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August 26, 2019

Hi there! Turns out optical illusions are
all around you! You don`t have to go to museums and symposiums for that. All you gotta do
is look around you. Just look around you. You`ll see illusions everywhere you go! In
today`s episode you guys will see a lot of random and coincidental illusions that made
people look at them twice just to make sure they don`t go insane
1. The story behind this photo is quite interesting and silly. It was taken in New York by the
woman who thought she saw a lady from The Handmaid’s Tale series standing on the roof
ready to jump. So she called 911. This woman must have some sort of super vision
if she can see this far and describe what she saw in much detail. But it turned out
that the woman was so frightened that she started to hallucinate! But it`s so funny
because it was actually just a red patio umbrella. The story spread very quickly and it turned
out there were others who thought this was some lady. Well it`s a good thing it was only
an umbrella. 2. Wow! Is this an invasion of the giant pigeons?
But wait, take a better look and you`ll see them standing on the edge. They probably search
for a place to take a dump. 3. At first glance this looks like some open
air concert or like those are massive robots attacking the crowd. But look again and you`ll
realize those are cotton harvesters in the dark.
4. “Look mom! My head is gone!” This child thought this was funny while his mother almost
caught a stroke! The head is actually fine, it`s in the hole.
5. Seeing this can probably cause sudden death. But when the guy who took this photo saw what
it actually was he had a very hard laugh. So what could it be? Write down your answers
below guys and we talk about it in the end. Let`s see how well your imagination works!
6. Check this out: “My Wife Tossed A Comforter On A Chair To Dry, I Nearly Had A Heart Attack”.
7. The moment you stop breathing cause you got so scared you’re ready to shit your
pants! Guess what guys? It`s just some chick`s hairpin. If I knew who did that I would give
that person a good slap on the wrist! Better yet I would stick that pin in their butts
so they know it ain`t funny! 8. Think a few times before throwing away
manikin’s head just like that. Some people may not take it easy.
9. Somebody left their boots outside the door. Such surprise can make you faint one day!
10. Do you think this is cosmic view? Nope. It`s a car hood covered in ice. Now you know
how NASA makes those photographs. 11. A woman came home to discover this scary-looking
figure by the window. She called the police and when they arrived it turned out that the
culprit was a hanger. 12. I hope the guy who found that didn`t wet
his pants because probability is very high. 13. A slowly melting ice looks just like a
snowy tornado! 14. Aha! That`s the parallel world! And as
we can see, the wheel in it is just perfect. 15. A log dog! I think Pinocchio wouldn’t
mind such pet. 16. And another scary-looking blanket. “Walked
Into My Room And Saw That My Pillows And Blanket Had Tangled Up Like This. I Almost Had A Heart
Attack” 17. Bar chairs that look exactly like cookies!
Actually no, those are cocktail drinks on the bar.
18. There seems to be a very fine line between reality and a computer game. Especially when
it`s sunny. 19. This ladies’ wedding dress make her
look like she`s got tiny legs. And it seem like there`s something massive hidden underneath
her gown. A jetpack perhaps. 20. don`t think those are burning leaves,
it`s not that. It`s just some sunlight makes them look like they`re burning.
21. Here is another similar illusion. But this isn`t a burning house and it`s not exorcists
at work, it`s just a reflection of a sunset. 22. Since topics started to hot up, have a
look at this photograph. I bet you realize this man isn`t burning if he was, he wouldn`t
be so confident. Also, he`s not piercing that boy`s neck, don`t worry.
23. Is this what I think it is? A pregnant female with a body of a horse?
24. Wow, that is very beautiful, isn`t it? 25. What`s that? Midget troops?
26. When My Buddy’s Dog Leaps Over Grates Her Body And Legs Disappear And It Looks Like
A Dog’s Head Is Just Floating Down The Street How would you call that animal guys? Write
your answers in the comments, let`s have a laugh.
27. What a hell? This cat looks like he s about to wrestle.
28. And where is this camel`s body? 29. Came Home Late And Found This Sitting
On The Edge Of My Bed. I Now Know What It’s Like To Be Too Scared To Move
30. Nope, it`s not the ground falling out from under your feet, it`s just a very tricky
pattern. 31. A mirage known as Fata Morgana, firmly
believed to be the source of rumors about a Flying Dutchman.
32. “Hung My Hip Waders Up In The Basement. Scared The S**t Out Of My Wife When She Went
To Go Down There.” Man, you don`t joke with your wife like that.
She might stab you for that. 33. Guys, can someone tell me when David Cameron
learned how to fly? And is he off to Hogwarts? 34. A couple was walking down the street at
night when they suddenly saw this do you think they cursed a lot at those who put that manikin
there? 35. When a lamp scares you to death.
36. Those window shadows create a very trippy layout. If you stare long enough you`ll see
a whole 3D movie. It`s better than IMAX! 37. You don’t see women levitating up in
the air like that every day. 38. You probably thought this guy is flying
but that black spot is not a shadow, it`s just a black stain.
39. That reflection is just beautiful. A shiny yellow marvelous castle. How pretty.
40. I always thought the black hole looks different. Hope there is no yellow stain underneath
it. 41. It took me 10 seconds to what`s happening
on this photo. Let`s see how quick you are! 42. One unintentional optical illusion that
made this guy think that his ruler was crooked. But this red line clearly shows that it`s
not true because it also seems a little deformed. 43. Would you like a nice pond by your apartment
block? Hold on a second, it`s just a concrete wall!
44. This dude`s posture and the color of his shoes makes us think that he`s wearing high
hill boots 45. Aw! Transparent smartphone. Didn’t think
those exist. Ah, I was right, they don`t exist, it`s a mere reflection of a cup holder.
46. A 2D skyscraper? Is this another matrix glitch?
47. Oh no, this building is not disappearing, it`s just that someone decided to paint it
in the color of the sky. Remarkable! 48. A piece of ham that looks like it`s out
of focus. Which isn`t true, it`s just a ham. 49. People on this shot look like one of them
is much bigger than the other. 50. Just another random optical illusion
51. Hold on where is the professor`s head? Ah… There it is!
52. It`s like seasons change depending on the window.
53. Was Eating A Packet Of Walnuts When I Happened To Notice This… Almost Had A Heart
Attack. 54. The shadow looks like that cable is twisted
but it`s not. 55. The wheel`s reflection in the mirror looks
like an approaching UFO. And now for the photo we talked about earlier.
If you thought someone was hanged, you were wrong! Those are just hangers with some clothes
on them. I think I can see pants, shirts, soothing small and a long cape. All of this
reminds us of a hanged man. Creepy. That`s all for now guys. Press the like button
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  1. 5:29 u wonder where the body is; I wanna know why he has a hard on while playing w a camel!?

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