$50,000 Trash Rocket: Equipter Rival for roofing shingles removal
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$50,000 Trash Rocket: Equipter Rival for roofing shingles removal

February 18, 2020

if you have missed irie last weekend in
Dallas this video is for you because we’re about to review one of the coolest
products in the entire IRA international roofing Expo let me introduce you to the trash rocket
the first official competitor of all-mighty equipped err I’ve been
staring at this thing for two days and here’s our review of the rocket sup
neighbors good yeah we have a YouTube channel I just want to shoot the
introduction like what you guys doing okay show you at our channel the rocket
I thought that first I was vacuum questions for you can you use it as a
shoot pretty much like to remove the shingles yes the strange the people use
it like that it’s like in the regular residential girl frozen that can be used
on regular residential roofs or commercial you know handle asphalt
shingles tile they don’t just slide slide through it about an 18 degree
angle 8 we put see right now about 40 degrees it could be as flat is but the
18 degrees we’ll it could be that flat and still get even stuff like insulation
and felt and stuff like that down that’s a hell of the trailer how much is it 49
9 49 15 grand yep Oh ironically operated and the hydraulic
motors is driven by batteries with a built in
I think you’re the only competitor I’ve equipped they’re out there we are
would you use equipped er or this the significant difference with this is our
ability to swing it to the side and we can reach 32 foot away from the building
so you can park this away from landscaping and canopies and porches and
stuff like that so you you know you get it away from the buildings was really
big equipped er you’ve got to be up next pretty much parking by the roads yep
working on the road pull you around into place where the mingoes in Omaha
Nebraska $49,000 mommoth I’m just posting the video right now yeah so it’s
1 million operation they set up the top ten minute setup
very impressive Polynesia has been making those oh we’re just introduced at
the show this is brand new so you had a couple of them in operation for the last
couple of years but this is refined ready food getting a lot of orders from
the show we’ve got this one sold I could tell it a couple more times if I had
more wood paper that’s a solid right yeah told this one yesterday that’s great awesome for you how heavy
is it about 6500 pounds at 6,500 pound tongue weight ooh
a little over a thousand pound whole it was so long like how long does trailer
itself place is like 31 and a half full 31 and a half very impressive
what’s your capacitor how many can you make like per month oh right now we’re
at about eight a month capacity eight a month different from any specials
all right so special for this week and next will 10% off 10% out I guess they
just you sell through the website or how there’s a show through the website and
sure it’s all directed right now looks like buying the car any financing we
don’t have finance again okay sounds good thank you very thick stuff but
appreciate let me know what you guys think in comments below I’m personally
impressed with this new tool I think it’s gonna be a big game-changer for
some some of you who do a lot of commercial jobs also residential 32
food-rich so you you can park it at the front and go all the way to the edge of
the roof and park it next to the trailer and just dump it slide it so you don’t
have to pick it up twice equipped ER is also awesome I’m still in love with the
equipped ER here at the roofing insights were giving away equipped er if you miss
that announcement please look or read in comments below or in description under
our equipted review but if you like this tool the rocket please comment below I
want to hear your feedback

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  1. I like this better than equipter as far as the reach is concerned. Though the price is pretty steep for most and the equipter has an easier moveability factor in my opinion (And it's cheaper). Only concern on a residential job is size. 31' is a bit Big for the average house owners property. And tooooo big to park on the road feeding into a dumpster. Commercial side I see no downfalls. Pretty cool piece of equipment!!!

  2. we once made a shoot out of a 30ft 18in black sewer pipe the ones that are smooth on the inside but corrugated on the outside it worked great for 100$ lol

  3. Seems a bit expensive for what is a waste chute but it would not take many jobs to pay for itself if your alternative transfer is manual.

  4. Makes tear off safer since the crew can load chute from a safe easy access spot on the roof instead of having to go to the edge everytime.

  5. Great product….not sure it would be good for residential work. Especially in the city. You would have a 50/50 chance that the powerlines would end up being on that side of the road and you wouldnt be able to use it.

  6. Good idea, but seems like it is far too heavy to move on lawns, and too long to be maneuverable. Crews would still be tearing off and hauling up and over from the backside of many of my condominium and apartment complex jobs. A skytrac with a dump hopper on it would seem the most versatile option for this purpose.

  7. Oh, too bad it wasn’t outside. You would have been playing with that big ole toy! I was waiting for you to asked to play with the gadgets. LOL

  8. Probably be hard to put a 30 foot trailer sideways in somebody's driveway. Did you say you're giving away an Equipter I would like to sign up for that.

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