7 yr Old tried to built an aeroplane | How kids think
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7 yr Old tried to built an aeroplane | How kids think

September 23, 2019

Helooo What is your name ? DAKSSH What do i like to do ?
i dont know… i do a lot of things Mostly….. I build stuff Dakssh has built this! This works ?
Show me how it works.. How did you build this? i used this battery Pasted it with the Glue gun this (connector) i bought from Book Store Then i connected the wires with the motor then i attached a on-off button on a side i cut the big wire and pasted to the green wire so the on-off button worked
and was working fine i wanted to build the REMOTE but it didnt work 🙁 check this out… Tel us about this. its the REMOTE…
I took a box, I opened up my brother’s remote controlled car then… i took out the microchips from it Show us the micro chip (Whispering): where is the other microchip 😀 there were two chips and 1 is misplaced This one if from the remote this is left-right button and this is on-off button i rolled the extra wires like this Then i connected them to antenna and i also fixed an antenna on the aeroplane cant keep this straight.. I still have to fix tyres with it You were saying that you will also put blades in it i was saying that i will put bigger wings to it The jet plane has on its nose

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