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August 30, 2019

Minecraft is a really fun game, and there’s lots of fun things that you can do in it But sometimes it can be difficult to come up with those fun things so today I’m going to provide you with 50 the first thing I suggest doing it is creating some form of new survival world and making sure that you don’t cheat You see cheating in Minecraft although It makes life considerably easier kind of ruins the experience and it means that you’re less likely to actually go out and gather up resources and Quickly the game feels less fun so make sure that you never type in these are sorts of commands Having said that sometimes using cheats in Minecraft can be a little bit on the fun side so use them sparingly I think one of the first things that pretty much everyone does when they first get a hold of Minecraft is Try and build themselves a house I know I personally did, back in 2011 or 2012 and I know for a fact that looked quite a bit like this. I mean, Yeah, not exactly pretty so I would suggest hitting the world of YouTube and checking out some tutorials on how to make cool-looking houses this youtuber right here is Yeah, he’s an interesting chap that makes really good content So now that you’ve done some learning you can transfer those skills into Minecraft And hopefully you’ve got yourself a fairly cool-looking abode for example this thing right here is an exact replica of the house I’m currently Sitting in recording this video I’m somewhere about there But the adventure to make a cool-looking house does not stop there you’re going to want to fill it with redstone contraptions and for this I’d suggest checking out this interesting chap I Think you could subscribe to him as well if you like now that your house has been turned into a piston house And you can tell you Dingle arm from your T flip-flop when you block sucker from your elbow You can now move into doing some more exciting things in Minecraft for example exploring Did you know that if you’ve generated a Minecraft world using a random seed? There’s a very very high likelihood that no one has ever seen that Minecraft world before there’s all sorts of terrain There’s pretty much everything there And you should head out perhaps grab yourself a boat and check out the scenery because these places are infinite I mean, it’s like you exploring the real world. It’s just you don’t have to leave your chair while you’re at it You could also try and find all the different types of structures in Minecraft this one Isn’t exactly the most exciting one a little desert village, but these things get crazy and also Difficult to find I’m thinking of you woodland mansion once you’ve done that you could also try Conquering all the other dimensions as well, nether not too difficult end Yeah, that’s a bit more of a challenge. And that’s mainly thanks to this young lady, the Enderdragon I think it goes without saying that this is just great fun to try and complete the biggest challenge in Minecraft And it’s even more fun if you do it with your friends I just suggest bringing some water, a bunch of snowballs to take out the end crystals some arrows and of course the sword But the end fun doesn’t stop there once you kill off the ender dragon it will open up an end gateway That will allow you to travel through into the end islands Dimension these things are what you’re looking for they’re known as end-cities and if you get really lucky It will have a boat nearby and if we just pop down underneath here they contain these, the elytra They allow you to fly in Minecraft So the next thing that you’re going to want to do is get yourself some form of mob farm and Also some form of sugar cane farm so that you can get yourself some fireworks; fireworks Combined with elytra give you essentially a jetpack in Minecraft. I mean I’ve been playing this game for a very long time I never thought I would see the day where I could do this sort of thing. It’s fantastic in fact I could spend this entire video saying how fun Farms are are to build They’re my favorite projects to work on and for those you who watch my Hermitcraft series You will know that I work on quite a lot of big ones but i’m not going to do that so just build all the farms. I mean, let’s be honest and let’s also be honest once they’re built. You should spend a little bit of time Just reveling in all of the new resources that you’ve got wow I’m really lagging I actually have too many farms around me Regardless of the lag those items arent doing much good on the floor So I would suggest building some form of automatic storage system to keep all of them Now a little bit of a disclaimer. Sorting systems are ’round my second favorite thing to build in Minecraft Just slightly after farms anyway aside from all the technical mumbo-jumbo when it comes to building in Minecraft One of the best things you can possibly do is Try and stick to a theme if you stick to a theme your builds are going to end up looking a lot better But sometimes it’s also good fun to take that theme and completely break it in certain areas of your base for example this Recent project that I took on the Hermitcraft server looks a little bit different to the ocean stuff that we had going on upstairs but just remember if you’re ever struggling for inspiration the Minecraft community has probably built something pretty cool for you to look at for example. This is Imperial City that I just downloaded from planet minecraft And it is mental. It is seriously seriously mental. I mean look at the scale of some of these things So just download them grab some inspiration and most importantly have fun exploring I mean this this place is endless, but if you’re completely bored of standard minecraft. You’ve done creative mode You done survival mode you get a little bit tired of it Then you can try one of the user-created adventure maps these turn the game into something completely different For example this one is payday And once you’ve had a go at playing some adventure maps you can have a go at actually building some Now this isn’t for the faint-hearted because as you can probably tell Adventure maps are pretty huge project and they also involve quite a lot of these little fellas. I mean if you click on these things Yeah There’s a lot of learning to do there, I mean I Still don’t fully understand this stuff, but if you do stick with it all the way through to completion And you managed to build a fully functioning adventure map why not invite some friends around and see if they like it I don’t actually have any friends, so I’ve had to use villagers But if they enjoy it then why not post it online and see what everyone else thinks Speaking of games together with friends and shooting fun projects and sharing them with people Shooting short films is honestly one of the most fun things you can do in Minecraft Setting up little scenes coming up with stories and everything like that It’s pretty much all me and my mates used to do, and one of them is on my youtube channel It’s called the Cakery bakery, and you know what actually pretty proud of it But there’s definitely room for improvement and one of the best ways you can improve the look of your short films is by using mods Things like the shader mod and depth of field and everything like that comes together to create a really cinematic looking piece I mean some of the short films that people produce in Minecraft if it wasn’t for the blocky textures I think they come out of Hollywood speaking of modifications give them a try I know I personally don’t use them in many of my youtube videos But there’s definitely plenty of fun to be had on the modded side of Minecraft all sorts of different possibilities All sorts of new features being added to the game it may not be your cup of tea But you should at least give her a go and once you’ve played with enough mods Why not try making some for yourself now? This is obviously if you already know how to program But if you don’t there’s plenty of tutorials on youtube and it’s a really good skill to learn one of my favorite old series was Tangos breaking bytes series where he’d basically come up with a ridiculous idea and build a mod for it It was hilarious, and if the super technical world of modded minecraft doesn’t quite take your fancy Then why not go right the way back to basics and download a super old version of the game for example this one beta 1.7 This is the first Minecraft update to involve Pistons, which makes it one of my personal favorites And if you’re still not satisfied why not take on a few challenges for example not using any weapons and not wearing any armor I’ll put a link to my recent video on it so that you can get some inspiration for them Seriously, though if you haven’t tried playing Survival minecraft in a custom world type or in amplified mode Then you really should we did it in hermitcraft season 3, and it was hilariously good fun If not a tiny bit scary I mean look at these things But you can take it one step further when it comes to your terrain You can try creating your own and to do this I would suggest using third-party tools such as mcedit or for example the world edit mod And this will allow you to edit minecraft worlds on a large scale for example yes, something a bit like that and There we go just a pair of lovely looking totally natural mountains Obviously you could do much better than this after creating your perfect landscape. Why not try creating something that you recognize from real life Can you tell where I am? I mean, I like to think that it’s pretty obvious, but who knows and once you’re done with the physical world Why don’t you move into your virtual world? I’m sure you have plenty of games that you personally really enjoy Why not try recreate versions of them in Minecraft now one of my favourite old? Redstone videos that I watched way back in the early days was a chap called code crafted recreated Minecraft in Minecraft I mean how crazy is that? That is so Bonkers. bring it back down to earth a little bit you should also try creating totally new and original games for example This whole thing right here is a bomb defuse minigame that I created just the other day Which is a really fun thing to play with your friends? You have to get the right combination Before the TNT explodes and once you’re done creating your own games Why not try playing other people’s games with lots of other people? I mean there are plenty of servers out there with plenty of different players or all running plenty of different games Just hop on there and have a blast. I really don’t know where I’m going in this place I think what I’m trying to say is playing with other people in Minecraft Really is what makes the game the most fun so I would suggest joining some form of survival multiplayer server and just getting your teeth sunk into it join in with all the big project work with the other members on the server and just Try and build a really strong community because that’s what it’s all about Just kidding (get tricked by the BUMBO), community isn’t the most important thing Pranks definitely are. ALL the people on the server should get pranked. Build pranks are stupid, daft, massive , annoying, frustrating, Amazing you name it You should do it their reactions are always priceless And once you inevitably get kicked from that survival multiplayer server For being too much of a hardcore prankster you should try setting up your own server Now it’ll be difficult obviously from a technical standpoint But also from a management standpoint Making sure that people are following the rules and not running havoc and you’re trying to keep control of the players and keep them happy It may totally fail But you’ll learn a lot in the process Once you’re playing on some form of survival multiplayer server be it someone else’s or your own You’re probably going to want to get some form of testing world to allow you to test the build That you want to build on that multiplayer server. It will save you a lot of time and also a lot of resources I’ve had this one for probably around about four years now And yes, one of my favorite things to do in Minecraft is to accidentally explode redstone contraptions Now it is fun if you have a backup not so fun if you don’t so be careful with that one That being said accidentally exploding redstone contraptions is a lot less fun than making massive redstone contraptions that explode in a controlled manner AKA Super TNT cannons AKA this laser cannon look Did you see that THIS THING (yes bumbo, calm down) shot a piece of TNT through these rings And took out a block that is a hundred and fifty blocks away. It’s a laser cannon a laser cannon It’s pretty ridiculous And once you get bored of building cannons Then you can just move into missiles Flying machines that make use of slime blocks and redstone blocks and, as of the latest updates, observers to actually travel across the sky This thing was designed by cubehamster And yes, it’s totally lethal And with your newfound knowledge of all things lethal, why not try to create your own PvP defense station, let’s see what I can do right here. Maybe if I press this button Okay, yeah that that probably just about does it, hoooolllyyyy mackerel (that’s a good remix line, bumbo) I love this thing However if violence isn’t for you, then why not try making some music now. This is Grande 1899 noteblock world and it is totally totally ridiculous Right now I’m trying my best to play “Eye of the Tiger” Which is honestly such a tune If that seems a little bit tricky then why not try to get Every single type of music disc in minecraft There’s quite a few of them that you have to get the only way that you can get them is through either dungeons or skeletons at shooting creepers both of them are fairly rare occurrences In fact you could try building areas such as music rooms in chill-out rooms or Aquariums inside your survival base not necessarily because they’re actually useful But because they’re just really awesome things to have I mean I personally absolutely love this aquarium That I built on the Hermit(BUMBO)craft server Then once you run out of useless ideas yourself you can ask your friends or Twitter followers For extra ones, for example this spoon door And once the suggestions start getting really ridiculous Then you can start up a youtube channel and show the world what you have created If there’s anything that I’ve learned it’s that people are interested in seeing what you create whether it’s daft, Simple, stupid, or complex. Just hit the record button and put it out there And after a few years of hard work You might be sat here with 1.9 Million subscribers creating a video called 50 fun things to do in Minecraft when in reality There’s only 49 (cheeky BUMBO trick plot twist sneak) And on that note, I think it’s time to end I hope you enjoyed this video if you did, be sure to hit that like button And if you really loved it then make sure to subscribe, but thanks for watching guys this is been Bumbo, and I’m out, I’ll see you later [Bumbo was here] [Sponsored by Iskall’s Diorites] [What are you still doing here?] [There’s only 49] [Did you count them?] [There was actually 52, though] [I’m kidding, I’m just a SUBscriber SUBbing this video of BUMBO that will get him more SUBs] [Maybe BUMBO could make a SUB for his SUBs that SUB his vids for his other SUBs] [Either way, I didn’t count. I just listened to BUMBO’s voice and corrected any possible mistake by auto-SUB] [So yeah…] [SUBSCRIBE and LEAVE A LIKE!] [Boats and Hoes, anyone miss that?]

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  1. Believe it or not, i used to dig straight down for fun! I wasn't dumb (Well actually i was sorta dumb bc i was literally digging straight down lmao) so i took all of my armor off, put my valuable or useful items away and only dug straight down with two iron pickaxes in my inventory. I actually found diamonds and then stacked myself back up lmao

  2. Hardest thing i ever built was an elevator. It only worked half the time, but when it did work it was FAST!!!

  3. Not to brag…
    seriously but Woodland Mansions are not hard to find! Especially for me… I keep getting like two or three spawning in my world every time I make a world. I end up getting mad that there are Woodland mansions in my way and I delete the world. :/

  4. minecraft ps4 is no fun only survival and minigames no servers no mods no putting a sword in your other hand it sucks thats why i play fortnite i have minecraft but i dont play it unless my friends come over and we play minigames

  5. You know it is going to be a hard to comprehend vid when he introduces himself in front about 100 redstone contraptions

  6. I found diamonds on my own and made a full Armor of diamonds I was so happy but my frnd got in my world and used cheats and destroyed it like spawned stacks of diamond and other things

  7. I will turn commands on for Keep Inventory for my survival world that I'm trying to make sure has a big house with tons of beds, lots of food and resources to make a server with my friends. Most of my others I won't turn it on. Makes it fun because I don't have to worry about losing my stuff lol.

  8. I only cheat if I can’t survive or something is bugging me and won’t leave like this iron golem I punched a villager and ran them I built a house then the iron golem came and camped me in my house…

  9. I only use cheats to go into creative to fly around where i think I want a base and then start thinking about where id like things to go i dont use it for actual cheating 😛 i use it to give me a push towards new ideas

  10. Mumbo jumbo: you're watching a video with a title that says 50 fun things to do in Minecraft but in reality theres only 49

    What a madlad

  11. He may have started the video late, (Or my Tablet just sucks prob the second option) All you hear at the start of video is, "-craft is a really fun game-"

  12. Mumbo can you please make a video of “what is redstone” because I don’t even know what an observer block is 🙁

  13. Whenever I get bored in Minecraft, I make a new Creative "old" (not infinite) world and explode the whole thing. Streams of tnt down to bedrock, from corner to corner, and through mountains. I occasionally make a chicken bomb.

  14. With a boat, you can get a turbo boost by holding a hoe and singing Mumbo Jumbo remixes such as shift click, water source and cactus string sand

  15. Fun things (if you didnt know/was in the video)
    1.Dig straight down four blocks or so then chat : /fill 30~~30~~30 air
    2.make a rollercoaster!
    3.make an obby
    4. Pull an all nighter and kill monsters! 🙂
    Question: can you go to the end in pocket Edition

  16. the proplem with me is that 1:I already did half of these, (I have no outside life) 2:I don't know how to do them, even watching videos telling me how to do it, 3:I cant do them because, A: I cant join online servers B:my parents don't like me being online so I never get a card to be able to. 4:some of them are to hard, 5:I loose all fun in about a 2 mounths or so (it takes about a half a year to complete the game for me anyway) 6:I SUCK AT REDSTONE! 7:im on ps4 which dosnt have all the cool stuff 8:minecraft bugs out when a update comes out so I cant play most updates :'D WLEP!!! Great video!!!! there are ideas I havent tried and which I will do!

  17. Yeah, I first cheated my first Minecraft survival world and it got boring real quick after killing the Ender Dragon.

    So rewarding to legitly get a beacon.

  18. I started a survival the other day and spawned right next to the woodland mansion.
    Is that good?


  20. 7:03 as soon as I heard that old school damage sound, waves of nostalgia and memories bursted, no joke, bursted into my head, and I nearly fell out of my chair

  21. Actually
    I would love to do tha fireworks+elytra combo
    I play in mobile and that makes me unable to hits the “air”
    By pressing tha screen but in PC XBOX PS4
    You can press a button and you’d
    Hit the air
    I feel soo annoyed that notch does not let minecraft pet unable to hit the air

  22. Anyone Interested in making a survival server. Legit Survival meaning 8 plugins or less. Like deadass I just want to play without having to cheat. Plugins will Include anti grief, and shit.

  23. Only reason i used cheats was when i got lost in a cave so i started dogging straight up my pickaxe broke next thing i know /gi ve player stone_pickaxe i didnt want to make it easy on my self and do a diamond piv

  24. I was playing on a no cheats survival world then I wanted to have 7 of my friends play I had to turn on cheats to make the max players higher 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

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