8 Fastest Helicopter in the World
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8 Fastest Helicopter in the World

September 5, 2019

hey there welcome to TTI
welcome to a whole new world of science fun and machines this video will list
the world’s fastest helicopters which are the kings of the sky so without
further ado let’s start the video eurocopter x3 in the world of experimental vehicles
the Eurocopter x-ray stands the highest above all the rest it’s an innovative
design by Airbus helicopters which combines a smooth ride with high speed this copy has been shown to go as fast
as 293 miles per hour and has the ability to fly as well as to hover at a
pitch altitude between negative 10 and positive 15 degrees the Eurocopter does
not have active or passive anti vibration systems for stability
augmentation systems but it still possesses a remarkably low level of
vibration this unique vehicle is tailored for use in settings such as
long distance search and rescue operations Coast Guard missions and
Border Patrol’s its maximum speed is 472 kilometers an hour or 293 miles per hour age two to five while the Airbus h2 to five was
developed to be a long-range passenger transport vehicle it’s also capable of
speedy long-distance travel the H two to five has been shown to
travel at speeds exceeding 324 kilometers an hour or 201 miles per hour
while carrying up to 24 passengers not including crew and attendants
this vehicle is suited to offshore support and VIP transport and could be
repurposed to aid in public service missions the design of the h2 2-5 was
fast-tracked to provide a reliable means of transportation to long distances
without sacrificing passenger comfort and the reviews of the final product has
shown that it meets the goals and surpasses it ch-47 Chinook the ch-47 Chinook was
designed by Boeing for heavy lifting to achieve this purpose they combined a
top-notch propulsion system compromising of a 2x lycoming turbo shaft with a
fully integrated digital cockpit management system to provide a
state-of-the-art heavy lifter capable of flying at speeds exceeding 315
kilometers an hour or 196 miles per hour this heavy lifter is uniquely suited for
cargo hauling operations and can also carry up to three machine guns if you’re
in need of more firepower agustawestland aw109 when you think of
helicopters like the agustawestland aw109
you pictured the classic lines the elegance and the sheer speed that this
model offers originally designed as a single-engine commercial craft the
designers of the aw109 soon realized that a lightweight dual engine copter
would fit quite snugly into the existing gap in the market the aw109 is an
eight-seat helicopter with state-of-the-art display and navigation
systems including GPS and a moving map display this lightweight craft is
capable of reaching speeds up to 311 kilometers an hour or 193 miles per hour
and has been designed to assist the pilot as much as possible in their
navigation efforts mi-35 em
there are copters built for speed and there are copters developed with the aim
of being straight-up attack dogs the mi-35 m is one of the latter swords
being a redesign of the mi-24 v and it was designed by the mill moscow
helicopter plant and offers a wide range of combat applications including the use
of both guided and unguided weapons and all-terrain extended flight capabilities
at increased altitudes and the most advanced navigational system currently
in existence it’s unique design ensures that it’s
both durable and efficient and provides the attack capability that makes this
multi-role chopper so deadly this monster can reach speeds of up to
310 km/h or 192 miles per hour making sure that no one remains out of its
reach for long nh90 the nh90 was built to adapt it is a
medium-sized dual engine chopper that can take on various roles as needed it
was designed to be equally capable in battle and naval environments and is
manufactured by NH industries a company owned by some of the world’s most
popular innovative aircraft developers this versatile machine can reach speeds
of up to 300 km/h or 186 miles per hour and is fully equipped with advanced
stealth capabilities it has two variants the tactical transport helicopter tth
and the NATO frigate helicopter and FH both are pretty similar with only a few
differences to tell them apart they’re both equally effective however with each
being suited for particular roles which carry out with machine efficiency ka-50 – alligator the top 52 alligator
was built for both reconnaissance and attack featuring aggressive combat
capability as well as speed and extreme maneuvering abilities this next
generation chopper also has some stealth capabilities to enable it to avoid
detection and it’s dual vkd– 2500 turboshaft engines give it an additional
power in the air as its able to fly at altitudes exceeding 5 kilometers it’s dual cockpit allows control of the
craft by either pilot while its unique design protects them from the harsh
weather conditions in the areas and altitudes which the cop 52 chopper is
then capable of operating in this alligator can reach speeds up to 300
kilometres an hour 186 miles per hour mil mi-26 when you think of power and digression
the mil mi-26 should come to mind this Soviet and Russian project is capable of
being handled by both military and civilian operators and holds the record
for being the most powerful chopper produced in a series designed by Mara
tischenko and is the spiritual successor to mi6 and mi 12 choppers
despite being designated for heavy lifting this chopper can fly at speeds
up to 295 km/h or a hundred eighty-three miles per hour and lift equipment as
heavy as 13 tons personnel carriers this monster can work even on one engine
comes with a single rotor and has the distinction of being the second biggest
and heaviest chopper ever created a true wonder of engineering and something you
wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of thanks for watching
which helicopter impressed you the most and why let me know in the comments
section below if you’re new here then feel free to join us don’t forget to
press the notification bell icon for early updates I’ll see you guys in my
next video peace

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  2. Good video 8 Fastest Helicopter in the World well most army use the helicopter with heavy things This From TOP 10 INFORMATION TTI

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  4. I think the S-92 should've been included, but all were cool ! There's a civilian equiv of the Hind helo, little dif but you can see it's directly derived from it.

  5. This is an ill informed video. It doesn’t even include the fastest true helicopter, the Westland Lynx – 400.87 kph.

  6. Fuel consuption is an issue for faster helicopters. If they use one main engine that connects to a couple of side rotors through a gearbox for maneurability purposses it also needs to have low costs of maintenance. If fuel consuption, maintenance and supply parts are within operability range it could be cost effective since it exchanged the back rotor for those 2 in the front.

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