7 Things That Were Cut From Fallout 4
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7 Things That Were Cut From Fallout 4

September 21, 2019

Any game developer would have things that
they would want to put in there game, but simply can’t due to time constraints. Some of those things even exist in the game,
but just couldn’t be finished. Fallout 4 is no exception. These are 7 Things That Were Cut From Fallout
4. 7. In Fallout 4’s first DLC, Automatron, the
player can create a robot from parts picked up from robots they kill throughout the Commonwealth. It added a multitude of new items to be looted
from dead bodies and containers. One of the most interesting consumables from
the DLC was actually cut. It was a human brain that could be eaten. It doesn’t have a model in your inventory
if you spawn it, but it does appear in the game files. The consumable brain would grant the player
+2 to Intelligence, but -1 to Endurance. 6. There are more than a dozen perks that were
cut from the game, but here are 5 of the most interesting ones. These all would have been obtained through
in-game events, rather than using the perk chart. Secret Agent would make Stealth Boys last
an extra 10 seconds, and would be obtained through the RailRoad. Initiate would make you take 10% less damage
from Super Mutants, Ghouls, and Synths, and would be gotten through the Brotherhood of
Steel. In The Blood would also have been obtained
through the Railroad, and would grant you +5 Radiation Resistance at the expense of
-5 to your Maximum Health. It likely would have been given if you take
Tinker Tom’s shot. True Hero would have simply granted +1 to
Luck, and, based on the perk’s tag, would have been acquired by saving Kent Connolly
from Sinjin in the Silver Shroud quest. Lastly there is Wired Reflexes, which would
be obtained through the Covenant, and would give you an additional 15 Action Points. It has the same name as a Fallout 3 perk that
has the same effect. 5. You can find holotapes throughout Fallout
4’s Nuka World DLC, but one that was cut would have provided a look at what Nuka World
was like before the Great War. It was called “Dusty’s Message”. The message is as follows: “Hey, Sabir, it’s Dusty. Some guy named Ernie Messinger came up in
here today. Said we can’t store anymore waste under the
bottling plant while we’re waiting for the new disposal system to come online. Seems like some of the barrels started leaking,
so they got a bit of a mess on their hands. Luckily, the run off’s just going into their
little river of Quantum. Long as kids keep their hands inside the ride,
we’re good. Anyway, see if you can give Troy a call and
get him to let us use Fizztop. There’s so much room in there, no reason we
shouldn’t be able to use that for storage.” 4. In the Covenant, you can find a robot named
Deezer, who offers you free samples of lemonade. He was actually supposed to be able to sell
you lemonade instead of just offering free samples. He also would have sold a Vault-Tec Speech
bottlehead. I know, this one would have been a game-changer. 3. There was a quest cut from Fallout 4 called
Off The Grid, that would have taken place just before The Nuclear Option quest. Portions of the scripts for the quest can
be found in the game files, and indicate that the quest would have been something like this. Off The Grid would trigger if you were no
longer allied with The Institute. The quest would have been given out by the
Brotherhood of Steel, Railroad, or Minutemen, and involved synths gaining control of the
Diamond City Radio Tower. A unique synth named Y7-38 is referenced with
a male voice type, but the specifics of what role this character would have played are
unknown. Whichever faction you sided with to guard
Diamond City would then remain in the city guarding it; this is actually the one aspect
that did remain in the game, though adjusted to occur after the player either destroyed
the Institute or completed Airship Down. 2. Fallout 4’s Far Harbor DLC introduced a
number of new weapons to the game, but there are 7 weapons that were cut from the add-on. The reasons they were cut are unknown, but
they do have models leftover, so we know what they would have been and that they all would
have been throwable weapons. The cut weapons are: A Nuka-Cola bottle, a harpoon or spear, a
harpoon or spear with what looks like a magnet attachment, a spear or harpoon with dynamite
attached, a hatchet, a basic throwing knife, and a circular saw. 1. Perhaps the most significant thing cut from
the game is a quest that would let you kill Elder Maxson and become the new Elder of the
Brotherhood of Steel. Specifics of the quest aren’t really known,
all that’s known is that it would have triggered after the Blind Betrayal quest was completed. However, there are some cut audio files for
Paladin Danse that indicate that this quest would have taken place. There are quite a few audio files, so i’ll
just play the most prominent. Alright, that’s gonna do it for this video
about 7 Things That Were Cut From Fallout 4. If you enjoyed the video or learned anything,
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learn anything, leave a Dislike. Follow me on Twitter @MittenSquad. My name is Paul of Mitten Squad. Have a wonderful day.

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  2. I want a fallout where you play as a soldier during the great war I know technically it wouldn't be fallout since its not post-apocalyptic but it would be pretty dope to see how crazy that war was and it doesnt have to be a full game of it though that would be cool but a dlc of the great war in future fallouts would be awesome

  3. you for got about the quest with Cait in the cage fight there are files player was going to fight in cage and make caps but it was also cut.

  4. when you feel stuffy but still finna post that vid and some smartass talks about… and now i feel bad butt fuck it

  5. Game developers shouldn't give themselves time limits. Why not just make it perfect and finish everything.

  6. HE DIDN'T MISPRONOUNCE AUTOMATRON! Oh god, I thought I was the only one!

    Maybe…maybe I don't need to end it all tonight. Maybe I can hold on just a little longer…

  7. It's like they don't know what DLC is, they're the ones that pretty much invented it, Skyrim had too little DLC and Fallout 4 had shitty for the most part DLC. Why didn't they use the DLC to finish the game by adding the shit they didn't have the time for during the main game's development, am I the only one who thought this?

  8. It's hilarious how many Fallout New Vegas fanboys just shit and piss their pants while whining about Fallout 4 being different

    Fallout 4 was different
    And it was better

  9. I wpuld have rayher seem the brotherhood take prototype synths to make themselves stronger in numbers

  10. Overthrowing Elder of Brotherhood of Steel with a duel? Now, I have heard tons of whining that Bethesda screwed up the canon, but this would certainly cross the damn line.

  11. My game plays the no entered Mika world heritage that plays instead of hi honey this is weird but I fixed it by adding a add-on or the money mods…

  12. The cut audio logs from "Blind Betrayal" are featured in a mod that brings back the audio logs and cut content from "Blind Betrayal."

  13. If you get the cannibal cooking mod, you can actually get the brain, along with dismembered body parts that you can cook.

  14. ik this is a old video but i only just realised this they probobly cut the bos elder thing since it would conflict with head paladin hardin in fallout nv who could only usurp the current elder mcnamera if he was unfit for duty or was disobeying the codex and nowhere in that quest is any form of combat mentioned now they could have explained it as being a newer addition to the codex but that would not make much sence for maxson to specificaly add that rule

  15. At least they didn't allow some random wastelander to become a Brotherhood Elder. Bethesda has shown so much disregard for established lore lol.


  17. I imagine this has been already said thousands of times. The biggest thing cut was a sense of enjoyment.

  18. There is a mod to add back overpowering elder Maxon its pretty cool but he does not have his gatling laser on him

  19. How much space would be saved in these games if they didn't include all the useless cut content in the game files? Seriously, would the performance even be affected? I reckon if would be better if bethesda just had a slightly bigger version of the game that included the extra files and a smaller one withe cut-content actually cut. Like one purchase but two downloadable versions of the game. I don't know, my ignorant brain thinks this makes at least some sense.

  20. Also there was a whole underwater vault and quite a bit of underater things content that was originaly planned for the game. Some was put back in Far harbor but till a missed oportunity.

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