed of 74 km / h. It works with premium gasoline and has a range of about 30 minutes. Glenn Martin, founder of the company, has 30 years working on its development and the P12 model will be the first to be marketed. If the deadlines are met, later this year the company will deliver the first units to bodies of civil defense and first aid as police and firefighters. TO From 2015 it will be available to anyone willing to pay between 110,000 and 118,000 euros. Nobody said to feel a superhero or a gadget was cheap. 3- Human Bird A mechanical engineer from the Netherlands fascinated by new technologies, robotics, aerodynamics, has built a movement inspired by the apparatus and structure of the true wings of a bird. If same as does the hawk universe of man DC This member of the Justice League, which has the ability to fly at high speed Thank you to artificial wings and an antigravity belt composed of a material called as “ninth metal”. Jarno has spent more than three years involved in body and soul East project to realize the oldest dream of man. The scope of the wings is 7 meters, just enough to successfully raise 90 kg, the system is a wireless haptic concept built from a kite and masts carbon a windsurfing sail; in fact, the wings are like two windsurfing sails in position Horizontal going grasped the flapping mechanism that leads to a harness on his back. After seeing this, the Justice League every day becomes more real. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GYW5G2kbrKk 2- Ouijiband Who does not remember catwoman, this person fictional DC Comics, who made his first appearance in 1940, because this character was known for having a great ability to steal jewelry, but his agility is who brings to this position, science grows every day and we could not leave out of our top wristband that will allow fulfill a childhood dream: draw a perfect circle of a single stroke. If and listens to friends, it is that it is a counterweight on your wrist that uses a gyroscope to detect fine movements of your hand and intervene them a little if you leave the hairline to coloring. As it is as catwoman who She had extraordinary reflexes, perfect balance and flexibility. this device It will also be a great attachment to the operating room, to help doctors to keep a firm to perform delicate movements with scalpel pulse. MENTAL 1-CONTROL This power can compare perfectly with the incredible Zatanna zatara, that mythical DC comics character, which was a member of the Justice League, it had with a mental mastery over their enemies. Technology is called & # 39; pulsed ultrasound Transcranial & # 39 ;, it is being developed by the Agency Advanced Research Projects US Defense (DARPA), that seek to control the mind by selective emission of high-frequency sound waves directed at very specific areas of the brain. Yes, A) Yes same as it does Zatanna to find his father, who was also a family Leonardo Da Vinci himself. This technology will allow soldiers to mitigate he feeling of pain, stay alert for longer or simply relax for unable to sleep. Amazing, right?

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