5 Ways Helicopter Parents Can Affect You
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5 Ways Helicopter Parents Can Affect You

September 13, 2019

Hello Psych2Goers We just want to take the time to thank you for all your kind support We are a team of dedicated, passionate and hardworking individuals Who come together every day with one goal in mind: We want to make psychology come alive for you We are self-funded and recently launched our patreon If you enjoy the work we do and find it meaningful, Please stick around until the end of the video for information on how to get more involved with us and all the cool rewards you can get from us. We hope you enjoy this video. Many teenagers often feel as though their parents are being too overprotective and suffocating. Helicopter parenting is a term used to describe how some parents pay extremely close attention to their child’s life, To the point of controlling many of the child’s experiences and knowledge. Some may argue that doing this will allow the child to grow up safely, But there are adverse consequences to not letting children experience life for themselves. Here are five ways that helicopter parenting can affect you. 1. you’re incredibly dependent on your parents to make decisions. Helicopter parents tend to make important decisions for you, instead of allowing you to try it. They’re afraid of letting you do something wrong. They think that if they can prevent disasters from the beginning, then they should. If they continue to do this until you grow older, Then you won’t have any opportunities to learn how to be independent and take on responsibilities. Everything you do as an adult will need your parents approval first. This dependency will stunt your growth as a person And therefore reduce your ability to function in society. 2. You have underdeveloped life skills. Since helicopter parents are controlling, You may not have the chance to develop life skills that are important. Such as effective communication with others. This is a direct result from being too dependent on others. Without the ability to explore the world on your own, You miss out on many lessons and experiences that life offers. For example, If your mother decides that you should stop hanging out with a group of friends And you agree without asking why, Then you’ve missed the chance to learn how to judge what makes a good friend and how to recognise bad influences around you. 3. You experience high levels of anxiety and depression. Several studies in anecdotal data from college counselors suggest That college students with parents overly involved in their academic lives are more likely to experience anxiety and depression. The younger generation is also being exposed to the same stress today. There are many possible reasons that students are experiencing more anxiety in the academic setting. For instance, kids most likely fear disappointing their parents and think that Satisfying their parents is more important than maintaining their health. Helicopter parenting doesn’t support children. Instead, it makes them uncomfortable. If you’re unsure about whether you want to go to college, check out our video, 10 signs school may not be for you. 4. You have a low sense of self and self-esteem. Helicopter parents will try to do all the problem-solving for you. Without the ability to figure things out by yourself, You don’t develop a healthy sense of identity. Combined with helicopter parents’ tendency to restrict your social life, This would only increase your isolation and loneliness. This often leads to low self-esteem, Especially during your teenage years. You can start to doubt every decision you made, Including casual ones such as daily choice of clothes and food. This lack of self confidence can damage your future because you don’t know who you are. As a result, your life goals and career path will become blurry and you won’t be able to live a satisfying life. 5. You begin to resent your parents. As children, You’re curious and want to explore the world on your own terms. When parents take away that opportunity because of their overprotectiveness, You can grow up to resent your parents. As a result, you may start to act out and lead rebellious teenage years, which can be dangerous. You may stop listening to your parents and begin to associate with people that can negatively influence you. Because helicopter parents often don’t teach their kids how to use good judgment, You may have a hard time differentiating between a bad crowd and a good crowd. In the end, both parties suffer. Your parents are hurt because of your rejection and you feel suffocated under their watchful eyes. It’s an unhealthy relationship that will only get worse if neither act or change. There are many solutions to help improve this relationship. Affection and communication are key to a healthy relationship between parents and children, Especially once boundaries and expectations are set. It is also recommended that parents teach their children to be confident, While allowing some freedom for individual exploration. Parents must find a middle ground between a hands-off and hands-on approach. If they completely neglect you, Thinking that life will teach you everything you need, Then they’re not providing enough guidance. But smothering you with rules and guidelines isn’t the best method either. Talk to your helicopter parents about your frustrations, And work out a solution together. Are you affected by helicopter parenting? Please share your thoughts with us below. Also, don’t forget to subscribe for more content from Psych2Go and check out our Patreon. We started it because we want to go into a bigger platform that reaches more people who are in need of help With your contribution, You can receive our psi pendant, t-shirt, issues of our magazine and many more membership benefits. Your funding will help us produce quality script writing, voiceovers and animation that makes our content both entertaining and educational. We want to make sure our community members get the best and only the best. Thanks for watching!

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  1. On our Tumblr, a follower asked about the effects of helicopter parenting. We recognize how important this topic could be because of the harm that a helicopter parent can cause, we decided to release this video a day early. Hope you find this video helpful and share it so that more awareness can be brought to the attention of bad or toxic types of parenting. But of course, there may or may not be right or wrong way of parenting, but we can agreed that some are more harmful than good on some level.

  2. I've been experiencing these since I was a kid. My parent have shown the red flag of a helicopter parent. I was a Freshman in a Philippine College 2 years ago. I failed a class in economics, at first I didn't tell it to my dad and then I found out that my dad stole my report card intentionally to see my grades and the day after he saw the grade, he angrily shows up to the professor, my professor was shocked cuz he didn't espect a parent of a college girl would do such a thing. I felt embarrassed cuz I was already 18 or 19 at that time 😣 I know my dad was trying to be fair, but it's already fair cuz i am the one who failed the economic class at the first place. 😢

  3. I've heard that the world is more safe now than it's ever been, hell back during the 50s 60s 70s and shit parents would let their kids have more freedom, as time has gone on since then helicopter parenting has increased and so have teens being depressed and shit, hmmmmm I don't really see a correlation here do you?

  4. I have a hardcore helicopter parent mother and a neglecting indecisive narcissistic father. Im 15 and i just want to live on my own. Guess how life is going for me?
    But hey, if i resent them, people will judge me for not "loving" them. And well, life is hard but i still try to get up every morning.

  5. I feel so much resentment towards them yet I feel that I have to love them. I legitimately have to go to great extents to hide my life from my parents. I got caught once and now I’m in lockdown. My parents don’t even let me stay home alone at age fucking 14. In a private neighborhood with a bunch of elderly people. It’s beginning to be out of control

  6. I'm 28 and my dad won't let me even move out. He became crazy clingy since my mom died because she used to do everything for him and he forced her role on me. I can't even have an adult relationship, I have to go home early from my boyfriend's house and I need to let my dad know when I'll be out and with whom. Heck, I can't even spend that much time with him except for a couple of hours at night because I have to be with my dad all afternoon, either driving him around so he can do his stuff or sitting at a coffee shop with him drinking coffee for hours. I've had to cancel on friends more than once because he wants to go to get coffee or do other stuff that isn't even urgent or anything. I've pulled away from friends and he went from complaining about me locking myself in my room during my teenage years to even encouraging it now. It's driving me insane, I haven't been able to do many things that people even younger than me are already doing and I hate that he uses guilt, silent treatment and other passive aggressive shit to make me do things. The worst part is that I'm aware of his emotional blackmail but for some reason I can't break away from it.

  7. i live in Asia, Indonesia where virginity is a really important things. my parents are so overprotective when it comes to boys. they didnt allow me to text my guy-friend and go to every school event just because they thought girls should stay at home bcs guys r dangerous. when i'm 13, they've cought me on a bike on the way home with my guy-friend (my house to school only 3km distance) and my dad punished me and mom keep crying she said that shes only afraid if i got pregnant (they never mentioned safety on road. they mad bcs theyre scared i got pregnant. i wont forget their words that time) that time, im not even interest to guy and know nothing about sex… but she cried and saying stuff like that.

    since i never get close to any guy bcs scared of parents, i got really happy when some guy told me that they like me. when im 16, my senior wants to ride me home from school. turn out he drive me to a hotel where i lose my virginity. it's just really shocking and i dont know what to do that i just cried and didnt enjoy my first sex at all.
    as i grew older, i became rebel and became a whore at college seeking for affection. i dont want to listen to any of their words. bcause they way protecting me made me like who am i right now : only give me orders what to do and how to live my life, choosing my friends, where to work, and where to go without telling me why and when i asked, they always get angry saying just listen and dont ask.

    im 24 now and ive found a guy who can lead me to be a better person, giving me affection as much as i needed, and the most important thing for me: telling me "don't" and patiently explaining to me why when i kept asking. we've been 2yrs together and we planned to marry next year and again my parents arent supportive with the idea. they said i dont have money for wedding party and demand my partner to finish his college first in 2021 😁 me and my partner both agree to have a small wedding party, appearently my parents wants it huge so that their relative may think that they're a succesful parents…

    just a self-reminder for me to be more understanding towards kids. we grew in totally different era, keep updated with surroundings and dont stop learning to be a good mom

  8. My mom is overprotective and she never let me outside to play with my friends😭 and I'm going to be 13 in November 15 I don't know what to do😭 I hate her for being so protective 😭😭😭

  9. I absolutely hate my life. My family seems ok, but its really not. My mom really is wonderful, and even though sometimes I get mad at her(like any child) I still love her. My dad, on the other hand, is cruel. He is way too overprotective in a lot of areas crucial to development, but not even in a loving way. He forcefully takes away the things that I truly want in life and forces others on me instead, and coming up with some phony reason to explain it. However, when I actually need help and guidance, he completely lets go and says I can figure it out, and then gets irritated when I'm upset. Honestly, our family is in shambles because of him. But we've all put on our own fake exterior and so we seem like a functional family both to others and ourselves, but now that I'm looking deeper, we have problems.

  10. "Talk to your helicopter parents about your frustrations and work out a solution together" sure, cuz those are known to listen to people, especially their kids wtf XD

  11. My mom doesn't like me to see my stepsister anymore since her mom is dumb. She expects every kid with not good parents in my mom's mind to be bad. So she doesn't like my bff or my stepsister based on their parents.

  12. I just kinda realized i do have Helicopter parents in a way. It sucks. My mom gets mad for no reason when I try to explain things about if I want to do things my way. She also worries a lot about me and tries to stay in my room. I don't like it.

  13. My mom is a weird mix of being overprotective and really distant, like she doesn't really care about my dreams or what I like and tries to "give me some space so I can become independant" but the next moment I do something "wrong", she goes crazy, shames me and attacks me saying "See? Everytime I try to trust you, you mess up!". She has tried manipulating me into dedicating myself to music as it's one of her frustrated dreams, still asks me for everyone's number, won't let my boyfriend in my house, would NEVER let me go on vacations with my friends because I shouldn't stay at anyone else's house and though she is not as intrusive anymore, I still feel her power over my stuff, as I have to knock to go in her bedroom and she can just kick the door of my room open and throw my things around accusing me of having taken one of her blouses, and gives not one single duck to make sure if I'm butt naked before opening and my step-dad is right there or whatever. And yeah, I'm 23 and I try to impose my own will over hers and is slowly starting to let me live, but she's still incredibly rough and annoying sometimes.

  14. This whole "Helicopter Parents" phenomenon is SOOOOOO much more pandemic than people would like to admit. It's rather ubiquitous and global. Kids aren't kids anymore… They're little résumés, litanies of accomplishments, and ego boosts for the parents' to brag to their adult friends that they don't even like anyways. Pretty fucked up when you think about it, almost a recipe for creating little serial-killers.

  15. I’m 22 and I’m fucking sick of my mom. She’s suck a fucking pain in the ass. I absolutely blame her for everything wrong with me.

  16. This video is definitely slanted/directed towards teenagers, whom the majority will at some point feel this way regardless if their parents are helicopter parents or not.My first instinct is that this was intentional (teens mean more clicks). Low self esteem, resentment of your parents, dependence on your parents decisions and your own indecision are all apart of growing up for teenager, not sure if all of this channels content is for teenagers but if not I think the video would be more impactfull if it were directed towards the parents and was educating them instead. There isn't much a young child or even teen can do if their parent is blind to the flaws in their parenting though Its still good knowledge to have and maybe this could help to start a diaoluge with

  17. Its so annoying having my mom constantly over my back,she does it 2 my sister also…like come on,I get the protective thing some but sometimes let us the freakin heck go sometimes,I litterly could check off almost all of the things in this video

  18. I’ve showed this video (and many others) to my parents (as they monitor my instagram, what i google, block things like pictures of billie eilish, make every decision for me, completely control my every move, etc.) and they do not listen. I don’t have a door on my room so that they know my every move. It has gotten way out of hand and I need assistance to get them to stop being so overprotective. I can’t cross the street or walk to or from school. I can’t go upstairs unless my parents are up there. My friends think it’s weird and I don’t invite them over anymore. help.

  19. I can’t even make my own DECISIONS without being told that I’m not old enough to when I actually am old enough!!!

  20. My parents are extremely pressuring for me to focus on my studies- and only that. My mom told me to my face that I don’t need a social life or friends because they won’t help me achieve anything, and that having a boyfriend (even if it’s just to try out and even if one knows the consequences of certain “actions” you might do and actively avoid them.) will destroy your life (HER WORDS.)

  21. I have helicopter parents i don't know how to cook but they call me immature. I know who i am but I'm told I'm too immature to know that i am trans and that I'm confused

  22. I used to have helicopter parents but all of a sudden they just started trying to make me go outside more

    For my memist friends to understand

    My parents:don't go outside
    Also my parents:go outside
    Me: hold on this whole operation was your idea

  23. I’m suffering mental health due to being raised by abusive parents. Would you recommend counselling or psychotherapist? Or if anyone has experienced something similar and has advice it would be really helpful!

  24. I’m 27, living at home, and my mom has been suffocating my whole life. She’s well-intentioned, but this doesn’t change the fact that I feel I’ll never be an adult. Even while traveling and living overseas, she would constantly call and message me, and make me feel like I’m being a bad child by not maintaining constant communication.

    I’m really battling to get out of this smothering relationship. It’s so unhealthy. I can’t afford to move out so all I can do is try and work my out of this by making more money, another challenge.

    Anyone go through this and have some suggestions on how to fix it?

  25. My mom is a helicopter parent and she began doing this to me since i was around 13 or 14. She wouldn't let me go out by myself to hang out with any of my friends and i have 2 older brothers and sisters who go out constantly to their jobs or friends houses to have fun, which meant i was home all day by myself. It made me go through depression and anxiety attacks. My mom prevented me from going to after school activites, summer jobs (she wouldnt give me my birth certificate or ssc to get one on my own), and even learning how to become independent. So it turn to me doing rebelious things behind my mothers back just to get back at her for not letting me enjoy my teenage years. I began hanging with some of my friends who smoked weed and was drinking at a young age like 17. To me, i thought it was fun to have that type of life because they're parents let them go out with their friends, have jobs, and let them enjoy themselves, Which is something my mom never did. Still to this day, my mom has became a manipulative, narcissistic, controlling, and hypocritical parent to me. Im currently 17 (turning 18 soon), with no type of work experience, i cant make any right choices in life, im constantly home all day alone while shes at work, crying my eyes out because my depression has gotten worst overtime and i cant take it anymore. I just need some advice on how to handle this.

  26. My grandmother is a helicopter parent. She was like that to my dad. My dad was horrible to me and now I know why.

  27. Every time
    I'm 17 and it's annoying
    I'm treated like 5. I'm not depressed about it but it tics me off that my mom is bothered with me walking around with a phone even in the bathroom (literally everyone today) she complains about over everything.

  28. I just thought my parents were a tiny bit more controlling others. Now I know who caused my depression and difficulty to communicate with then others.

  29. My main problem related to this is-
    "You spend too much time on your own in your room"
    "Can I go out with friends then?"

  30. What depresses me is that people i know that are my age are either living in college dorms, have their own house, and even have a child. Yet im talked and treated like im 5 years old, it really takes a huge hit on my self esteem sometimes

  31. My boyfriends parents are helicopter parents and it effect our relationship and my relationship with his parents and we all don’t seem to get along anymore. He doesn’t even like going home everyday. Also the parents say hurtful things to him and also say negative things about me. Please do a video ! I just feel so smothered and depressed as well and they aren’t even my parents but it does effect me a lot. My parents understand that I’m 20 years old at least.

  32. I have helicopter parents, and I’m worried because some of these things have already affected me. I am going into seventh grade, and ever since middle school started I felt really insecure about myself…I’ve never really cared about how I looked or anything until puberty hit. Ever since my mom got divorced and got married again…I feel like she’s changed…and I can’t make decisions on my own. I have lots of restrictions and rules…which if I don’t follow…I get grounded (longest time being a month). I usually get grounded for stupid things and when I tell my opinion they just shut it out and say I’m not right, which I hate so much…I don’t know if I’m overreacting or anything…but I really wish my parents weren’t so protective and always wanting to hangout…I like spending time with them…but not as much as I used to…I guess it’s a teen thing. But, if any of you could give me advice in any way, it would mean a lot to me. Thank you

  33. My mom is not exactly a helicopter parent but more of a pushy one she always tells me wear more dresses and girly shit like that I don’t like dresses or the color pink I mean I make an exception for skirts but come on she even goes into my room without knocking and it gives me a hard attack not to mention she tries to look at what I’m playing every time when I play the same game a lot hell one time she tried to log into my laptop account without my permission and of course she didn’t get in since I made my password very VERY hard to crack and it frustrates me ;—;

  34. umm… in our apartment we live at floor 10 and the pool is at the lobby and i wanna swim by myself and my mom wont let me GO by myself when its just downstairs at the LOBBY floor G its too much i havent even got to explore the whole street by myself and im already 11-eleven YO

  35. Yes,I am affected badly.I have decided now to leave my home.Then, after college,I will find a job there.But the worst thing is that my helicoptering mother has decided to go there too and stay at her old friend's house there to continue to put me in depression through her excessive interruption in my life.I had suicidal tendencies in my early teenage years.My parents did not give me any kind of freedom.They only talk with me about studies and abuse me when I get bad grades.Sometimes I doubt whether they care for me or not.

  36. My aunt is a helicopter parent
    One time me and my cousins where playing yugioh and she kept going “why can’t she do that” or “why can’t he do this” and kept disrupting the game and then seconds later says that we have 1 minute left to play

  37. these examples explain your parents if: they would say uneducated dumb people made this video, if they watched it.

  38. My parents are so controlling especially my mom she almost makes me late to work every damn day I can't move out because it's too expensive where I live

  39. My parents only let me wear oversized t shirts and oversized pants. I’m 16 and want to wear normal clothes and even stuff that they bought me they will be like “that’s too tight you need to go change”

  40. My parent's are halecopter parents and I am sooo bad right now. I have anxiety and depression fore years.. Parents if you ar reading this than stoop doing this because it will destroy your kids life

  41. I'm literally almost a teen and I'm freaken 10 yrs old! And I can't go out on my own even with my friends 🙁

  42. I can’t go to sleepovers I have to ask permission to go to the back yard/front yard I can’t go to field trip to stay overnight at a play or a long time I can’t go to my friend house to hangout I can’t talk to people near my mom ( bc of judgment and follow up question) they made me believe that crying is not ok (still haven’t gotten over that and they told me at 6 years old) they tell me to tell them everything bad or good and proceed to be judged on the thing they told me to open up about I can’t change my phone password I have to give my parents my phone to put in their finger print I don’t have privacy on my phone bc they go through it can’t have my own room can’t make decision I am forced to go on a tight schedule that tell me when I eat dinner and breakfast can’t use phone past 8:30 on summer days (and yet they ask why I’m on the phone so much when I have nothing else to do) they give me expectations I can’t live up to bc I’m neglected by them my younger sibling get all the help that I needed (this started when I was 2 when my sister was born) they tell me that if I ever need help with anything at all to ask them and when I do they tell me to be independent and to stop being needy and to be like my cousin or sister (this also includes comparing grades and we aren’t in the same one) I offer my help and they get mad and tell me to leave them alone they just got home then a couple min later they screaming and telling me that I don’t do anything that I don’t help them that I don’t care that they worked all day that I can’t do any thing helpful and I’m the one who always without complaint changes showers prepare bottle and food for my brother when my brothers dad doesn’t even do that

    This is all things my parents say/do
    This is just part of it
    So if you read this thank you for paying attention to my much needed rant about my life and how it feels like I’m on house arrest

  43. Whenever i try to talk to my parents about anything we allways get into a fight. It is so frustrating! I cant even go to a park right BESIDE my house because it is “too dangerous” they think im too young. I really need help. I dont know what to do:/

  44. My mom is a helicopter parent and it's very diffcult to even live my own life. I am already experiencing all of these and I'm only 13. And my mom wonders why I hide stuff from her. I WANT MY OWN LIFE DUMB BEACH

  45. A girl I like had to delete the app we were talking on because her dad was a helicopter parent, he was very controlling checked her phone and didn’t allow her to have contacts on her phone taht he didn’t know so I couldn’t give her my number. Right before she had to remove me from her friends list she said she liked me too. She said she would try to get in touch when she could. But I miss her, right now I’m hoping her dad lets her use the app again or we can find a way to communicate.

  46. To be honest I don’t have many friends and I’m starting middle school but I always think that I’m fat because my parents say stuff like don’t eat that you’ll be fat and my dad yelled at me because I turned on subtitles for a movie and I’ve always wanted to run away but I always say my parents will be mad and I don’t know what to do.

  47. I dont have my father so my elder sister took that palce and now my mother and my elder sister are acting like an helicopter parent. I m in college first year but they aren't allowing me to freshers party instead they are making excuses and thinking that I am a 2 year old kid who cant do anything. But they allowed me for going to college as it was my sisters college and everyone knows her

  48. So yeah I had this friend with whom I went on a vacation with recently and I found out his mom was a MASSIVE helicopter parent (like in talking going into the bathroom with him because she was scared it would lock and he would be stuck). So I took him aside and said that his mom was a helicopter parent and that I found that really weird, that it was unhealthy and ruined all the fun for me. So after the vacation he calls me up and says:" look I talked to my mom about what you said and I don't appreciate it." And I was like well I'm sorry if I was a bit harsh with how I said it (which I was) but I still meant what I said because it is unhealthy like I said. So I apologise for any rude comments and insensitive jokes. And then I was like we good now? And he was like yep. Then, about 30 minutes later (presumably after relaying what I said to his mom) he hits me with a I don't think we should be friends anymore. (Because of the stuff he just said we were good about)

  49. I got helicopter parents and siblings because my parents got my big sister who is one year older than me to be put in the same class as me so she now watches over me at all times and if I get something wrong she just corrects me so now I literally know nothing because my sister basically does my work and she’s gone to high school so I’m going to fail all these years and I will never get a job because of how dumb I am

  50. My mum still decides what I wear. She still washes my hair. She still has to take me whenever I hang out with my friends and it's really awkward because she's just…..there. She never allows me to attend school activities such as discos or anything like that. She manipulates me and plays with my emotions and is just a two faced birch (sorry not sorry, mum). One minute she is nice, the other she is angry. She also doesn't allow me to leave my room and go out and then gets mad at me for being introverted or not wanting to get out of my room and be with her and my step-dad. She also is an alcoholic and has been ever since I was born (or even before that) and she gambles and smokes.

    My step dad is mentally abusive and always screams at us. I am currently losing weight, and him always calling me a fat birch isn't helping my self esteem or motivating me. I am a tomboy and he always screams at me for not wearing dresses or wearing huge shirts over my (not tight) jeans. He is also a very huge pervert- he always walks in on me showering, opens the curtain, and starts having a conversation with me to stretch time, he gets angry at me for not wanting to be naked around him and he always walks around without any clothing on even though he knows I don't like it. My mum has tried talking to him, but he still insists on 'being comfortable'.

    Both of them refuse to understand that I'm growing up and like having privacy or my own life and they refuse to believe that I need therapy and whenever I bring it up they start screaming and threatening to bash my head into a wall and kill me if I ever mention it again.

    But yeah, I don't tell anyone else other than you, anonymous people, and whenever I go to school I always put on a fake smile or become emotionless if I really can't fake it that day. I also cover up my sadness with humour and whenever people ask me about my swollen eyes, I just tell them I didn't get much sleep that night.

  51. I'm in highschool and I still have a bedtime, a chores chart with a point system, and time limits on my wifi. I try to explain to them that it's getting old, but at the end of the day there's really nothing I can do. They dont give 2 shits of what I have to say.

  52. I cant learn to be independent and this because of my helicopter parents. They will always tell me what to do, they will not give me option for what I want to do (every day, for 2 hours/day, for example, I have to solve some math questions and do other things I dont like, even tho its summer). If I dont listen to them, the will ground me.

    Please, if you know someone that can help me, tell me. Not only me but other people as well, need help

  53. I kinda do, i want to join the army when i graduate out of high school but my dad wants me to go to college even though joining the army is the decision i want and he should respect that, and my dad always compares me to other kids and says i’m not smart enough, little did he know that’s killing my self esteem and confidence and making me anxious and he mostly tells me negative things that will happen to me.

  54. yup…. I almost hanged my self until I thought if this is the way to get rid of my problems from my fucking parents that doesn't want me to step the heck outside!
    I still hate them.

  55. the CEO of youtube, Susan Wojcicki is like a overprotective/helicopter mother. her son is youtube. she will demonetize every swear word or copyrighted music word/song youtube said.

  56. I can never be good enough for them. I hate disappointing them. They monitor everything I do. I need to get away from them…

  57. I agree to all these things, also in trying to get my life together but my parents control everything i do and don't let me have any time I myself or with my friends

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