7 Best Free Adobe Experience Design Mobile Designs #2

August 30, 2019

Hey buddy, this is the second part of the
video 7 Best Free Adobe Experience Design Website Design. In this video we will see
about Adobe XD Mobile Design. The first design we are going to talk about is Answerly. Answerly
is such an awesome XD Design and is great for question answer type of thing. The design
consists of 2 screens which are a home page and a question page. You get to download directly
the XD file which is around 684 KB. The main focused color is blue, but you can change
it to any color you want. Seeing the Android status bar at the top, we get to know that
this design was designed for Android. The font used in this design is Montserrat which
is available at Google Fonts for free download. If this could be an app for iOS and Android,
then thats so awesome. I don’t know why, but I feel like this app will fit perfect for
the website Quora which is also a question asking website, but that was just my thought
about the design. Moving on we have the Onboarding design. This is for iOS users but not Android.
It has two walk though screens, with the first one having solid background and second one
having a gradient background. The download is compressed into ZIP and is around 426
KB. If you unpack the ZIP you will see that there are pre-renders for the two screens
in two sized 1x and 2x. With this design we have 10 Login Screens, here you can see the
login screens and their mockups. The download file size was above 172 MB, so I could not
get it to see myself. As you can see some of the designs are perfect for iOS and some
for Android. The only missing thing is the status bar, by which we can determine how
it looks on the actual device. Below you can see some mockups on the actual devices. Because
I could not download these, I don’t have much information on this design. If you are planing
to make a music player for Android or iOS, then you got to see this design. This is a
complete music player design. The download is around 1 Megabyte. The design consists
of 16 screens which you are seeing right now. The design perfectly fits with Android as
well as iOS without any modification and just add the status bar. Also you can easily swap
some real album arts and data to get more realistic view. The download is nicely compressed
into ZIP and is around 5.88 MB. The design includes 14 screens, and basically, it’s a
dating app design. It is designed by a website called, from where you can get
some of the best XD stuff. The design uses a blur effect which is awesome if you are
watching it on an actual iPhone. I personally like the messaging screen, it just looks like
the native iOS messaging screen. The color combination in the settings screen is awesome
with that pink theme and blue switch button over there. Overall this is a theme on which
you can make the app you want without making any major changes. These two are the payment
checkout screens which are the most liked by me. Its not based on the Material Design
but the floating cards make that real feeling that they are floating, with a smooth after
effects animation, this will be wonderful. Firstly you will see a menu button followed
by a navigation menu at the top. Below you will find the blue floating card. After that
you will see a pagination menu and the amount you have to pay. Finally the finger print
icon, I wish the finger print icon was blue. I think if the finger print is accepted you
will get to see the second screen where you will get to see a gray floating card to enter
your card number or the password. Also you can see the number pad below, which looks
like an Android Keyboard’s number pad. After Payment Checkout design, this is my favorite.
This design is for iPhone, but I am sure I will try making something similar with Android.
This is a shopping app template with 16 screens. From all the above designs this has the best
presentation in Adobe Experience Design. The download is nicely compressed into a ZIP and
is around 1 MB. The downloaded ZIP file includes a preview image of all the available screens,
the XD file itself, some placeholder images so you can easily know the dimensions and
swap new images, you also get the used font which is Lato. It is free and is available
at Google Fonts to download, but is also included in the download. I would like to thank all
the designers of the designs I showed you today, because without them this video won’t
be possible. Also if you want to know why I make videos like this, number one the designers
get appreciated, all the newbies like myself will get an inspiration, other than that nothing.
So, that was it for this video. Please like this video if you liked it and subscribe to
this channel if you loved it. This is Vasanth Developer signing off.

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