5 Tips How To Fly a Quadcopter/Drone For Beginners With Eachine E58 To Learn The Basics Skills
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5 Tips How To Fly a Quadcopter/Drone For Beginners With Eachine E58 To Learn The Basics Skills

February 18, 2020

hello everybody welcome to a new episode of How To DIY Rc in today’s episode we have the eachine e58 to show you to 5 tips/skills you need to master to fly a drone starting with choosing a flat area and that’s not the water or even being close to water you shut stay far away but it almost wind quite a real perfect day and we have a flat surface right hire in front of me and you start whit the drone facing away from you that is the easiest way the learn to fly it’s just like sitting in the cockpit and lesson number one you start to learn is taking off and landing and you need to take off high enuff to stay away from the ground effect that can get your drone out of balance because there is a bubble of air there that creates unbalance first, you start the drone motors and then you can take off and right at this altitude is where you don’t want to be this right on top of that bubble and you want to be atleast double the height of the drone to have some clearance between the drone and the ground effect the first lesson is just taking off and land again and do this pretty fast because in that ground effect you’re having a lot of turbulent air that can tip over your drone it’s the most difficult place to fly and the easiest place to crash is by taking off and landing the nice thing about this eachine e58 altitude hold drone comes with one key take off and landing making it a lot easier so you only have to focus steering the drone to a place where it safe to land and don’t have to be bordered by throttling down or up that pushed that button and see what happens now we only have to control the drone and don’t have to learn throttle control at the same time let’s land again while the drone is flying you try to keep it in a small space 1 by 1 meter is the first thing you have to learn and the most important lesson that some people take a very long time to learn but it’s all for safety reasons if you can’t control your drone a space 1 by 1 meter you have no business to fly that’s lesson number one while you take off and land try to keep the drone hovering in one spot safe if its windy you try to lean into the wind to keep the drone at it’s place you see the drone is drifting away and we have to lean to the back because the wind is coming from the opposite direction pushing the drone away from you and we keep on leaning into the wind to keep it in this one space and if you manage that and you can control the drone from drifting away and keeping it close to you than its time to land and now do the same but turn the quadcopter 90 degrees to the east of you and think about how you must steer the drone into the wind to keep it in this one space 1 by 1 meter by turning the quadcopter you now have to lean to the right and forward to counter balance the wind coming from my back a little bit forward and to the right and this is where it becomes more diffecult we have it under control and time to land again and turn it facing toward you this is where it becomes really difficult for most people because now forward is back and left is right and the other way around that’s the real difficult trick take off again and that picture in your head how you have top balance it in the wind that’s pretty easy because it’s only leaning forward and try to learn al this 5 tips and skills not to high where if there is a problem you crash and break something just keep it around 1 meter high where it’s safe and it working and just push the one key landing and it lands automatically and make it super easy we only have to steer the quad and don’t have to think about the throttle that the really nice thing about a eachine e58 now, we turn the quadcopter and face it to the west of you and the wind picked up a little bit and you can straight away see how much more the wind push the drone away and we have to lean it toward the wind to keep it in that small space 1 by 1 meter and you have to try this over and over again to get that muscle memory we have members of the public coming let’s cut the footage and be back in a sec members of the public have moved on it’s no safe to fly again so let’s start lesson number 3 and of course we start off again with the drone facing away from you and this time your only going to concentrate on the right stick roll and pitch going forward the roll to the left and pitch to the back and roll to the right to make a big square in front of you press that one key take off making flying super easy let’s get it balanced and trim the drone it’s correct now now we just roll to the right pitch forward roll to the left and pitch back roll to the right and than move forward and going left we go to the back and we come back the starting point wow we have some geese flying low over the water using that ground effect to their advantage sorry for being distracted a little bit let’s land the quadcopter again and now we are going to do the same trrick and trun the drone 90 degrees just like we did with the first lesson and we try the samething as before and making a square keeping it facing to the east of you and let’s take off we need to trim again for just a little bit moving forward moving to the left than moving to the back then we are going right and than forward again come on do this slow and safe then lean to the left lean to the back lean to the right leaning forward and stop in the middle and land safe again when you land safely you turn the drone facing towards you and again this is the most difficult because everything changes taker off lean to the back everything is going a little bit to fast with the wind and we set it high rates and try to make a perfect square it takes a long time for a beginner to get that feeling to get that memory that muscle memory that you need but it worth it because it’s really fun to fly a quadcopter and so different from flying a plane now again we have turned the drone 90 degrees and try again first get the drone under control get that muscle memory because it’s even difficult for me and we are trying to make a square but the wind is really getting annoying and the battery is getting empty because we see the battery light flashing the drone is going a bit too far drifting away even for me this is good practice because even my skills facing the drone the west is a little bit difficult and we lost that muscle memory but the battery is empty let put a new battery and start lesson number 4 we have replaced the lipo battery now it’s time for lesson number 4 now we are only going to focus on the left stick yaw axis meening to change the quadcopter direction turning left and right and not leaning a direction it’s just like a car 2D let’s try it out left right it’s an easy way to crash your drone and getting it lost so be very careful when you use the yaw just try to do it on low rates and let us trim it again and see what happens try the right than the left than again land untill you get that feeling that you can use the yaw axis safe and you really got it under control steering to the left and right getting a feeling on the speed it turns and having a good feeling for it than it’s time for lesson number 5 using both stick at the same time and the new thing is making a big circle with the drone and fly it back towards you coming back to the starting point and land and that means you have to fly the drone facing east north west and south and use all skill at once that the real difficult trick let’s show a demonstration and show you one tip to make it really easy to fly when you steer to the left use both sticks turning to the left and when you turn to the right use both sticks to make the drone turn to the right that is a simple hack get it flying in a round circle let’s try it out and again use the one key take off make it super easy getting the drone under control and fighting the wind facing forward both stick and facing it towards us on high rates because the wind is picking up and this is withg two stick at the same time making easy to fly around and trun around making a big circle and just keep making circles and stay away from the water don’t never try to fly over water the drone is not waterproof but with 2 stick at the same time you have full control over the drone it’s super easy to fly even when it facing towards you and now just press auto landing and land with one hand super easy drone and we really hope your liking this series and you learned something then give it a lot of likes of course if this video helpt you if you interested in this drone with altitude hole that is pretty cheap then you while find the links down below and we hope you subscribe for the next episode we are going over the 5 tips you need to fly with a Wifi FPV camera and the 5 hacks to get that pretty awesome aerial footage so you can make a nice video for youtube and i want to say goodbye until next time

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  1. How did you start the motors? When taking off for the first time, i tried putting the left stick to the left and the right one to the right, but nothing happened, then i used auto take off and it crashed itself but im still curious about how you do it for if i would fix it

  2. Very nice tips for beginners! With more and more people buying and flying quadcopters these beginner videos are very useful. Thanks for the video and Happy Flying!

  3. nice video!
    i also have a question about the propellers, i got this tip from MrE, maybe the propellers of my drone are facing the wrong way.
    so the propellers on my drone are:

    top left: 2x A1
    top right: 2X B1
    bottom left: 2X B1
    bottom right: 2X A1

    i hope you can tell me if the props are right or if they are mounted wrong

  4. Cool =)
    I was searching for this kind of tutorial b4…
    And this is much more helpful..
    By the way, did u extend d antenna of ur drone and transmiter?
    Then Hows d range so far??

  5. Could I add one more comment to your training. let people know that's getting into drones to buy an attitude hold drone like the e58. are the Drone X pro and many more. but also they need to learn throttle control so they need to have one that they can learn to fly the throttle. are guarantee you if they flew this and thought they had it down pad they also need to learn and train on a throttle control drone, with no attitude hold do you think I'm right by suggesting this. this is just a suggestion and thank you for helping out the newcomers. I teach my step brother and stepsister how to fly attitude hold. Then they learn real good. Then I I handed step-brother a throttle control drone him and he could not fly it yo-yo up and down. I cut my teeth many years ago on throttle control drones. But today I still like flying attitude hold. And I still get kicks out a throttle control guarantee you I don't care who you are you learn on the attitude drone and somebody says fly my throttle control you won't be able to control up and down just my opinion and thanks again

  6. Awesome video, and great tips; I just bought an E58 Drone, it's my first drone, and I love it!. I just Subscribed thank you for sharing!

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